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Curse Words and Other Exclamations

(curses / cursewords / cusswords / oaths / obscenities / profanities / swearwords /
expletives / imprecations / maledictions,
as well as euphemisms and various other interjections and exclamations!)

One day long, long ago (in February 2002, to be more exact), I decided to enrich my vocabulary with more colorful and interesting ways of expressing anger and/or annoyance. So I started accumulating a list of such phrases on this page. In time, I started including certain other types of exclamations as well.

I'm not much interested in expressions for insulting other people, but rather in general exclamations of anger, contempt, disbelief, surprise, and so on, as well as adjectives which one could possibly use on intolerably irritating inanimate objects.

Warning: Some terms on this page are very rare, out-of-date, or specific to certain localities. If you were to verbalize them in public, some people might look at you a bit oddly.

Additional Warning: Some terms on this page are generally considered quite impolite, rude and/or insulting. Some people might be horribly affronted or discombobulated by your use of such uncouth language.

* - words and expressions with an asterisk by them are ones which I'm not personally very familiar with, but which apparently are, or once were, used somewhere or another.

An underscore link (like this: __) after some of these phrases is a link to a page containing more information or a usage example of the phrase.


phrases of anger/annoyance/displeasure/comtempt
phrases of anger/contempt against individuals
discourteous ways to tell someone to depart

profane and/or euphemistic adjectives
non-flattering adjectives

phrases and interjections of disbelief
more phrases of disbelief

phrases and interjections of agreement

surprise, shock, amazement, etc.
various other interjections

intensifiers; words used for emphasis
intensifiers used with questions

Finnish curses and other interjections
German curses and other interjections
Italian curses and other interjections
Spanish curses and other interjections

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phrases of anger/annoyance/displeasure/comtempt
oh... (may precede most of the other phrases here, such as "oh, bloody hell!", "oh, damn it!")
abomination! abominations!
arg! argh!
bejesus! bejeezus!
blast and damnation!
blast it!
blistering barnacles!
bloody hell!
oh, bother!
bugger! buggeration! oh, buggers!british
confound it!
consarn it!
cor british euph. for 'god'
cor blimey!british euph. for 'god blind me'
crikey! euph. for 'christ'
cripes euph. for 'christ'
crumbs! british
curses of curses! *
dadgummit! euph. for 'god damn it'
dagnabit! euph. for 'god damn it'
damn! double damn!
damn it! dammit! damnit!
damn it all to hell!
damn it all to high heaven!
damn it all to kingdom come!
dang! dangnabit!
darn! darn it! euph. for 'damn', 'damn it'
darnation! usually used with a humorous bent
dayum! euph. for 'damn'
the devil! to the devil with it all!
doggonit! euph. for 'god damn it'
d'oh! generally used to express annoyance at one's own stupidity
drat! from 'god rot'
egad! egads! from 'oh, god'
faugh! foh! *used to express disgust
oh, fiddle!
fie! fie on it!
for chrissake!
for crying out loud!
for fake sake! for fake's sake! __
for fuck's sake!
for godsake! for godsakes! for god's sake! for god's sakes!
for heaven's sake!
for Pete's sake!
for pity's sake!
for the love of god!
for the love of Mike! *
for the love of Pete! __
frak! seems to originate from the Battlestar Galactica tv show. __
frell euph. for 'fuck' or 'hell'. may have originated from the Farscape tv show or some even earlier sci-fi.
fuck! fuck it!
fuck-a-doodle-doo! *
fuckity fuck fuck!
fudge! euph. for 'fuck'
gadzooks! * odzooks! * odzookers! * zooks!* euph. for 'god's hooks'
gar! euph. for 'god'
gawd! gawd damn!
give me a break!
goddamnit! goddangit!
god in heaven!
god rot! gods rot! gods rot it!
good grief!
gor british euph. for 'god'
gor blimey! british euph. for 'god blind me'
great! sarcastic
great, just great! sarcastic
heck euph. for 'hell'
hell! to hell with it!
hellfire! hellfires!
hell's bells! *
oh, hell and damnation!
hmph! hmmph! humph!
horrors! oh, horror! horror of horrors! generally used in an exaggerated or humorous sense
inconceivable! popularized by the film "The Princess Bride"
i've had it!
jeez! euph. shortened form of 'jesus'
jesus! jesus christ! jesus h. christ!
jesus christ on a stick!
oh, joy sarcastic
just fabulous/lovely/perfect/wonderful! sarcastic
lumme british, outdated?, from 'lord love me'
nertz! nertz! * alteration of 'nuts'
screw it!
shit! shite!
shit and shinola! * shit and shineola! * (shinola being a brand of shoe polish)
shoot! euph. for 'shit'
shove it! stuff it!
sod it! british
son of a bitch!
suffering savior *
suffering succotash! * euph. for 'suffering savior' __
sugar! * euph. for 'shit'
swell sarcastic
tarnation! from 'eternal damnation'
terrific sarcastic
this bites!
this just sucks!
this stinks!
thunder! thunderation!
thundering typhoon! __
oh, turds!
what a pain!
zounds! zwounds! * euph. for 'god's wounds'

