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Come to our annual

SF Ocean Edge

Holiday Eggnog and Potluck Party!

Sunday, December 18th, 2016

4:00 to 9:00 p.m.

1243 42nd Avenue

Enjoy refreshments and sustenance, and recharge your batteries for the New Year!

WHERE: 1243 42nd Avenue, between Lincoln and Irving

BRING: Family and friends -- and your favorite dish or whatever you like to drink -- or just bring yourself! We will have lots of food and drink here. Of course, we will feature the (in)famous, homemade-from-scratch, eggnog -- guaranteed NOT to be alcohol free. We will also have alcohol-free hot mulled cider to help chase the chill.

WEAR: The socks without holes in them. (We request removal of shoes.)

R.S.V.P. Let us know that we will see you! This will help us to plan the eggnog count. (But if you forget, show up anyway!)


The voting is now open online and in the Yodeler for the Sierra Club Executive Committees for both the Chapter and the SF Group. SF Ocean Edge supports the Nominated Candidates for the SF Group. Please VOTE for: Sheila Chung Hagen, Becky Evans, Katherine Howard, Linda Weiner. (Names may not be in that order...)

YOUR VOTE IS VERY IMPORTANT! This will be a tightly contested election.
Just as last year, SF BARF is trying to take over the SF Group Sierra Club Executive Committee -- As stated on their own website (www.sfbarf.org): ". . . Join Sierra Club, send me your transaction number so I know you joined. You will use this number to vote for board members . . . "
The SF Group of the Sierra Club supported us all the way on Beach Chalet -- please support them now by voting for the Nominated Candidates! THANK YOU!
If you would like to learn more, all candidate qualifications are also online.

Please share this request with your friends! Let us know after you have voted!

Click on the following link.

Page 1 - Fill in your name and membership number, as well as your membership type. People with joint memberships vote separately, but you must either do all your votes online OR all by paper, using the last page of your Yodeler.
- Bottom of page - Vote for Chapter Executive Committee (There are four people running for four positions; they have all been nominated by the Chapter nominating committee.)
Page 2 - Group Affiliation - "What group are you a member of?" Click on San Francisco GROUP
Page 3 - San Francisco Group - Candidates - Please choose: Sheila Chung Hagen, Becky Evans, Katherine Howard, Linda Weiner. (Names may not be in that order...) NOTE: They have all been nominated by the SF Group Nominating committee.


Beach Chalet Lighting meeting -- send in your comments.

The Recreation and Park Department held a meeting on Nov. 3rd to discuss the impact of the 150,000 watts of stadium lighting at the Beach Chalet fields in Golden Gate Park. Many of you attended; the majority of comments were NOT favorable to this project, and ranged from taking out the fields and lights completely to suggestions for modifying the project.

It is unclear what action the City will actually take, or it this was a "feel good" effort to mollify the voters without taking any meaningful action.

But your opinion still counts. Even if you could not attend, you should still make your feelings known. If you do not weigh in, then the City government will say that no one cares any more about Golden Gate Park or the environment in the western part of San Francisco. This could leave the park open to further development.

Therefore, please write a short note to Rec and Park and to the current and future members of the Board of Supervisors. Tell them that the project never should have been built and that the stadium lights and turf destroy the habitat and naturalistic beauty of the western end of Golden Gate Park. Turning off the lights an hour or two early a few times a week is not going to change that. If you need more information on the negative impacts of artificial light on both people and wildlife caused by this project, please review Professor Longcore's paper. http://www.slideshare.net/SFOceanEdge/impact-of-artificial-lighting-on-golden-gate-park-ocean-beach


If you are interested in joining the battle to get SBR (ground up tire waste) out of our parks and playing fields, go to www.healthysoccersf.org and sign up!


Past press and radio interviews

Go to SF Ocean Edge Facebook and SFOceanEdge Twitter for the most recent articles on the problems with artificial turf.

Soccerwire.com, "Former CDC toxicologist unsurprised by alleged link between artificial turf, cancer."


NBC news"How safe is the artificial turf your child  plays on?"


SF Examiner"Protect the Park - Yes on H,"  by Susan Vaughan, Chair, San Francisco Group, San Francisco Bay Chapter, Sierra Club. 


KQED Forum: "Artificial Turf War: S.F. Voters Face Competing Athletic Field Plans,"


Youtube: "Why you should vote yes on H and No on I,"  Retired Judge Quentin Kopp




In the face of the often extraordinary deception in political campaign mailings, sometimes the only thing to do is to make fun of them! 
 Enjoy the following show on Slideshare:



Watch and "like" the beautiful film from Rasa Gustaitis and film makers AZ, Eli Noyes, Alligator Planet. (Youtube)



Parks and Privatization

Watch above or click here to go to Youtube to view the Commonwealth Club Panel on privatization and our parks. Go to minute 25:00 to learn more from Tim Redmond about the Beach Chalet and other artificial field projects.


Click below to see the new powerpoint explaining the various city planning documents which support keeping Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach free of artificial turf and 150,000 watts of stadium lighting

Watch our new video -- click below or go to the video page.

Video/audio links



Join us to help protect Golden Gate Park for today and for future generations.  There is only one Golden Gate Park!


Volunteers are always needed - contact us if you are interested!
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The Campaign in favor of Proposition H and against Proposition I is being run by the Coalition to Protect Golden Gate Park. You can reach them by clicking on this link. Their FPPC # is 1367676 .

SF Ocean Edge is an all-volunteer group of San Franciscans who love Golden Gate Park and want it protected for kids of all ages today and for future generations. We are donating our labor to this website.

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