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Vote YES on "H" and NO on "I" 

Prop. H = Happy, healthy parks

Prop. I  = Inaccurate and potentially Illegal "Poison Pill"

Watch and "like" the beautiful new film from Rasa Gustaitis and film makers AZ, Eli Noyes, Alligator Planet. (Youtube)

You did it!  All of your hard work has paid off.  The Department of Elections has verified the signatures you gathered ,and the Golden Gate Park Playing Fields Renovation Act will be on the November ballot!


Come to the thank-you celebration and campaign kick-off!


You did it!  Thanks to your generous help and support, the citizen’s initiative to restore the Beach Chalet soccer fields with natural turf and no sports lights has qualified for the November, 2014 ballot.  And it couldn’t have been done without you.

We’ve planned a celebration to say thank-you for your hard work, celebrate your success, and start the election campaign that will Save Golden Gate Park.

Please come for good food, good cheer and the latest campaign news.  Learn what you can do to help preserve and protect Golden Gate Park, and make sure kids will have a safe place to play soccer.

DATE:                 Sunday, August 10th, 2014.

TIME:                 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

LOCATION:        Sutro Heights Park  - 48th Avenue, just north of Anza Street,  overlooking Ocean Beach and Golden Gate Park.

WEATHER:         ANY WEATHER:  Rain (!) or High fog do not cancel -- Dress in layers (duh). If weather is untenable, we will move indoors. 

BRING:               Yourself!  Bring your friends!  Refreshments will be provided by CPGGP.

RSVP:                 volunteer@protectggp.org


There is already great press!

Sign on, make comments, and vote online for grass in GGP!

Now that the Beach Chalet project is on the ballot, it is more difficult for the press to ignore your concern for Golden Gate Park .  Don't wait for them -- write your own articles, and write comments for articles that you see.  You can write one set of remarks and use it for all of these articles -- just be sure to comment.    Ask your friends and neighbors to comment, also:

1.   Daily KOS  http://www.dailykos.com/blog/uid:1064214 
Go online  and vote for grass in Golden Gate Park!  You do not have to sign in to vote.  Add your comments, (requires signing in).

2.  SF Bay Guardian online:  http://www.sfbg.com/politics/2014/07/24/sf-voters-weigh-beach-chalet-turf-war#comment-156198  Sign in and add comments.

3.  SF Chronicle and CW Nevius with his usual pro-RPD take on the issues: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/nevius/article/Golden-Gate-Park-turf-battle-democracy-gone-awry-5647924.php  Sign in and add comments; click on  "like" for the comments that you like! 

4.  SF Chronicle letters to the editor: http://www.sfgate.com/submissions/  Write your own ideas about the two initiatives!  Put your comment into letter form and send it in.  This is your opportunity to share your feelings with other readers and to show how much you care for Golden Gate Park!

5.  Sierra Club Yodeler: http://theyodeler.org/?p=9707   "November election pits grassroots initiative to protect Golden Gate Park against Park Department power play".  Add your comments at the end.

6.  Richmond Review and Sunset Beach:  "Martin Stidham:  Save Park Athletic Fields,"  http://www.sunsetbeacon.com/archives/richmondreview/2014Editions/June14/commentaryMartin.html   Write to Editor Paul Kozakiewicz editor@sfrichmondreview.com and thank him for allowing different opinions from the 'mainstream' press.

7.  Westside Observer:  http://www.westsideobserver.com/2013/soccer.html#jul14  "Billionaire's Ballot Initiative Takeover Scam" Write to the Publisher Mitch Bull mitch@westsideobserver.com and Editor Doug Comstock editor@westsideobserver.com,  and thank them for giving us a voice.

8.  Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods:  "November election heats up - grassroots initiative to protect Golden Gate Park pitted against Rec & Park power grab,"  July 2014 newsletter.  http://www.csfn.net/Newsletters/CSFN-NL-2014-07.pdf  on page 6.  If the newsletter size blows up your system, you can find this article on Slideshare:  http://www.slideshare.net/SFOceanEdge/coalition-for-sf-neighborhoods-golden-gate-park-ballot   No space for comments, but if your neighborhood group is a member, ask them to invite someone from CPGGP to come out and speak to your group.


NEWS FLASH:  BOS and RPD have put a strange and confusing counter-measure on the ballot


The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is so worried about your ballot initiative succeeding, that they have persuaded the SF Board of Supervisors to put a misleading counter-measure on the November ballot.  We will have more information on this effort to derail park protection. 