phrases of anger/contempt against individuals
a curse on you!
damn you
damn you to hell
(may) the devil take you
to the devil with you
eat me
fuck you
get knotted british
get rooted australian
get stuffed british
go fuck a duck *
go fuck yourself
go jump in a lake
go jump off a cliff
go take a flying fuck (at a rolling donut) * i'm curious as to how this one originated
go take a flying leap (off a cliff/building/bridge)
go to hell
god damn you
to hell with you
kiss my ass
kiss my grits
may your life be interesting (a potent shin'a'in curse)
(i hope you/may you) roast in hell
(i hope you/may you) rot in hell
screw you
up yours

discourteous ways to tell someone that you desire them to depart from your presence
avaunt! archaic
beat it!
bite me!
bog off british
bug off
buzz off
fuck off
get lost
go fly a kite
piss off
sod off british
take a hike
take your rotting carcass elsewhere

profane and/or euphemistic adjectives
accursed, accurst
bally british; euphemism for bloody
blankety-blank *
blessed * isn't this an interesting euphemism for damned?
blinking euphemism for bloody
blooming * euphemism for bloody
confounded euphemism for damned
consarned alteration of 'concerned'; euphemism for 'confounded'
cursed, cussed
dad-blamed, dad-blasted, dad-burned, dadgum euph. for 'goddamned'
daggoned, doggone, doggoned euph. for 'goddamned'
damn, damned
dang, danged euph. for 'damn' or 'damned'
darn, darned, durn, durned euph. for 'damn' or 'damned'
deuced *
facking *
freaking, fricking, frigging
frelling euph. for 'fucking'. may have originated on the Farscape tv show or some even earlier sci-fi.
fucked up
(f'n, phuckin, phucking, phukin', fugging, phuggin, fookin', fooking...)
goddamn, goddamned
goldarn, goldarned euph. for 'goddamned'
ruddy british/australian; euph. for 'bloody'
sodding british
'tarnal from 'eternal'

non-flattering adjectives
crummy decrepit junky shabby shoddy trashy
decaying foul putrescent putrid rotten slimy
disgusting noxious obnoxious repugnant vile
execrable detestable abominable abhorrent
miserable sorry wretched
awful bad cruel deplorable despicable dreadful horrendous horrible horrid terrible
devilish diabolical evil fiendish nefarious perfidious pernicious wicked
(actually, some of these are beginning to sound flattering to me)

phrases and interjections of disbelief
absurd! that's absurd!
are you crazy?
are you daft?
are you for real?
are you kidding? you've got to be kidding!
are you off your rocker?
are you out of your mind?
are you out of your tree?
bollocks! british
bosh! british
bull! what a load of bull!
bull honkey! bull honky!
bullshit! that's bullshit!
absolute bunkum! that's bunk!
what claptrap
codswallop british
crap! what a load of crap!
what crock
dream on!
falderal! folderol
fiddle-de-dee!, fiddle-dee-dee!
flapdoodle! what flapdoodle! usage is rather rare
get out! get out of here!
have you gone bananas?
have you gone completely haywire?
have you got a screw loose?
have you lost your head? have you lost your mind?
have you lost your marbles? have you lost your senses?
that's hokum
hooey! *
horsepucky! horse pucky! horse puckey! *
humbug! *
i don't think so!
impossible! that's impossible!
what a bunch of malarkey!
my ass! my foot! my left foot! (usually precedes or follows another phrase, which one is disputing... e.g., "The best chili this side of Texas, my left foot!" or "You think you can just waltz on out of here? My left foot, you can!")
no way! no way in hell!
piffle! *
pish! *
rhubarb! * british
ridiculous! totally ridiculous!
rubbish! what a load of rubbish!
stroll on! * british, ie. 'get out of here'
surely you jest
surely you're not serious
that's complete lunacy
that's the most outlandish story i've ever heard
the hell...! (eg., the hell it is!)
tripe! what tripe!
yeah, and i'm the pope. sarcastic
yeah, and i'm the queen mother. sarcastic
yeah, right. sarcastic
yeah, whatever you say. sarcastic
yeah, when hell freezes over!
yeah, when pigs fly!
you've got to be joking!

