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Happy Thanksgiving!

Our thanks to you - supporters of Golden Gate Park -

for everything you have done in your efforts to protect Golden Gate Park!

Enjoy your day!

Protect Golden Gate Park and SF Occupy to do leafleting and bannering at McLaren Lodge on Sundays. [click here to learn more.]

Copy the following address into your browser to view photos of the construction / destruction and letters, poems, and more from park supporters at BeachChaletField.Jimddo.com

Video of McCowin arrest and statement


Kathleen McCowin spent Friday night and Saturday morning in jail.   Her attorney, Rafael Trujillo, negotiated her release on Saturday afternoon.  Trujillo has spoken with the SF District Attorney and informed McCowin that no charges will be brought against her.     She has released the following statement:

"I am Kathleen McCowin, President of Soccer Parents and Coaches for Grass Fields in Golden Gate Park.  We believe that playing on artificial turf and ground-up tire waste infill poses a serious risk to the health of our children. 

This is the core reason why last week I stood down approaching construction vehicles, held my ground while having my outstretched palm hit multiple times by a charging pickup truck, stood fast while being verbally threatened with being run over, and ultimately went to jail. 

This industrial waste material containing multiple carcinogens has not been tested in animals.  This means its first real testing has been on our children.  For me personally, this “testing” was on my daughter Liz while playing soccer in high school on the Crocker Amazon fields.

NBC Network News has recently reported a cancer cluster in young soccer goalies playing on this toxic waste material.  Dr. David R Brown, the former CDC toxicologist who authored a 2007 report calling for appropriate studies of this material, has stated he is not surprised.

Our concern is that these goalies, with their much higher exposure to the toxic crumb, are tragically the canaries in the toxic turf mine shaft.  It is likely a much larger number of players will suffer from cancer in the future.

My organization is considering our options going forward to protect our children.   If you are interested in participating, please contact me through SF Ocean Edge." 

McCowin released from jail and resting at home

SUNDAY, NOV. 9TH:          

            Kathleen McCowin, President of Soccer Parents and Coaches for Grass in Golden Gate Park, was released from jail yesterday and is resting at home.  She will be releasing a statement in a few days.

The election results appear to point to  a NO on H decision. 

No new protests or demonstrations are planned by SFOE at this time.  We are resting up and thinking about next steps.

Meanwhile, our thanks to everyone for all of your hard work  in:

  • spreading the word for the last six years;
  • getting the proposition on the ballot;
  • writing intelligent and persuasive ballot arguments;
  • campaigning hard to let people know the threat to Golden Gate Park and what they are going to lose with Proposition I.

You are an amazing group!


Pres. of Soccer Parents and Coaches

arrested during sit-in at Beach Chalet Soccer Fields

FRIDAY, NOV. 7TH:          

            Kathleen McCowin, President of Soccer Parents and Coaches for Grass in Golden Gate Park, was arrested while protesting the construction of the artificial turf fields and stadium lighting in Golden Gate Park.  She was also protesting the City starting construction when the election results were not known and had not been certified.

McCowin is currently still in custody; we will provide updates as they are available.

We suggest that everyone sign up to receive our posts on our Facebook page -- SF Ocean Edge Facebook.



Pres. of Soccer Parents and Coaches

stages sit-in at entrance to

Beach Chalet construction

THURSDAY, NOV. 6TH:          

           Concerned with legal irregularities and the City's disregard for the public election process, Kathleen McCowin, President of Soccer Parents and Coaches for Grass in Golden Gate Park, has decided to sit outside the construction site.

McCowin will be located either at the south entrance to the construction and the old sewage plant site, near the Murphy windmill or the John F. Kennedy Drive entrance to the Beach Chalet Soccer Fields project, near the Dutch Windmill, to the north east of the fields.

McCowin welcomes others who would like to protest this project and the disregard of the election process.



           This morning, Rec and Park / City Fields Foundation moved construction equipment into the Beach Chalet fields area, put up extensive fencing, bulldozed part of the fields, and cut down at least five large trees.  A large crew and heavy equipment are already in place.

           The election results from last night have not been certified by the Department of Elections!  In fact, as of this morning, we were behind by less than 13,000 votes on Prop H. and less than 15,000 votes on Prop. I.   61,000 ballots were still outstanding.  This means that 26% of the votes cast had yet to be counted. You all campaigned very hard over the last two weeks and convinced many people to vote Yes on H and No on I. We could still win!

           One does not bring in a construction company as one would request a car from Uber -- today's construction means that the Department of Recreation and Park, in conjunction with the City Fields Foundation, has not only ASSUMED they would win, but has not even had the grace to wait for the official election results.

