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This page is an effort to help make access easy to pages and articles that I add to this site as time allows. Please check back often and don't forget to bookmark this site!

NEW!  Women Wrongly Convicted  ... Here is my new site dedicated to women in my prison ministry. Please take  a few moments and read their stories. These women truly need prayer and support.

NEW!   Freedom From Cutting...  Please visit my new site created for cutters. If you know anyone who 'cuts' or self mutilates please read my pages here. NEW!

NEW!    My Husband's Testimony     Read my husband Michael's miraculous testimony of how he came to know the Lord Jesus Christ. Amazing!

 New !    Salvation: More Than a Prayer    ...  This article was inspired by my visits to other Christian sites and their "How to be saved" pages. Don't miss this one!!

New!   Teaching Our Little Blessings at Home - new article on homeschooling children.


 New!   Encouraging Christian Poems - here you will find encouraging and challenging Christian poems to read.

Coming Soon...
The Christian Women's Headcovering 
 My testimony on how and why I began to cover my head and also discusses 1 Corinthians  chapter 11. Also includes a link to my husband's article on this topic.

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