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This Life That I Live
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This Life that I live, belongs to You,
I surrendered it years ago.
All that I am and say and do,
I give You complete control.
This life that I live, may it glorify,
Your holy and precious Name.
This flesh that I am, will I crucify,
For it only brings me shame.
This life that I live, submitted to You,
I lay down before Your throne.
Allowing in me, You to live through,
My life is not my own.
This life that I live, desiring to please,
Striving to do what is right.
Spending each day down on my knees,
Seeking Your will every night.
This life that I live, living by faith,
Yearning to be holy and pure.
Trusting in Your mercy and grace,
Sufferings able to endure.
This life that I live, longing to be,
A reflection of Your love.
Displaying Jesus to all I see,
Glorifying Your name above.
This life that I live, down here below,
I live to serve and obey.
On me, daily, Your grace You bestow
To help keep me above the fray.
This life that I live, until I die,
Will I spend in devotion to You.
Until I meet You in the sky,
Raised gloriously and changed anew!
~Louise Buhay~

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