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At any cost, O Lord, for any price
And may I never call it sacrifice
There is one grace, one thing I must possess
Humility is what I need, I've none, I must confess.
This wretched pride I fear possesses me
And keeps my Lord from drawing close to me
It causes me to serve myself, and yet
Turn away when others cry, "Help."
This evil vice corrodes the soul within
We cannot call it less than godless sin
Too oft ignored in many Christian's life
It is the source and root of every strife.
Root out destructive tares that pride has sown
I would possess a nature like Thine own
Wilt Thou not, Lord, to me, impart
This my prayer: A humble servant's heart?
A heart with not a thought for me or mine
No praise, or honor, which are Thine
Make me a lowly vessel in Thy hand
Ever waiting Thy command.
When others meet me, may they see
The meek and lowly Lamb in me.
Laying down his life again
To save the people from their sin.
As much as pride now possesses me
So make me possess, in full, humility
At any cost, O Lord, for any price
And may I never call it sacrifice.
~Tammy Wollman Stoltzfus~

Taken from the "Heartbeat of the Remant"

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