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International -- General

ArmenianHouse.org an electronic library featuring a collection of documents on Armenian people, literature, history, religion and other else Armenia-related documents. More texts are available in the Armenian and Russian sections of the library.

BBC: History - Historic Figures briefly describes women and men from different centuries, links to more information, timelines, and related links.

Famous BoriQua provided by Senor BoriQuai, focuses on women from the land of Puerto Rico to mainland USA and around the world. Included are biographies, photos and other helpful links about famous musicians, singers, sports athletes, politicians, artists, authors, Miss Universe and many others.

Female Heroes from the Time of the Crusades Included are Shagrat (or Shajarat) al-Durr; Eleanor of Aquitaine; The Women Left Behind; Melisende, Queen of Jerusalem; and Anna Comnena, Byzantine Historian.

Notable Women International, since 1982, information on more than 30,000 women. Each record lists name, dates and places of birth and death, and nationality, plus, if possible, additional information (for 750 entries) on the woman's life and workand a list of sources for further research. (It is offered in both German and English languages.)

World Biographical Index Especially useful and searchable database for biographies. Select by language, gender, occupation, and other categories to learn more about people the user is researching.

International -- Asian

Who's Who of Asian Americans: Asian American Net publishes biographies of Asian Americans who have made significant achievements in their careers and professional fields and those who made a difference to their communities and the American society at large.

International -- Britain

Berkshire History Biographies about people who were born, lived and/or died in Berkshire, England.

Britannia's Biographies of Great Men & Women of England, Wales and Scotland an extensive list of notable people are profiled at this site.

The Emancipation of Women: The Spartacus Internet Encyclopedia, British History, 1700-1920. A multitude of biographies about the women involved in the suffrage movement, the associations, strategies and tactics, reform laws, and a search engine are provided.

International -- Canada

Canadian Women in Government The National Library focuses on the achievements of 20 Canadian women who have made significant contributions to Canada's history and development by holding elected public office at the federal or provincial level.

CBC.CA Canadian Athletes biographies are posted. Searchable alphabetically or by sport, biographical information about Canadians competing in the 2006 Olympics are provided.

Celebrating Women's Achievements Each year the National Library celebrates Women's History Month in Canada by honoring the contributions of Canadian women in developing Canada. A brief biographical sketch highlights each woman's life and achievements. This is followed by a list of suggested readings or works.

Celebrating Women's Achievements Sports highlights Canadian Women athletes at the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Famous Canadian Women brief summaries of more than 900 women who have made important contributions. Sorted by on the job, famous firsts, on stamps, and other interesting categories.

Great Canadian Scientists profiles in depth several women and men of science and briefly summarizes information about another 150 Canadian scientists.

International -- New Zealand

Dictionary of New Zealanders provides at least 885 profiles of women who have had a significant impact in New Zealand. By typing in women as a search category, an alphabetical list generated or the user request the biography of a specific woman or man.

International -- Rulers

Female Heroes of the Regions of the World Included are The Trung Sisters (Asia, Vietnam,ca. 40 A.D.); Empress Wu Zetian (Asia, China: Tang Dynasty); Queen Sondok (or Sonduk) (Asia, Korea: Silla Dynasty); Sorghaghtani Beki (Asia, Mongolia: Genghis Khan); and Murasaki Shikibu (Lady Murasaki) (Asia, Japan: Heian Period)

Women World Leaders a database dedicated to women political leaders worldwide. Categories include: Current Women Heads of State or Government; Previous Women Heads of State or Government; Latest Election News; Women Number 2's and Heads of State; and Women Opposition Leaders.