more phrases of disbelief
these imply that you believe someone is purposefully trying to mislead you...
are you messing with me?
are you pulling my leg? you're pulling my leg!
are you taking the piss? * british
are you trying to pull one over on me?
are you trying to pull the wool over my eyes?
cut the crap!
get off the grass! australian
i'm not buying that!
i'm not that gullible
i wasn't born yesterday!
pull the other one, it's got bells on! * british, related to 'are you pulling my leg?'
stop pulling my leg!
that's a good one sarcastic; i.e., "that's a good fib, but I don't believe it"
what do you take me for, an idiot?
who do you think you're kidding?
you don't think i'm going to fall for that, do you?
you'll have to do better than that
you're leading me on

interjections of emphatic agreement
damn right (e.g., "damn right, it is!")
darn tootin!
i'll say! __
indeed! (e.g., "it was indeed a hot afternoon") used to add emphasis; or, in a response, to emphasize agreement.
sure is!
yes sirree! (yes siree!) used before or after another statement to add emphasis; or, in a response, to emphasize agreement.

phrases and interjections of surprise, shock, amazement, etc.
(some of these may also be used mainly for adding emphasis to another statement)

oh! (may also precede most of the other phrases here, such as "oh, my god!", "oh, shit!")
bless my heart! bless my soul!
blimey! cor blimey! gor blimey! british (from "god blind me!)
bloody nora! *british
blow me down!
boy, oh boy __
bugger and blast! british__
bugger me! bugger me dead! british/australian
by cracky! *
by George!
by God!
by gum! __
by jingo!
by Jove!
cheese 'n rice!* euph. for 'jesus christ' __
christ almighty!
criminy! crimeny!* euph. for 'christ'
dang! damn!
dear me!
fancy that! well, fancy that!
gee, geesh, gee whiz, geez euph. for 'jesus'
gee manetti! euph. for 'jesus christ' __
gee whillikers! gee whillikins! golly willikers!
glory be!
glory osky! gloryosky! *
god almighty!
golly! good golly! euph. for 'god'
golly ned! * seems to be used to express surprise, or for emphasis
good god!
good heavens!
good lord!
goodness! gracious! goodness gracious!
Gordon Bennett! * british
gosh euph. for 'god'
gramercy! archaic(?)
great balls of fire!
great caesar's ghost! __
great day! southern U.S. __
great day in the morning! * southern U.S. __
great day in the world! southern U.S. (I haven't found any references to this phrase online, but I've heard it in person.)
great galaxies! __
great galloping (guppies/geldings/etc.)
great galloping goannas! * australian
great jumping jehoshaphat! *
great maker! not sure if this term is generically used, or only by babylon5 fans
great scott!
great thundering jesus/etc...
heavens above!
heavens to betsy! *
holy batman!
holy cow!
holy crap!
holy guacamole!
holy jalapeńo! maybe i just made this one up, but it sounds good, don't it?
holy mackerel!
holy mary, mother of god!
holy mike! *
holy moley! holy moses!
holy mother of god!
holy shit! holy smoke! holy tamale! holy toledo!
hot damn!
i don't believe it! it is interesting that this phrase seems to be one more of surprise than of disbelief...
i'll be buggered! british
i'll be gobsmacked! british
i'll be dog! i'll be dog-gone! southern U.S. __
jebus! * __
jeepers! jeepers creepers!
jeez! geez!
jeez louise! *
jesus! in the name of jesus!
jesus, mary, and joseph!
jiminy *, jimminy *, jimminycricket!
jumping jellybeans!
land alive! land sakes alive! landsakes! sakes alive! * no longer seem to be in common use
lo and behold!
lord almighty!
lord have mercy! lord a mercy!
lord love a duck! lor' luvaduck! __
man alive! *
man oh man!
mercy! mercy me!
my blessed stars!
my god!
my goodness!
my heavens!
my, oh my!
my soul!
my stars!
my word!
no way!
oh, boy.
oh, dear
oh, lordy...
oh, my
oh, my giddy aunt! * mainly british
oh, no!
shit fire and save your matches! *
shit on a brick! *
shiver me timbers!
sink me!
son of a bitch! son of gun!
stone me! * british
stone the crows! * australian/british
streuth! strewth! struth! 'struth! * australian (god's truth)
strike a light! * australian/british
strike me pink! * australian/british
sugar! * euph. for 'shit'
sweet baby jesus!__
sweet jesus!
sweet jumping christopher! * google doesn't even find a single match on this phrase (yet), but it was uttered in the movie "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
sweet lord of mercy!
sweet merciful crap * i'm not sure how to classify this one - is it used for surprise, disbelief, or anger?
sweet merciful fuck! holy sweet merciful fuck!
sweet merciful jesus/god/heavens i am familiar with these, but they're still hard to classify. could be used for surprise, dismay, or relief, or merely an intensifier for one's next statement.
sweet mother of god!
sweet suffering jesus!
thunderation! *
well, blow me down!
well, fuck me! * british
well, how about that!
well, i'll be!
well, i'll be a monkey's uncle!
well, i'll be a son of a bitch/gun!
well, i'll be damned!
well, i'll go to the foot of our stairs! british
well, i never!
well, i swan! I swanny!* euph. for 'swear' __
well, i swear!
well, will you look at that!
what in blazes...
what in hell...
what in tarnation...
what in the name of heaven/jesus/the_lord...
what in the sam hill... __
what on earth...
what the...??!
what the crap/dickens/fuck/heck/hey/hell/shit?!
why, i declare!
why, i'll be darned!
will wonders never cease? implies amazement (or sarcasm)
yipe! yipes!
zoiks! __

