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editor@westsideobserver.com   Westside Observer

letters@ebar.com  Bay Area Reporter

steve@sfbg.com    SF Bay Guardian

editor@sfrichmondreview.com  Richmond Review and Sunset Beacon


Respond to the press!

Sign on, make comments, and forward to your friends and family -- build on the movement to protect Golden Gate Park!

Now that the Beach Chalet project is on the ballot, it is more difficult for the press to ignore your concern for Golden Gate Park .  Don't wait for them -- write your own articles, and write comments for articles that you see.  You can write one set of remarks and use it for all of these articles -- just be sure to comment.    Ask your friends and neighbors to comment, also:

Environmental Health News:  Loss of Night: Artificial light disrupts sex hormones of birds -   http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/2014/aug/wingedwarnings6lossofnight

Daily KOS  http://www.dailykos.com/blog/uid:1064214 
Go online  and vote for grass in Golden Gate Park!  You do not have to sign in to vote.  Add your comments, (requires signing in).

SF Bay Guardian online:  http://www.sfbg.com/politics/2014/07/24/sf-voters-weigh-beach-chalet-turf-war#comment-156198  Sign in and add comments.

SF Chronicle and CW Nevius with his usual pro-RPD take on the issues: http://www.sfgate.com/bayarea/nevius/article/Golden-Gate-Park-turf-battle-democracy-gone-awry-5647924.php  Sign in and add comments; click on  "like" for the comments that you like! 

SF Chronicle letters to the editor: http://www.sfgate.com/submissions/  Write your own ideas about the two initiatives!  Put your comment into letter form and send it in.  This is your opportunity to share your feelings with other readers and to show how much you care for Golden Gate Park!

Sierra Club Yodeler: http://theyodeler.org/?p=9707   "November election pits grassroots initiative to protect Golden Gate Park against Park Department power play".  Add your comments at the end.

Richmond Review and Sunset Beacon:  "Martin Stidham:  Save Park Athletic Fields,"  http://www.sunsetbeacon.com/archives/richmondreview/2014Editions/June14/commentaryMartin.html   Write to Editor Paul Kozakiewicz editor@sfrichmondreview.com and thank him for allowing different opinions from the 'mainstream' press.

Westside Observer:  http://www.westsideobserver.com/2013/soccer.html#jul14  "Billionaire's Ballot Initiative Takeover Scam" Write to the Publisher Mitch Bull mitch@westsideobserver.com and Editor Doug Comstock editor@westsideobserver.com,  and thank them for giving us a voice.

Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods:  "November election heats up - grassroots initiative to protect Golden Gate Park pitted against Rec & Park power grab,"  July 2014 newsletter.  http://www.csfn.net/Newsletters/CSFN-NL-2014-07.pdf  on page 6.  If the newsletter size blows up your system, you can find this article on Slideshare:  http://www.slideshare.net/SFOceanEdge/coalition-for-sf-neighborhoods-golden-gate-park-ballot   No space for comments, but if your neighborhood group is a member, ask them to invite someone from CPGGP to come out and speak to your group.

Westside Observer "Turf Burn" Susan Gerhard

Click here for the Westside Observer article:

SFBay.ca "Beach Chalet Soccer Fields Face Pitched Battle," Thomas K. Pendergast

Click here for SFBAY.ca article:

Westside Observer "California Coast Debacle

Click here for Westside Observer article.

San Francisco Bay Guardian "When the Coastal Commission Fails"  

Click here for SF Bay Guardian article.

Marina Times "Phildora's Box is Open"  

Click here Marina Times article.

San Francisco Chronicle,  "Soccer field plan draws yellow card"    

Click here for SF Chronicle article.

San Francisco Examiner,  "Lights out, no turf - Coastal agency may crush turf plan."    

Click here for SF Examiner article:

Westside Observer,  "Twinkle, twinkle little stars, how we wonder WHERE you are!"   Click on the link below and scroll down to read article.

click here to read this article about Dark Skies.

Miraloma LIfe Newsletter,  "About the Beach CDan Liberthson, December 2012.   Click on the link below and scroll down to read article.

Click here and then select the December 2012 newsletter.

SF Examiner,  "Soccer foes sling mud at board meeting," Melissa Griffin, July 2012.   Click on the link below and scroll down to read article.

Griffin reads from the RPD playbook. . . .

There is a lot of misinformation in this article, as there was at the Board meeting. To read about this, go to the Rebuttals page


Westside Observer,  "Not so much," Kathleen McCowin, Viking Soccer Parents for Real Grass Fields in Golden Gate Park, July 2012.

". . .we Viking parents believe real grass in Golden Gate Park is better for our children, the environment, and our City . . . . . . Viking Management showcased dozens of child players at the approval hearing. Some of these children were taken to the hearing without their parents' knowledge or permission . . . "

Westside Observer,  "Beach Chalet - a Simple Solution, " Gregory Miller, July 2012.

". . .the simple answer is to swap the field materials for the two projects. Keep the natural grass in Golden Gate Park and put the artificial turf in West Sunset . . ."

Westside Observer,  "Financial Flim-Flam at Fisher Fields," Anmarie Mabutt,  July 2012.

