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Vote YES on "H" and NO on "I" 

Prop. H = Happy, healthy parks

Prop. I  = Imperial RPD submits Inaccurate and potentially Illegal "Poison Pill"


Your campaign is underway!

Contact SFOE or CPGGP to find out what you can do!

Contact us to find out what you can do:

Put a poster in your window.

Hand out flyers at  fairs and your local coffee shop.

Talk to your friends and neighbors.

Other ideas of what you want to do?

Let us know!

RSVP:            sfoceanedge@earthlink.net


More press!

Sign on, make comments online and write letters-to-the-editor for grass in GGP!

Columnist CW Nevius is once writing on behalf of RPD. Read his column and write letters to the editor.



Not only does Mr. Nevius wants to "bury the debate" and your opinions on the project, but also the City wants to stifle your input on other RPD projects!  Read our response to Mr. Nevius:

Mr. Nevius wants to bury the debate over the imminent destruction of the western end of Golden Gate Park.  The Rec and Park Department would like to bury any debate over what happens in all of our parks.  That is why Rec and Park has placed Prop "I" on the November ballot. 

Prop "I" is Trojan Horse legislation.  Disguised as a feel-good measure that provides recreational facilities for children, in reality it contains language that may result in transferring effective control over major decisions about your parkland to the Recreation and Park Department staff.

Read Prop "I".  Read the ballot arguments.  Vote Yes on H and No on I.  

Protect Golden Gate Park and protect your voice in deciding what happens to your park.

Katherine Howard, ASLA

SF Ocean Edge


Click here to read the CSFN Newsletter: November election heats up - Grassroots initiative to protect Golden Gate Park pitted against Rec & Park power grab!


Watch and "like" the beautiful film from Rasa Gustaitis and film makers AZ, Eli Noyes, Alligator Planet. (Youtube)


NEWS FLASH:  BOS and RPD have put a strange and confusing counter-measure Prop "I" on the ballot


The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department is so worried about your ballot initiative succeeding, that they have persuaded the SF Board of Supervisors to put a misleading counter-measure on the November ballot.   

This will be a difficult campaign, because we have to communicate to the public YES ON H and NO ON I.

In addition, the City Fields Foundation is part of the RPD ballot campaign.  CFF has access to enormous amounts of money -- expect TV ads to flood the airwaves.

This is where you come in - start talking to your friends and neighbors now.  Inform them of the two initiatives, and why it is so important that they vote  YES ON H and NO ON I.

To read both initiatives, click here and then select either H or I.



To learn more,  please contact Mike Murphy or Shawna McGrew.

Shawna McGrew (h) 415-681-3544; (cell) 415-310-1490 email: sunsetfog@aol.com

Mike Murphy (cell) 415-823-9743 email: info@protectggp.org


The Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance

  announces an

Online Celebration

of the

Beauty of the western end of Golden Gate Park,

the Beach Chalet fields, & Ocean Beach -

Featuring pictures and words created by -- YOU!!!!!

      So many of you have come to hearings, written letters to commissions, and spoken eloquently at  neighborhood meetings about your love of Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.  You have expressed dismay at the negative impacts of the Beach Chalet Soccer Complex project on Golden Gate Park, on Ocean Beach, on wildlife, on the people who enjoy these areas every day, and on future generations.  Your have shared your childhood memories, your day-to-day joy in the Park, and other inspiring experiences.  

     This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences with others who love Golden Gate Park!  

Send in your submittals - your photos, your videos, your artwork, your essays, your poems, your songs, and yes, your best tweets! Share your feelings and your vision with the world!

To learn more and to view other peoples' pictures and ideas, go to www.beachchaletfields.jimdo.com.



Parks and Privatization

Watch above or click here to go to Youtube to view the Commonwealth Club Panel on privatization and our parks. Go to minute 25:00 to learn more from Tim Redmond about the Beach Chalet and other artificial field projects.


Read the


Frontpage article on artificial turf in SF:

"Turf Burn" by Susan Gerhard

Read it and join our Soccer Players and Parents for Green Grass in Golden Gate Park group!

Remember, in San Francisco it is not over until it is over -- and even then it is not over!

(Note:  This group will keep your name confidential, unless you choose to share it publicly.)

Contact us at sfoceanedge@earthlink.net to learn more.

Please go to our newspaper links page for this dynamite article.



Click below to see the new powerpoint explaining the various city planning documents which support keeping Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach free of artificial turf and 150,000 watts of stadium lighting

Watch our new video -- click below or go to the video page.

Video/audio links



Learn about the win-win solution! The Hybrid Alternative.



Join us to help protect Golden Gate Park for today and for future generations.  There is only one Golden Gate Park!


Volunteers are always needed - contact us if you are interested!
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