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Who are the Park Rangers?

San Francisco's Park Rangers are Recreation and Park Department employees who can provide a positive presence that enhances public safety and helps protect our valued park facilities. Never seen or heard of the SF Park Rangers? That's because the program had become almost invisible.

Citizens and park staff don't always feel safe in the parks and have been threatened and even attacked. Our parks are frequently vandalized, resulting in the need for costly repairs at a time when funding is already stretched.

In 1978 there were 24 San Francisco Park Rangers. The program was almost entirely eliminated in 2003. By 2006, there were only six part-time Park Rangers for 230 Recreation and Park facilities located on 3,400 acres of land throughout San Francisco.
The Park Rangers Coalition has been working with the Rangers and the Department of Recreation and Park to provide support for an increase in the number of Rangers.  We were successful in getting a minimal increase for the 2007-08 budget year, and in keeping those positions for the subsequent budget years.  The coming year will be an even greater challenge, due to current economic conditions.
Why do we need more Park Rangers?

Park Rangers are uniquely qualified to address park, playground and open space problems because:

* Their primary mission is to serve the interests of parks and park users;

* They are trained to work specifically in our parks;

* They are familiar with the Recreation and Park Department programs;

* They have a detailed knowledge of the layout of San Francisco's parks;

* They are community sensitive in gaining compliance with park regulations;

* They create a positive presence that communicates respect for our parks.
What is PaRC?
PaRCİ is a group of San Francisco citizens, formed in 2006, who believe that the City and County of San Francisco should hire, train and staff the Park Ranger program at a level sufficient to meet the safety and security needs of all San Francisco parks and the people who use them or want to do so.

PaRC'sİ goals for the fiscal year 2010 - 2011 are:

1. Preservation of the current number of Park Rangers in the face of  a difficult budget year.
2.  If possible an additional increase in the number and hours of Park Rangers on duty and the provision of equipment adequate to support their mission, so that all San Francisco parks can be covered.

3. Completion of a plan by the SF Department of Recreation and Parks for the future of this program. The planning process should include public participation from the various park user groups, so that the Park Rangers can become not only an important tool in the preservation of our park facilities but also reflect the diversity of citizens and open-space uses in San Francisco.

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