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On April 4, 2003, at 10 am, we lost a friend, companion, and beloved family member. Sharky died peacefully after a brief (six weeks) bout with a lung malignancy.

Although we miss him terribly, we take comfort in the memories of those 19 wonderful years he spent with us. We would like to share some of these memories with you... so scroll down the page and meander through some favorite moments.

Since Sinbad was the senior (Top Cat), Sharky had to wait his turn...

but not very patiently.....

....he never starved, although he thought he might.


But Sinbad never let Sharky forget who was boss.............. and that included playtime.




Sharky became Top Cat when Sinbad passed away at the ripe old age of 21 (105 human years). He quickly adjusted to the role when Lollipop joined our family. Teaching Lolli to become a yacht cat was a challenging task because she is completely independent and loves to explore the docks and area around our boat. But Sharky's tolerant good nature extended to Lolli, and he tried his best to accept her constant frolicking and attempts to "mother" him. He grudgingly shared his love for the Island with her






One of Sharky's favorite places was Power Squadron Island. Whenever we stayed there, he was completely comfortable. In fact, at times he acted as though he owned the Island.




Sharky was so good-natured that children (of all ages) loved him. They could carry him around or play with him to their hearts' content. Even when adults came to visit, it wasn't very long before he jumped up on their lap and introduced himself.

But then, when socializing was over, he just settled down for a cozy little nap in some quiet corner..........


.......And now he's gone.

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