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How I Met the Lord Jesus
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Greetings! Grace and Peace be Multiplied to You!

My name is Louise Buhay and I want to share with you the testimony of what Jesus has done in me and in my life. You will be amazed for sure!

Growing up, I was told of the story of Jesus and had heard of His death on the cross. The term “ Jesus died for you” was not foreign to me. I did know OF the Lord. But it wasn’t until the year of 1998, when I truly came to KNOW Him.

 Here’s my true story…

At a very early age (around 12) I became involved with drugs, drinking, and promiscuity. The drinking began because of “episodes” I was having that kept me from sleeping at nights. My body would become paralyzed, I would “see” dark figures. They would torment me daily. I drank enough to “pass out” just so that I wouldn’t have to deal with them. I didn’t know or understand then what was going on in my life I just knew it was bad and scary. I didn’t realize then that they were demons in my life.

I was also a very depressed, hateful, enraged, miserable, gloomy, suicidal person. I hated everything and just about everyone and delighted in seeing them suffering and in pain. I was cruel to others and self mutilating to myself. I regularly sliced my own body parts with razors, broken glass from beer bottles, and whatever else I could get my hands on. This was usually done in a crying fit of how I felt so alone and that no one understood or loved me. Then I smeared the blood on pages of a notebook and wrote horrible, wicked things that I wanted to do others. I still have the scars on my body that will always remind me of where I came from. The cutting up of myself, drunkenness, drugging and angry bitterness went on for many years before I had a major frightening experience. All I can say about that day is that I thought I had heard hell. It was so terrifying that I went with my dad to an evangelical church that he was attending then. I ran up to the altar when they called and said the prayer that they asked me to. All because of my fear of going to hell. I was told that because I prayed that prayer that I became a Christian. Little did I understand then that a person must desire to be changed to be born again and come to Christ. I had no desire to change nor be changed at that point in time. Nothing changed in my life except the fact that I began to attend church. So there I was, still the same… hateful, angry, drunken, sleeping around, and completely self centered and self mutilating and calling myself a child of God. Oh, how distressing that is!! I truly didn’t understand then that I cannot keep my life and attach Jesus to the side. JESUS MUST BE MY LIFE and not just a part of it.

It wasn’t until I was 28 years old that I met the Lord Jesus Christ and finally KNEW Him!! All those years of living in deception in thinking I knew Him. I never knew Him at all. But on that day, that marvelous, miraculous day, I came to KNOW Him and everything changed in my life. Jesus changed me from the inside out. I came to the point where I couldn’t live in despair, depression, and distress and longer. I gave up my life and gave it to the Lord. And wow! Was that the best thing I have ever done!

My heart that was once filled with turmoil, was now overflowing with peace! Once laden with misery, now bursting with joy! Once full of hatred, now chock-full of love. Once filled with bitterness now full of bliss. The Lord God Almighty had given me a new heart!! He came and did a mighty work in me. Who would have known that this could be possible?? But with God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! He took the most hateful, corrupt, evil, vile, wicked soul and made her brand new in heart!! And the result of my changed heart is a changed life! Praise be to God!!

I truly know what the scriptures mean when they say “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature; old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” ALL things were new and the Holy Spirit began to convict and work steadily in me. All those who knew me could clearly see the transformation and all praise and glory goes to the Lord Jesus Christ! I could never even begin to repay Him for what He has done in and for me. So, it delights my heart to want to obey all that He says for me to do. I know He will provide the strength when needed, the courage, the grace, the love, and the mercy to do as He tells me. He always has given me those things in time of need thus far and I know He is faithful! I can trust Him.

After I became a Christian, my husband soon after became a Christian also. (Read his testimony here)The living witness of what the Lord had done in me brought him to Christ. He too surrendered his life to Jesus in realization that he also needed a Savior and a Lord in his life. I am so grateful to God for that! We began our journey of obedience unto the Lord Jesus Christ many years ago and the grace of God sustains us and compels us to continue on in faith. The Lord has shown and taught me many things along this journey and I desire to share them with other sisters in the Lord. I pray that you may be encouraged, uplifted, challenged and blessed by this site. The Lord bless you.

Please, I beg you…. Don’t live your life another day without truly knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. He can change your heart just as he did mine and can bring peace and joy into your life. There’s nothing on this earth that satisfies the soul like the Lord Jesus Christ!!


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Thank you!