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Stadium lighting in the Park and Ocean Beach
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The area of Golden Gate Park which contains the soccer fields is currently dark at night.  This can be easily seen by going up to Sutro Heights and viewing the dark swath of the Park in the middle of the lights of the Sunset and Richmond Districts.  The new soccer fields will introduce intensely bright lights to the western end of the Park.

Current studies show that intense night lighting has deleterious effects on both people and wildlife.  The following articles explore some of these studies.

The Threat to Wildlife of Night Lighting

Wikipedia article on Light Pollution


This computer simulation shows the proposed project at night. 

The proposed project with night lighting.
Computer simulation from public documents.

Existing sports field lighting in San Francisco

The South Sunset playfield was recently renovated with artificial turf and lighting on tall poles, the same fixtures that will be used at the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields.   However, the lighting at the  Beach Chalet Soccer Fields will be at least 3 times that of the South Sunset playfield.

The following photos were taken a few blocks away from the South Sunset playfield.


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