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As I mentioned on my home page, self mutilation is demonic and is caused by an influence (or possession in my own case) of demons in a persons life. I want to share here what demons are and the many ways you can open the door to them in your own life.

Demons are evil spiritual beings who hate the human race and have made it their one and only goal to destroy as many people as they can. When Satan (Lucifer) fell, the Bible says that 1/3 of the angels fell with him. Many people believe that these fallen angels are the demons that the Bible talks about. The early Christians believed something a little differently. In Genesis chapter 6, the Bible says that the Sons of God (angels) came down to earth and had sexual realtions with the daughters of men. This union created giants. These giants wreaked havoc on the earth causing much violence and destruction. Shortly thereafter, because of the great wickedness that abounded mainly because of these giants, God sent a great flood that destroyed the earth. The bodies of these giants who were half angel- half man, were destroyed in the flood. However, their spiritual, angelic side, lived on. The early Christians believed that these disembodied spirits are what we understand to be demons. In either case, demons are evil spiritual beings whose sole purpose is to destroy mankind.

Here are some signs that a person is being heavily influenced or possessed by demons.

Cutting/ self mutilation

Extreme feeling of loneliness 

Hatred of oneself and others

Irrational anxiety and fear

Chronic Depression/ dramatic mood swings


Suicidal thoughts and attempts

Irrational rage/Violent outbursts

Filthy, uncontrolled swearing

Refusal to submit to any authority



Here is a list of ways that a person can open the door to  demonic influences or possession in their life....

I personally know from my own experience that these following things caused me to become demon possessed for approximately 15 years.

It started with playing around with a Ouija Board when I was about 11-12 years old. We used the Ouija board to try and summon the "dead" to find out answers to questions that we wanted to know. Something very scary and supernatural happened at one of the gatherings and we abandoned the Ouija board after that due to fright. However, many things began to change in my life right after that. (not for good)

Astrology/ Horoscopes.... also in my early teens I dabbled with astrology which I beleive has also opened up my mind and life to more demonic influence.

Karate- (Kempo Tae Kwon do) ... I also partook of this and I believe it is something to be wary of. (all types of Karate) I strongly believe that it opened my mind up to demonic influences.

Horror Books...   I spent quite a bit of time reading Dean R. Koontz and Stephen King books. I am convinced they too led to an open doorway for demonic activity in me.

Classic Rock and Roll music and heavy metal... this definitely was a GREAT influence on me and brought many demons into my life. I literally worshipped Jim Morrison and the doors and during this time I began to experience astral projection. (not by choice) My very first episode of scratching into my arm began here also. It was at this time I carved the name "Jim"  into my left arm. Shortly thereafter, I carved the Doors emblem into my arm and then the carving and cutting progressed from there. ( I also believe other genres of music open the door to demons in ones life.)

Alcohol and drugs... looking back, after I started abusing these things, the demonic activity increased and was taken to a higher level... especially when I was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Many of my cutting episodes, suicide attempts and violent outburts occurred under the influence of these things.

Here are some other things that I believe open the door to demons in a person's life...




Psychics/ Fortune Tellers/ Palm Readers/ tarot cards



Sexual immorality with a demon oppressed or possessed person

Violent video games


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