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Connecticut Barbour Collection - sgt
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Connecticut Vital Records Prior to 1850

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The Barbour Collection - a genealogical manuscript collections - is in two formats:
  1. Vital Records of specific Connecticut Towns
  2. Connecticut surnames vital records - General Index

The original manuscript is at the Connecticut State Library in Hartford:

Barbour Collection of VRs

The collection covers 137 towns and comprises 14,333 typed pages of birth, marriage, and death records to about 1850 and was the work of General Lucius Barnes Barbour. As Connecticut Examiner of Public Records from 1911 to 1934, he "directed a project in which the vital records kept by the towns up to about 1850 were copied and abstracted." The collection was microfilmed in 1949 by the LDS in SLC and is available by loan through FHCs across the country:

Family History Library Catalog - Barbour Collection
Title details ('Barbour collection')
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The total set of just the towns comprises 17 rolls of microfilms. Each roll contains records of more than one town. The towns are arranged in alpha order on the rolls:
Andover - Burlington...........
Canaan - Cornwall..............
Danbury - Ellington............
Fairfield - Griswold...........
Groton - Hartford..............
Hartland - Killingworth........
Lebanon - Lyme.................
Madison - Montville............
Naugatuck - Newtown............
Norfolk - Oxford ..............
Plainfield - Prospect..........
Redding - Sherman..............
Simsbury - Sterling............
Stonington - Thompson..........
Tolland - Washington...........
Waterbury - Wethersfield.......
Willington - Woodstock.........

FHC Catalog of film numbers for Barbour Collection by Towns
      Scoll down the page to the start of the towns listings

The total set of the surname (General Index) microfilms comprises 81 rolls. Each roll contains VRs of an alpha range of surnames - from Aa-Alk #0002880 to Wr-Z, miscellaneous #0002966 . The VRs appear on small index cards with a separate card for each VR for each person.

                 FHC Catalog of film numbers for Barbour Collection by Surname

Several libraries, genealogy centers, universities, etc... across the country have the Barbour Collection usually in microfilm form like the Sutro Library in San Francisco; Western Reserve in Cleveland, OH; Ft. Wayne, IN; NEHGS in Boston; NSDAR library in D.C.; most towns in CT have their collection either in their town clerk offices, local libraries and/or genealogy/history societies; State of CT Library; etc...

Lorraine Cook White compiled/transcribed some of the Barbour Collection into individual books/volumes which, if still available, are for sale through some genealogy book publishers

Not all towns were covered by the Barbour Collection town vital records. Examples are Scotland and Mansfield. However, I have found that the General Index format of the Barbour Collection contains the VRs of people living in Mansfield with Dimocks' Births, Baptisms, Marriages and Deaths of Mansfield, Conn. used as source.

Here are websites with listings of  on-line transcriptions of Barbour Collections:

The Barbour Collection for all the towns of Windham County, CT are online at the USGenWeb Windham County, CT: Barbour Collection Vital Records Index Windham County
Coralynn Brown has transcribed several Connecticut towns' Barbour Collections. Do scroll down this webpage to see all the listings: Barbour Collection for Connecticut Towns
Jane Devlin's Connecticut Index lists links to some CT towns' Barbour Collections: Connecticut Index
Ray's Place "Vital Records by Town" webpage has listing of links for some CT towns' Barbour Collections: Vital Records by Town

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