This will be a difficult campaign, because we have to communicate to the public that "yes" is a good vote for our ballot, and "no" is a good vote for the RPD initiative.

In addition, the City Fields Foundation is part of the RPD ballot campaign.  CFF has access to enormous amounts of money -- expect TV ads to flood the airwaves at election time.

This is where you come in - start talking to your friends and neighbors now.  Inform them of the two initiatives, and why it is so important that they vote "yes" on the GGP Fields Renovation Act and "no" on the RPD pro-fake turf, pro-stadium lighting, pro-more power for Rec and Park act.

For the RPD/CFF initiative, click here and then select the "Park Code, Children's Playing fields, walking trails, athletic fields" initiative.



To learn more,  please contact Mike Murphy or Shawna McGrew.

Shawna McGrew (h) 415-681-3544; (cell) 415-310-1490 email: sunsetfog@aol.com

Mike Murphy (cell) 415-823-9743 email: info@protectggp.org


The Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance

  announces an

Online Celebration

of the

Beauty of the western end of Golden Gate Park,

the Beach Chalet fields, & Ocean Beach -

Featuring pictures and words created by -- YOU!!!!!

      So many of you have come to hearings, written letters to commissions, and spoken eloquently at  neighborhood meetings about your love of Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.  You have expressed dismay at the negative impacts of the Beach Chalet Soccer Complex project on Golden Gate Park, on Ocean Beach, on wildlife, on the people who enjoy these areas every day, and on future generations.  Your have shared your childhood memories, your day-to-day joy in the Park, and other inspiring experiences.  

     This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences with others who love Golden Gate Park!  

Send in your submittals - your photos, your videos, your artwork, your essays, your poems, your songs, and yes, your best tweets! Share your feelings and your vision with the world!

To learn more and to view other peoples' pictures and ideas, go to www.beachchaletfields.jimdo.com.



The SF Recreation and Park Commission voted to approve the Beach Chalet construction contract at their full meeting on April 17th, 2014.  The Commission refused to take this item off of the Consent Calendar and voted with no consideration of issues raised by the public, including possible toxicity of artificial turf, problems with project funding, the pending Sierra Club appeal, and the lack of any reports made available to the public on wildlife or nesting birds.



The CCC voted on April 9th to approve the final Staff Report for the Beach Chalet project.  The Commission had directed the Staff to completely reverse the original Staff recommendations for protecting Golden Gate Park.  (You can read the wonderful, original  staff report and see how it was gutted by the political powers-that-be.  It is now loaded on Slideshare at :  http://www.slideshare.net/SFOceanEdge/w155a-42014  

Our thanks to everyone who wrote over 25 letters to the Coastal Commissioners and asked them to postpone this hearing to May, when they will be in Northern California!  Only ONE PERSON WROTE IN FAVOR OF THE PROJECT.  

Here are the reasons that this hearing should have been postponed:

    Rec and Park (RPD) is proposing mitigations and impact monitoring programs to satisfy concerns of residents.    These mitigations should be discussed in a meeting held near where everyone lives who will be impacted by this project!  Therefore, the topic should be discussed in Northern California.

    Last May most of the project opponents were denied the right to speak -- at least this time, the proposed mitigations report should be discussed at a meeting in Northern California, so that those folks can have the right to speak to the issues. 

    Rec and Park's own schedule shows the construction starting in late June -- therefore, there is plenty of time for the CCC to hear the topics and issues in May and to issue the permits that RPD needs.



Parks and Privatization

Watch above or click here to go to Youtube to view the Commonwealth Club Panel on privatization and our parks. Go to minute 25:00 to learn more from Tim Redmond about the Beach Chalet and other artificial field projects.


Read the


Frontpage article on artificial turf in SF:

"Turf Burn" by Susan Gerhard

Read it and join our Soccer Players and Parents for Green Grass in Golden Gate Park group!

Remember, in San Francisco it is not over until it is over -- and even then it is not over!

(Note:  This group will keep your name confidential, unless you choose to share it publicly.)

Contact us at sfoceanedge@earthlink.net to learn more.

Please go to our newspaper links page for this dynamite article.



Click below to see the new powerpoint explaining the various city planning documents which support keeping Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach free of artificial turf and 150,000 watts of stadium lighting

Watch our new video -- click below or go to the video page.

Video/audio links



Learn about the win-win solution! The Hybrid Alternative.



Join us to help protect Golden Gate Park for today and for future generations.  There is only one Golden Gate Park!

Volunteers are always needed - contact us if you are interested!
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