phrases and interjections of enthusiasm/joy/appreciation/delight
brill! british
cool! kewl!
cool beans!
delightful! what a delight!
fab! fabulous!
far out!
first-rate! british
goodie! goody!
hoorah! hooray!
hot damn!
hot diggety! hot diggity!
hot diggety damn!
hot diggity dog!
hot dog! hot dawg!
hurrah! hurray!
i've died and gone to heaven!
oh, boy!
oh, goodie! oh, goody!
out of sight! outasight!
praise the lord!
rad! radical!
smashing! british
spiffing! british
super! super-duper! super-dooper!
that's dope!
this kicks ass!
this rocks!
way out!
whoo-hoo! woo-hoo!
yay! yea!
yeah, baby!
yoiks! __

phrases and interjections of compliment/praise (in addition to ones above)
attaboy! attagirl!
brava! bravo!
good on ya! australian, british
way to go!

phrases and interjections of sadness/despair
boo hoo! (sarcastic or humorous imitation of crying)
ochone! ohone! (Scottish and Irish English)
__ __
oy vey! yiddish
waesuck! waesucks! scottish
welladay/well-a-day! archaic
wellaway/welaway! archaic
woe is me!

various other interjections
ah. understanding
ah... uncertaintly
ahem used to get someone's attention or to clear one's throat
ahoy! (nautical) used to get someone's attention
avast! (nautical) stop/halt/cease
aw... dismay; protest; sentimentality/used to express that one is touched by something
bingo! equivalent to "you got it!" or to express that someone has (finally) figured something out
blech! disgust; distaste
boo! used to surprise someone
dear me worry; dismay
eureka! triumph upon finding something
fuckin' A! * emphasis; agreement
ha-ha! amusement
heigh-ho! ?
hidey-ho! greeting
hey! hey there! used to get someone's attention
ho-ho! amusement
just shoot me! frustration
oof! ooph! pain/surprise, such as resulting from a blow to one's stomach
oofdah! * (Minnesotan) not sure what this one means, perhaps pain, surprise, and/or emphasis
ooh... amazement; awe; surprise; etc
ooh la la! similar to ooh...
ouch! pain, hurt
ow! pain, hurt
oi! oy! dismay; used to get someone's attention
phew! relief; disgust
posh! * ?
pshaw irritation, discomfort, disbelief, etc.
psst! used to get someone's attention, in a secretive manner
save me! dismay; exasperation
ta-da! used to attract attention to some accomplishment, surprise, etc.
tee-hee! amusement
tsk, tsk! humorous disapproval
ugh! disgust; pain
uhhh... uncertainty; nervousness
ummm... uncertainty
unh? confusion
unh! pain/surprise, such as resulting from a blow to one's stomach
voi-la! similar to ta-da
yo! used to get someone's attention
yow! pain
yuck distaste; disgust
yum, yummy pleasure, usually to something tasting good

