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1.        SB47 (artificial turf health study) up for approval in the CA Senate Appropriations Committee.  Call or e-mail key Senators today to support this bill!

2.        Do you tweet?  Sign soccer-pro Abby Wambach's petition asking for real grass for soccer!

1.          Update on SB47 - asking for an artificial turf health study

This legislation asks for the State of California to conduct a scientific study on the SBR tire waste infill used in artificial turf and a moratorium on new construction using tire waste infill until the study has been completed (unless certain conditions are met - see attached Fact Sheet.)   On April 13th the legislation went into suspense at the Appropriations Committee (kind of an in-basket). 

There will be a second hearing at the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 28th.  Opposition is fierce!  Help get SB47 out of committee and onto the floor of the Senate.   Call the following Appropriations Committee  members today  to voice your support for SB 47:

Ricardo Lara (Chair) – 916-651-4033

Kevin de Leon - 916-651-4024


OR - if you can't call, email:

Senator Lara:  http://sd33.senate.ca.gov/contact/send-e-mail

Senator DeLeon:  http://sd24.senate.ca.gov/contact/email


AND  - If you have not sent a letter, or if your group can send a letter,  write to Senator Jerry Hill and email to:  Nate.Solov@sen.ca.gov

 Here's what happens next:  The Appropriations Committee will meet on May 28th (no public comment this time) and, with your support,  vote to send the bill to the full Senate (or not).  The bill is then sent to the Assembly committees, then to the full Assembly, and if any changes, back to the Senate.

There will be more opportunities to go to Sacramento -- we'll let you know!  Meanwhile, contact those Senators!

 **  View the March Senate hearing online  http://senate.ca.gov/media-archive#  -   starts at minute  1:39.

2.        Do you Tweet?  Sign Abby Wambach's  petition for real grass for soccer.

Abby Wambach, professional women's soccer player, has started a campaign to ask for real grass for soccer.  You can sign her petition -- Tweet @scottslawncare & #keepitreal


Watch the videos and learn more at :   http://keepitreal.scotts.com/





A background article on the legislation can be found in this month's Sierra Club Yodeler at   http://theyodeler.org/?p=10263


SFOE is helping Healthy Soccer SF with this legislation.  The Healthy Soccer SF website has links to the NBC and other news reports on the problems with artificial turf and SBR infill, as well as to the text of  SB47 . Go to  www.healthysoccersf.org .


SB47 passes the first hurdle!

Thanks to everyone who went to Sacramento in March-- SB47 was passed 5 - 0 at the Environment Committee hearing with amendments (see below).

And our thanks to everyone who attended the additional hearing in April, at the Senate Appropriations Committee.   Opposition was intense and will be more so!  

You can watch the March 18th and April 13th hearings online.

Amendment overview:

  • Prohibit the state from providing schools & local governments waste tire subsidies for two years until the study is complete.
  • State funds could still be used on other waste tire diversion grant programs such as rubberized asphalt, etc.

  • Clarifying amendments on the study language to make things clearer for OEHHA.

  • Clarifying amendments making it clear that maintenance of existing waste tire fields is ok during the two year study period.

  • Three requirements for schools and local governments if they want to install a turf field instead of the moratorium:

    • Bid specification must contain at least one non-waste tire alternative.

    • Must get at least one estimate from a non-waste tire company. 

    • Public hearing allowing for public comment.


Protect Golden Gate Park Outreach Events



For updates on actions planned, go to www.protectggp.org.


Help retire the ballot initiative campaign debt!

Yes, there is still campaign debt!  Please donate to help reduce this debt !  Any amount will help.   Go to http://protectggp.wordpress.com/ and click on DonateDO IT TODAY!

SF Ocean Edge - videos and photos of construction


SF Ocean Edge will be loading photos and videos of the construction/destruction as it continues.   Current videos will be loaded every few weeks.  Viewing them is only for the strong of heart.    Go to our video page for links.

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 news flash!
State Senator Jerry Hill of San Mateo has introduced legislation prohibiting installation of artificial turf fields with crumb rubber infill in schools and parks, while the state conducts a study of possible health risks. While the legislation would not affect fields already under construction, it is an important first step in highlighting the problems with artificial turf fields.

