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Click here for link to: EPA retracts prior statement on artificial turf

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"The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has given artificial turf a safe to play endorsement based on flawed and limited science. The Commission should withdraw its endorsement and undertake a broader review."

"A growing body of evidence about chemical exposure and other dangers from synthetic turf has been ignored by the Commission which has posted false safety assurances for parents, athletes and schools. Its endorsement is based entirely upon a very limited 2008 study on lead exposure which failed to take into account realistic risks for children and athletes -- learn more and sign here."

Learn more and sign here.

The installation of artificial turf has been contentious in San Francisco since the first artificial turf fields were proposed and installed.  Sometimes the fields have been embraced by the neighborhood in which they were placed, and other times they have been rejected. 
The City Fields Foundation claims that artificial turf is a safe surface.  (www.cityfieldsfoundation.org)
However, there are other points of view.  The purpose of this page is to give San Franciscans the access to other points of view about this subject and also to let them know why other groups in San Francisco have fought the installation of this type of sports development with artificial turf in their playgrounds.

The following are links to articles about the potential dangers of artificial turf and the continuing controversy surrounding it.



Artificial Turf in New York - a series of award-winning articles on the artificial turf controversy in New York, "City Limits" magazine

Testimony at the Recreation and Park Commission regarding the potential dangers of artificial turf.


  • "This site is a US-based worldwide forum dedicated to information regarding the environmental and health risks associated with artificial turf fields."
  • "By providing a reliable body of information about environmental and health impact of artificial turf fields, this site seeks to level the playing field of information about turf in favor of public interest."
  • "This site grew out of the need for a clearinghouse of information about the environmental and health aspects of artificial turf, particularly about matters not readily available from promoters and sellers of artificial turf systems."

"Link Between Cancer, Artificial Turf Questioned," KOMO News:

  • "High school soccer star dream of playing college soccer is blocked by cancer...His coach knows of 8 players he has personally worked with who now have cancer... they wonder if it could have something to do with the artificial turf fields they play on..."  KOMO news

Vlad vs. Matsui: Who wins this matchup?

  • "This winter, the Angels exchanged one aging slugger with broken-down knees caused by too many seasons playing on artificial turf in a foreign country (Montreal, Canada) for  another aging slugger with broken-down knees caused by too many seasons playing on artificial turf in a foreign country (Tokyo, Japan)....."

"Artificial Turf vs. Natural Grass: Separating Myths and Facts," booklet available for download.

"NFL Panel finds some knee, ankle injuries more common on turf"

"Is the EPA stalling on Artificial Turf?"

"Two cities spurn crumb rubber in artificial turf"

"Brown Creates Nation's First Enforceable Lead Standards for Artificial Turf"

"Calif. AG files lawsuits in Prop 65 Violations against artificial turf companies." September 2, 2008

Oakland, CA- The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) announced today that independent testing has found high levels of lead in varieties of artificial turf from ten more companies.

*The testing found that the lead level in one turf sample, produced by the nation’s leading installer of sports fields, Field Turf, was more 150 times higher than federal child safe lead standards that will ultimately come into effect as a result recent Congressional action to ban lead in products for children.

The neighbors of Rossi Park were very concerned about the imposition of an artificial turf field into their neighborhood park.


The Friends of Potrero Hill organized to prevent the installation of artificial turf in their park. 

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