Godly Women: Servants of the Lord
A Sister's Love
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To my dear sister Karen...

I am so grateful to the Lord
For allowing us to meet
You’ve been an encouragement in my life
A blessing and joy to me.
I pray that you continue to grow in the Lord
And are filled with more faith every day
And that you draw nearer and nearer to God
And you please Him in every way
I pray that the Lord’s face shines upon you
As He showers you with mercy and grace
That He strengthens you daily and lifts you up
And His promises you embrace.
I pray that the Lord fills up your heart
With His love for all mankind
And that your life will be an example
That brings many souls to the Vine
I pray that your love may abound more and more
In wisdom and understanding
That you are filled with the fruits of His Spirit
And do all that Lord is commanding
May all that you do, be done in the Spirit
And done of a humble mind
May you exhibit the love of Christ
Being tenderhearted and kind.
My prayer is to see you strong in the faith
Suffering for the sake of the Lord
Knowing those sufferings glorify God
And please Him so the much more
Praying you put on the whole armor of God
That you may withstand in the evil day
The gospel of peace your feet having shod
Walking righteously in the way
Peace be to you, dear sister Karen
And love with faith from our Lord
Grace be with you all of your days
As you take up the mighty Sword
Praying for you, my sister in Jesus
That you endure until the end
And the words that the Lord will speak to you
Are “well done my faithful friend”
Please know my prayers are with you Karen
I’m grateful for all you do
You are my friend, my sister in Christ
And I really do truly love you!
~Louise Buhay~

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