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A Site for Christian women who desire to live godly lives.


"But now being made free from sin, and become servants to God, ye have your fruit unto holiness, and the end everlasting life." Romans 6:22

A video I made to share the incredible story of what the Lord Jesus Christ has accomplished! Thank you Jesus for enduring what no man has ever endured before and for your amazing obedience to our Father in heaven!!

Greetings! Grace and peace to you!

     If you are a Christian woman who has a heart for the things of God and is striving to live a holy and righteous life... you have come to the right place for support. My goal and desire is to share with other Christian women what the Lord has been teaching me and also to share His glorious Word. I do hope you will be blessed and challenged by this site. And I pray that you may be edified as you hear the things that God is teaching me and as you hear His truths unfold. Come join me as we learn together how to be true servants of the Lord!



A video I made to glorify God!

I Will Trust
I will trust in You, O Lord
When trials come, I'll trust Your Word.
I will not doubt nor question You,
Because I know Your Word is true.
No matter how difficult things may be,
I will press on and trust in Thee.
I will rejoice and give You praise
My voice to You, I will raise.
I will trust in You, O King,
With my whole heart, my everything.
The times when I begin to doubt,
I'll lift my eyes to You and shout...
"It's You my God, who carries me through,
No matter what I'll trust in You!
No matter what my eyes may see,
I'll walk by faith and trust in Thee!"
I will trust in You, O God.
In Your footsteps I will trod.
Doesn't matter where they lead,
I will follow faithfully.
Through the valleys, over the hills,
In darkened times, I'll trust You still.
Through all the trials, whatever they may be,
In everything... I will trust in Thee!
~Louise Buhay~

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