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Shangri-La Cruises provides captained luxury pontoon party boat and vintage motor yacht excursion cruises on the Oconto River and the Bay of Green Bay. In addition, we specialize in Sunset and sightseeing cruises.

Step aboard and let your worries fade away. Be prepared to relax in comfort and style while enjoying God's creation of the Oconto River and the Bay of Green Bay area from our knowledgeable crew. We offer comfortable seating, a relaxing cruise and the opportunity for our guests to choose the destinations.

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Shangri-La Cruises is operated as a hobby of Cap'n Kenny and Nancy Sallee sharing their enjoyment of God's creation of the local waterways with the community and as well as part of the outreach ministry of Ichthus Fellowship Ministry, a small group ecumenical fellowship of Christian mariners and fishermen sharing the Word of God and the love of Christ Jesus through scriptures and devotions worldwide on the Internet and by sharing their joy of fishing, boating and sailing with their local communities.

We do not charge for our cruises but accept your gift contribution to help us pay for the fuel, insurance and maintenance of our boats so we can continue to share our hobby and ministry with others, both locals and visitors.

We also do not charge for our cruises because by charging, a US Coast Guard restriction is placed on our boats limiting the number of passengers on board to only 6 plus the crew. Our party pontoon boat "Barbara Jean" is rated by the US Coast Guard to carry up to 20 persons or 3000 pounds on board as a recreational vessel. As a licensed and responsible captain, Cap'n Kenny determines how many passengers we can safely carry on board depending on the destination of the cruise. We carry safety gear on board for a maximum 12 passengers plus crew.


Cap'n Kenny is a Merchant Mariner licensed by the US Coast Guard as a Master of Steam or Motor Vessels for the Great Lakes and Inland Waters with a Master Commercial Assistance Towing Endorsement. Coast Guard License # 000206821. Captain Kenny and First Mate Nancy are both registered by the American Professional Captains Association for compliance with required federal drug testing for merchant mariners and crews.




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