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People Make History -- Their Stories Need Not Be a Compendium of Dry Facts and Dates

Sourdough Publishing began as a strategy to get the book Boise River Gold Country in print before the spring tourist season in Idaho City and the Boise Basin. In this new era of electronic media, it simply did not seem reasonable that it could take a year (or more) to get a finished manuscript into the hands of the reading public as a printed and bound book.

Most print shops we approached immediately started talking about minimum print runs versus per-copy charges. We certainly understand their concern. Still, the notion of having 500 or a thousand copies sitting around in our basement did not appeal. After all, history books are generally a niche market. One can hardly expect that they will "fly off the shelves." sells more books than anybody. If they were ready to also produce them -- through their CreateSpace subsidiary -- as needed, why not let them? All it takes is a couple of properly-formatted AdobeŽ PDF files. For going on twenty years, I have been using desktop publishing software (PageMakerŽ and now InDesignŽ) to prepare just such documents. CreateSpace does not provide editing for content anyway, although they do offer other paid services.

To make a long story short, we set up Sourdough Publishing. Boise River Gold Country will be our first imprint publication, but it will not be our last. We already have one other project in the planning stage, with several more possibilities. At present, we are considering only personally referred projects … no unsolicited proposals please.

We are considering various options for hardcover versions, but have not made any definite decisions. At some point, we will revisit the matter of eBooks and the like, but not right away.

Gold County is available online at a dedicated CreateSpace "eStore" and through as well. Follow the link provided to the eStore.

You can also order from some local booksellers, such as Barnes & Noble. Some will carry an inspection copy, but may not have copies to sell directly "off the shelf."

We will entertain discounted bulk orders from other book-sellers, especially historical societies and museums. For that, contact Sourdough Publishing at the link below

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