           In addition, an appeal by the Sierra Club of the Beach Chalet Fields Environmental Impact Report could be heard by the courts soon.  Perhaps Rec and Park is so afraid of what the courts will say, that they decided not to wait, and to destroy everything as quickly as they can.


Recent press and radio interviews

The debate continues in the media on artificial turf and on the Beach Chalet project:

Soccerwire.com, "Former CDC toxicologist unsurprised by alleged link between artificial turf, cancer."


NBC news"How safe is the artificial turf your child  plays on?"


SF Examiner"Protect the Park - Yes on H,"  by Susan Vaughan, Chair, San Francisco Group, San Francisco Bay Chapter, Sierra Club. 


KQED Forum: "Artificial Turf War: S.F. Voters Face Competing Athletic Field Plans,"


Youtube: "Why you should vote yes on H and No on I,"  Retired Judge Quentin Kopp


And in other news: SF Citizens to sue Recreation and Park Department and Private Partner over Fake City Fields

Learn why everyone should have voted Yes on H and No on I

In an interview with

Retired Judge Quentin Kopp

Are you confused by the propaganda for Yes on I showing kids playing and making claims about improving our parks?  LEARN THE PLAIN TRUTH from Retired Superior Court Judge, former California State Senator, and former member of the Board of Supervisors, Quentin Kopp.

  1. What is Proposition I?
  2. Why Prop. I will deprive you of your voice on what happens to your neighborhood park.
  3. Why Prop. I will destroy the beauty and habitat of Golden Gate Park.
  4. Why artificial turf in Golden Gate Park will NOT save water!
  5. Why Prop. I does NOT serve children.


6.    Why the SF Bay Guardian and the SF Examiner both say , NO on I

7.    Over 60 organizations say - Yes on H and No on I


Big Money buys Golden Gate Park! 

SF Chronicle, October 25th, 2014

"Big bucks pour in to oppose soda tax. Real estate, turf issues also rake in the cash."

Soccer fields

"While the soda tax opposition attracted the biggest bucks, it’s certainly not the only race with some money left to spend. Proponents of artificial-turf soccer fields — namely, the Fisher family of Gap clothing fame — have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into supporting Proposition I, which would allow turf soccer fields and lighting at the Beach Chalet soccer fields in Golden Gate Park, and defeating Proposition H, which would ban synthetic turf and lighting. If both measures pass, the one with more votes wins.

John, Robert and William Fisher each cut $60,000 checks in the first few weeks of October, bringing their combined contributions to $586,000 this year.

In all, the Yes on I, No on H campaign has raised nearly $900,000, with almost $260,000 of it coming in the first few weeks of October. As of Oct. 18, the campaign still had $293,000 in cash to spend.

The other side, which is mostly funded by small contributions from San Francisco residents, has $18,000 in the bank — it raised $10,000 in the first weeks of the month, for a total of $85,000."

Read the entire article here.


In the face of the often extraordinary deception in political campaign mailings, sometimes the only thing to do is to make fun of them! 
 Enjoy the following show on Slideshare:

You can download the poster from Slideshare - just click on the above link.



Watch and "like" the beautiful film from Rasa Gustaitis and film makers AZ, Eli Noyes, Alligator Planet. (Youtube)




Parks and Privatization

Watch above or click here to go to Youtube to view the Commonwealth Club Panel on privatization and our parks. Go to minute 25:00 to learn more from Tim Redmond about the Beach Chalet and other artificial field projects.


Click below to see the new powerpoint explaining the various city planning documents which support keeping Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach free of artificial turf and 150,000 watts of stadium lighting

Watch our new video -- click below or go to the video page.

Video/audio links


The Golden Gate Park Preservation Alliance

  announces an

Online Celebration

of the

Beauty of the western end of Golden Gate Park,

the Beach Chalet fields, & Ocean Beach -

Featuring pictures and words created by -- YOU!!!!!

      So many of you have come to hearings, written letters to commissions, and spoken eloquently at  neighborhood meetings about your love of Golden Gate Park and Ocean Beach.  You have expressed dismay at the negative impacts of the Beach Chalet Soccer Complex project on Golden Gate Park, on Ocean Beach, on wildlife, on the people who enjoy these areas every day, and on future generations.  Your have shared your childhood memories, your day-to-day joy in the Park, and other inspiring experiences.  

     This is your opportunity to share your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences with others who love Golden Gate Park!  

Send in your submittals - your photos, your videos, your artwork, your essays, your poems, your songs, and yes, your best tweets! Share your feelings and your vision with the world!

To learn more and to view other peoples' pictures and ideas, go to www.beachchaletfields.jimdo.com.


Join us to help protect Golden Gate Park for today and for future generations.  There is only one Golden Gate Park!


Volunteers are always needed - contact us if you are interested!
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