"Since its inception, the City Fields Foundation has been a driving force in the commercialization of San Francisco's public park space. . . "

San Francisco Examiner Letter to the Editor, "Plastic turf no fun for kids, " Kathleen McCowin, July 15, 2012

"The Fishers have forced plastic turf laid over ground tires into public parks throughout our city. . . "

San Francisco Bay Guardian, "Artificial Turf Project Appealed as Opponents Decry use of Kids as Lobbyists," Brian Rinker, June 26, 2012 Newsletter

"As opponents of a controversial plan to install artificial turf soccer fields in Golden Gate Park appealed the project's approval to the Board of Supervisors with a hearing set for July 10, they criticized how a soccer coach inappropriately used children to lobby for the project and raised hopes that a new alternative plan would be supported by supervisors . .

Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods - Neighborhood Views -- "Beach Chalet Soccer Fields Appeal:  July 10th.  Come to city Hall . . ."  Katherine Howard, June 2012 Newsletter

Click here to read this article.

New York,  "NYC's Fake Grass Gamble: a $300M Mistake?" City Limits.

"In 1998, New York City began installing synthetic turf fields in parks and playgrounds, saying the artificial material would be more durable than grass. But a City Limits investigation finds that many turf fields are falling apart, including this one at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park . . ."

Westside Observer -- "Golden Gate Park  - The Beginning of the End,"  Gregory P. Miller, June 2012

"With a few, quick votes, on May 24th, 2012, the SF Planning Commission and the Recreation and Park Commission approved the destruction of the western end of Golden Gate Park. How did they do this? By saying that they saw no problem with taking prime parkland and paving it over with 7 acres of artificial turf and installing 150,000 watts of night lighting, right next to Ocean Beach. This vote was arrived at in the face of the Departments receiving over 1,000 e-mails regarding the project, the majority of which were opposed to destroying the Park . . .

SF Examiner -- "Beach Chalet project approved, faces possible appeal, "  Will Reisman, May 2012

Click here to read article and add your comments.

SF Chronicle -- "Artificial turf has no place in Golden Gate Park"  Read and add a comment!  Vote for the comments that you like!

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2012/05/20/EDTT1OJKIM.DTL#ixzz1vZRGjv2D

Westside Observer -- "Neighbors' Pressure Prevails"George Wooding, April 2012

"Selling pieces of Golden Gate Park for money is business-as-usual at the RPD. Both the waste water plant and the planned soccer stadium go against the rules and intent of the 1998 Golden Gate Master Plan. The plan specifically calls for the Western edge of the park to remain in a natural state. . . "

Richmond Review -- "Keep Soccer Fields Grass!"  by the Editor of the Richmond Review and the Sunset Beacon, March 2012

Click here to read why GGP should be grass and alternatives to the soccer complex project.

Westside Observer -- "Birds of Beach Chalet Need Your Help"  , Ilana deBare, Golden Gate Audubon SocietyMarch 2012

"Some of the Westside residents who would be most affected by the city's Beach Chalet soccer field project haven't shown up at any public hearing on the issue. They're too busy nesting, foraging, and migrating. Over 70 species of birds . . . "

Click here to read why GGP should be grass and alternatives to the soccer complex project.

Bay Citizen -  weigh in on park commercialization and privatization

"Protect Coit Tower . . ."

Westside Observer  - February 2012

"Beach Chalet Plan Deeply Flawed" Read eloquent testimony and see photos from the DEIR hearing!

San Francisco Chronicle - January 3rd, 2012

"Golden Gate Park synthetic turf fields planned" The article.

"Golden Gate Park synthetic turf fields planned" Letters to the Editor from our supporters! Click on January 6th, 2012.

San Francisco Bay Guardian - November 29, 2011

"Whose Park? - Proposal to build a large artificial turf soccer complex in Golden Gate Park sparks controversy"

Ocean Beach Bulletin - November 30, 2011

"Soccer field project would change Golden Gate Park for the worse"

Potrero View:  Neighborhood Newspaper

"Synthetic Turf Threatens San Francisco's Natural Fields," Potrero View, August 2011

City Currents -  SF City College on-line newpaper


Coalition for San Francisco Neighborhoods newsletter

CSFN March 2011 newsletter: "Setting the Record Straight: RPD is Fighting for our Parks"

CSFN April 2011 newsletter: "Setting Straight RPD's Tangled Rebuttal"

East Bay Express - online newspaper

Read up on a similar project to our own soccer fields/artificial turf battle  -  the Blair Park Project.  Also, we have a letter printed talking about Beach Chalet Soccer Fields and Golden Gate Park.

Click here and scroll down to the article: "A cautionary tale across the bay."

Northside San Francisco

For articles about the Golden Gate Park Stow Lake lawsuit and some insight into the inner workings of outside consultants on RPD issues, see these articles in the Northside San Francisco newspaper:

Northside San Francisco June 2011

Northside San Francisco May 2011

Northside San Francisco March 2011

To read the original emails that were obtained due to a court order, go to this link and click on "Request for Preliminary Injunction (PDF)"

Save Stow Lake website

Westside Observer

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