We will provide more information as this story develops.


The Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance

  announces an

Online Celebration

of the

Beauty of the western end of Golden Gate Park,

the Beach Chalet fields, & Ocean Beach -

Featuring pictures and words created by -- YOU!!!!!

      So many of you have come to hearings, written letters to commissions, and spoken eloquently at  neighborhood meetings about your love of Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.  You have expressed dismay at the negative impacts of the Beach Chalet Soccer Complex project on Golden Gate Park, on Ocean Beach, on wildlife, on the people who enjoy these areas every day, and on future generations.  You have told us about your childhood memories, your day-to-day joy in the Park, and other inspiring experiences.  

     This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences with others who love Golden Gate Park!  

Send in your submittals - your photos, your videos, your artwork, your essays, your poems, your songs, and yes, your best tweets! Share your feelings and your vision with the world!

To learn more and to view other peoples' pictures and ideas, go to www.beachchaletfields.jimdo.com.


Recent press and radio interviews

The debate continues in the media on artificial turf and on the Beach Chalet project:

Soccerwire.com, "Former CDC toxicologist unsurprised by alleged link between artificial turf, cancer."


NBC news"How safe is the artificial turf your child  plays on?"


SF Examiner"Protect the Park - Yes on H,"  by Susan Vaughan, Chair, San Francisco Group, San Francisco Bay Chapter, Sierra Club. 


KQED Forum: "Artificial Turf War: S.F. Voters Face Competing Athletic Field Plans,"


Youtube: "Why you should vote yes on H and No on I,"  Retired Judge Quentin Kopp


And in other news: SF Citizens to sue Recreation and Park Department and Private Partner over Fake City Fields


Learn why everyone should have voted Yes on H and No on I

In an interview with

Retired Judge Quentin Kopp

Are you confused by the propaganda for Yes on I showing kids playing and making claims about improving our parks?  LEARN THE PLAIN TRUTH from Retired Superior Court Judge, former California State Senator, and former member of the Board of Supervisors, Quentin Kopp.


Big Money buys Golden Gate Park! 

SF Chronicle, October 25th, 2014

"Big bucks pour in to oppose soda tax. Real estate, turf issues also rake in the cash."

Soccer fields

"While the soda tax opposition attracted the biggest bucks, it’s certainly not the only race with some money left to spend. Proponents of artificial-turf soccer fields — namely, the Fisher family of Gap clothing fame — have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into supporting Proposition I, which would allow turf soccer fields and lighting at the Beach Chalet soccer fields in Golden Gate Park, and defeating Proposition H, which would ban synthetic turf and lighting. If both measures pass, the one with more votes wins.

John, Robert and William Fisher each cut $60,000 checks in the first few weeks of October, bringing their combined contributions to $586,000 this year.

In all, the Yes on I, No on H campaign has raised nearly $900,000, with almost $260,000 of it coming in the first few weeks of October. As of Oct. 18, the campaign still had $293,000 in cash to spend.

The other side, which is mostly funded by small contributions from San Francisco residents, has $18,000 in the bank — it raised $10,000 in the first weeks of the month, for a total of $85,000."

Read the entire article here.


In the face of the often extraordinary deception in political campaign mailings, sometimes the only thing to do is to make fun of them! 
 Enjoy the following show on Slideshare:

You can download the poster from Slideshare - just click on the above link.



Watch and "like" the beautiful film from Rasa Gustaitis and film makers AZ, Eli Noyes, Alligator Planet. (Youtube)



Parks and Privatization

Watch above or click here to go to Youtube to view the Commonwealth Club Panel on privatization and our parks. Go to minute 25:00 to learn more from Tim Redmond about the Beach Chalet and other artificial field projects.


Click below to see the new powerpoint explaining the various city planning documents which support keeping Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach free of artificial turf and 150,000 watts of stadium lighting

Watch our new video -- click below or go to the video page.

Video/audio links



Join us to help protect Golden Gate Park for today and for future generations.  There is only one Golden Gate Park!


Volunteers are always needed - contact us if you are interested!
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