Serenity Shore, Inc.
Good Templar Park Assn.

Celebrating 65 Years
Of Sobriety and Volunteers

    As part of its transformation into a 501(c)3 entity, Good Templar Park Association changed its name to Serenity Shore, Inc. The following pictures and 25th and 50th Anniversary booklets explain the history of this place and its roots in the International Organization of Good Templars (I.O.G.T.)

    Old Entrance Gate

    25th Anniversary Book (Acrobat PDF Format, 2107Kb)

    50th Anniversary Book (Acrobat PDF Format, 2784Kb)

    The Original Dining Hall

    Constructed with reclaimed lumber from canvas tents...

    Original Dining Hall

    Big Marine

    The Ring of Rocks

    These boulders crowned the hill just above the swimming beach. They were lost when the shoreline eroded during high water years of 1978 to 1987.

    Rock Ring
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