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Why you should vote Yes on H and No on I

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I decided to put down my thoughts about Propositions H and I based on my years with the GGNRA as well as 12 years as a San Francisco Rec-Park commissioner.  

                                                                                                  Amy  Meyer

Why you should vote Yes on H and No on I.

Proposition H:

The City wants to replace the grass Beach Chalet Fields in Golden Gate Park with 7 acres of toxics-containing artificial turf.  The City also wants to install 150,000 watts of stadium lights on 60-foot towers -- lighted until 10 p.m. every night, next to Ocean Beach. 

Ocean Beach is on the Pacific Flyway, and this entire coastal area is designated as an area of Dark Skies for the sake of the birds. For further information, read this article by former SF Chronicle environmental writer Jane Kay that features San Francisco:  http://www.environmentalhealthnews.org/ehs/news/2014/aug/wingedwarnings6lossofnight

For a description of the damage this kind of lighting would specifically do if the Beach Chalet fields project were built, read Professor Travis Longcore and Catherine Rich's report: "Effects of Night Lighting from Proposed Beach Chalet Athletic Fields Renovation, San Francisco, CA"   at:    http://www.slideshare.net/SFOceanEdge/impact-of-artificial-lighting-on-golden-gate-park-ocean-beach

There are alternatives to destroying the habitat and beauty of Golden Gate Park.  Natural grass fields properly maintained cost less in the long run than artificial turf that has to be replaced every 8 - 10 years. Stadium lights can be all right inland, not here.

Voting 'yes' on Proposition H is your last chance to protect Golden Gate Park’s beautiful and wonderful recreation spaces by keeping them natural. Your vote would also protect Ocean Beach and dark skies overhead from an extraordinary amount of light pollution. 

                                                                            Please vote "Yes on H!"

Proposition I:

It is also important to vote No on Proposition I.

Proposition I would have two results:  

First, If Prop I gets more votes than Prop H, even if Prop H gets more than 50% of the vote, Prop H would be defeated.  

Second,  Prop I would implement an automatic and arbitrary approval process that would make possible adoption of a city park project regardless of community input.  Prop I applies to all our city parks.  If Prop I gets just 50.1% of the vote, residents would lose out in citizen participation and the quality of control they have today over what happens in their neighborhood parks.

No matter how you might feel about 7 acres of artificial turf and 150,000 watts of stadium lighting in Golden Gate Park next to Ocean Beach, you should still vote NO on I to keep control of your neighborhood park.

Golden Gate Park is San Francisco’s crown jewel. To protect Golden Gate Park and keep your voice in what happens to your park: 

                                                         Please vote YES on H and NO on I.

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The Campaign in favor of Proposition H and against Proposition I is being run by the Coalition to Protect Golden Gate Park. You can reach them by clicking on this link. Their FPPC # is 1367676 .

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