intensifiers and words used to add emphasis
altogether (e.g., "what an altogether nice night")
... as hell (e.g., "that was easy as hell", "it was big as hell", etc.)
...-ass can be used to intensify an adjective (e.g., "that movie was bad-ass!", "it's a cold-ass world") or to replace a pronoun, etc. See
this link (in the section "An asinine post") for more info.
awful/awfully (e.g., "that was awful nice of you", "what an awfully big grin")
bleeding/bleedingly (e.g., "there was no bleeding way i was going to put up with that!")
blinding/blindingly (e.g., "it was blindingly obvious")
bloody (e.g., "that bloody bastard!", "what a bloody stupid thing to do!")
bloody well (e.g., "they bloody well better come up with a good excuse")
bugfuck * mainly used as an intensifier or replacement for "crazy" (e.g. "he was bugfuck crazy", "it drives me bugfuck")
certainly (e.g., "she certainly doesn't care what they think")
damn (e.g., "that's a damn fine beauty")
damn well (e.g., "he damn well better get his ass on over here!", "she damn well ought to shut up")
definitely (e.g., "that's definitely a long time")
devilishly (e.g., "what a devilishly foolish thing to do")
downright (e.g., "that is downright maddening")
flaming british(?)
for sure (e.g., "I for sure wasn't happy about it")
fucking/fuckingly (e.g., "what a fucking cold way to spend an afternoon!", "he was fuckingly handsome")
hell ... an intensifer used when answering yes/no type questions. (e.g., "hell, yeah!" "hell, no!")
hella *
helluva / a hell of a / one hell of a (e.g., "that's one hell of a big meal")
major/majorly (e.g., "that was one major fuck-up!")
mega-... (e.g., "it was a mega-cool movie!") only commonly used in combination with certain adjectives
mighty/mightily/a might bit (e.g., "that's a mighty weak argument", "that's a might bit harsh of you to say")
mondo/mongo (e.g., "mondo cool, dude!")
most can be used together with certain adjectives (e.g., "it is most important that...", "the sudden downpour was most unexpected!", "i am most displeased by your rudeness")
not half british; means "to an extreme degree" (e.g., "she wasn't half confused" = "she was very confused") (however, "not half bad" is an exception, since it generally means "quite good" as opposed to "very bad")
real/really (e.g., "that was real stupid!", "she was really zooming along")
right/a right british(?) (e.g., "that was a right stupid thing to do")
royally (e.g., "they royally screwed up")
super-... (e.g., "it was super loud in there!", "this is a super-quiet motor")
sure (e.g., "that's sure a big taco", "he's sure running fast")
sure as hell (e.g., "I'm sure as hell not going there")
the hell (e.g., "keep the hell away from me!")
the fuck (e.g., "shut the fuck up!")
through and through (e.g., "what a through and through disaster!")
total/totally (e.g., "what a total jerk!", "totally awesome!")
way (e.g., "that one's way bigger than the other!")
wicked/wickedly(e.g., "I'm wicked in love with my new stereo system!")
without a doubt (adds emphasis to a whole phrase, e.g., "that is without a doubt the most interesting movie i've ever seen.")

intensifiers used with questions...
... in blazes/the blazes... (e.g., "what in blazes was that?")
... the deuce...
... the devil... (e.g., "what the devil does that mean?")
... the dickens...
... on earth... (e.g., "how on earth did that happen?")
... ever... (e.g., "where ever did he get such an idea?")
... the fuck/the flying fuck... (e.g., "what the fuck am i supposed to do now?")
... in/on god's green earth... (e.g., "how on god's green earth am i supposed to do that?")
... the heck...
... in hell/the hell... (e.g., "who in hell does he think he is?", "where the hell is it?")
... in the name of all that is holy/sacred/good/etc. (e.g., "what in the name of all that is holy is she doing?")
... in the name of heaven... (e.g., "what in the name of heaven were you thinking?")
... in the name of hell...
... in the name of jesus...
... in the name of the lord...
... in perdition...
... in perdition's name...
... in tarnation... (e.g., "why in tarnation would they want to do that?")
... in the world...

Finnish curses and other interjections
perkele! (literally, "devil")

German curses and other interjections
aber nein! (~no!)
ach! (oh!)
ach du grüne Neune (expression of surprise; literally, "oh, you green nines")
ach du heiliger Bimbam! * (semi-humorous expression of surprise, annoyance or anger; literally, "oh, holy dingdong")
ach du heiliger Strohsack! * (expression of anger or surprise; literally, "oh, holy straw pallet")
ach du lieber Gott! (oh, dear God!)
ach du lieber Himmel! (oh, dear Heaven!)
ach du liebes Bisschen! * (expression of surprise or shock; literally "oh dear bit")
ach du meine Fresse! * (expression of surprise; literally "oh my gob(mouth)")
ach du meine Güte! (oh my goodness!)
ach je! (oh, dear! Euphemism for "Jesus")
ach nein! (oh, no!)
auweh! (woe is me!)
au weia! au weiah! (oh, dear!/oh no!)
Blödsinn! (nonsense!)
(zum) Donnerkeil! * (expression of anger; literally, "(to the) thunderbolt")
(zum) Donnerwetter! (expression of anger; literally, "(to the) thunderstorm")
du kannst mich mal! (expression of anger at another person; literally "you can... me", ie., ~you can kiss my ass)
gottverdammt, gottverflucht (goddammned)
hau ab! (get lost!)
Heide Bimbam! (humorous expression of annoyance or anger)
Heidenei! (expression of anger, surprise, or wonder; literally "heathen's egg(?)")
(ja) heiliges Blechle! (expression of surprise; literally, "holy metal (crucifix)")
Herr Gott nochmal! (goddamnit; literally, "lord god again")
Herrgottdonnerwetter! (goddamnit; combination of "Herrgott" and "Donnerwetter")
Himmel, Arsch, und Zwirn! * (damnit; literally, "heaven, ass, and thread")
Himmelherrgott, Himmelherrgottsakra * (damn; literally, "heaven-lord-god...")
hol' es der Geier! (damnit; literally, "let the vulture get it")
jemine! ojemine! (expression of surpise or shock. Shortened from "Jesu domine", "Lord Jesus")
leck mich am Arsch! (damnit; literally, "lick my ass")
  ja leck mich am Arsch! (also used similarly to "well, i'll be damned")
  oah leck! (shortened form of the above)
mein Gott! (my god!)
mein Lieber! o mein Lieber! (my dear!)(used for emphasis)
Mensch! (man!)
Menschenskind! Menschenskinder! (expression of surprise, annoyance, or emphasis; literally, "creature(s)"/"(human)child(ren)")
Mist!, So ein Mist! (shit!)
so ein Misthaufen! (what a pile of shit/manure)
o je! (oh, dear!/uh-oh!)
o Gott, o Gott (expression of worry, dismay, etc.; literally "oh, god")
o weh! (oh, dear!/oh no!)
Prima! (great!)
Quatsch! (nonsense!)
Sakradi! (expression of frustration/irritation)
Scheibenhonig, Scheibenkleister (expression of mild anger or annoyance; literally, "honeycomb")
Scheiße (shit)
schleich dich! (go away! get lost!)
Schmarrn! (nonsense!/bullshit!)
so ein Seich! ((?)what rubbish, what shit; literally, "what a piss")
um Gotteswillen! (~for god's sake!)
Unglaublich! (unbelievable!)
verdammt (damned)
verfickt! * (fuck!)
verflixt! (damn!)
verflucht (damn, cursed)
verflucht noch mal (~damn it all; literally "damn again")
verpiss Dich! (piss off!)
zum Kuckuck noch mal * (~for crying out loud; literally "to the cuckoo again")
zum Teufel! (literally "to the devil!")

Italian curses and other interjections
vaffanculo! (fuck off!)

Spanish curses and other interjections
caramba! ay, caramba! (expression of surprise, shock, etc)
caray! (expletive used like "damn!" or "shit!")
chíngate! (fuck you! mexican)
chingalo! (fuck it! mexican)
dios! (god!)
dios mio! (my god!)
hostia! (~shit; literally "host", ie. Eucharistic wafer)
joder! (fuck!)
jódete! (fuck you!)
madre de dios! (mother of god!)
mierda! (shit!)
olé! (bravo!)
puta hostia! (fucking ~shit!; see under "hostia")
puta mierda! (fucking shit!)
vete a la chingada! (fuck off! mexican)
vete al carajo! (fuck off! literally "go to the penis"(?))
vete al diablo! vaya al diablo! (go to hell! literally "go to the devil")
vete al infierno! (go to hell!)

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