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Zack Judy , A New London County Judo Black belt training at the Jason Morris Olympic training Center in Glenville NY, Won the Silver medal at the prestigeous "President's Cup" International tournament in Irving Texas November 18th.

LAST UPDATED 02/11/2019

2018 IJF Judo Rules can be found at this link for viewing or downloading (PDF format). IJF 2018 Judo Rules

Sensei Hunt and Sensei Egnor presented the 2017 Jimmy Takemori award

Congratulations New London County Judo
2014 Nutmeg State Games FIRST place Junior Team Trophy
2015 Nutmeg State Games FIRST place Shonen (13-16) Team Trophy
2015 Nutmeg State Games Second place Yonen (5-12) Junior Team Trophy


All Classesbegin the second full week of September. Plenty of room for beginners of all ages

New London County Judo Dojos in;

UNCASVILLE CT (Main Dojo),310 Norwich New-London Turnpike (RT 32) Uncasville CT 06382 Fishers Island NY (Fishers Island School)78 Greenwood Road Fishers Island NY 06390

860.848.3797 or for more information
  • , Ron Egnor 6th degree and Sharon Hunt 4th degree Chief Instructors
  • Junita Bean NidanInstructor
  • John Oliver Sandan Club Leader and Certified Club Coach
  • Dave Yapchanyk Yodan Club Leader and Referee
  • Leila Phillips Nidan (Pending) assistant Instructor


    In reverse alphabetical order
    • Kyle Young Shodan
    • Peter Yapchanyk Shodan
    • Jeffrey Yapchanyk Shodan
    • Dave Yapchanyk Yodan
    • Anastasia Yapchanyk Shodan
    • Ben Weber Nidan
    • Mike Silvestri Shodan
    • Michael Shine Shodan
    • Kristin Roach Nidan
    • Leila Phillips Nidan (Pending)
    • John Oliver Sandan National Coach
    • Ethan Oliver Shodan
    • Erica Oliver Shodan
    • Zack Judy Nidan (Training at JMJC Glenville NY)
    • James Judy Nidan
    • Sharon Hunt Yodan National Coach
    • Joseph Houle Jr Shodan
    • Rick Hagan Shodan
    • Chris Frechette Shodan
    • Ron Egnor Rokudan National referee Emeritus
    • Emma Cypherd (Pending)
    • Junita Bean Nidan
    • Emma Bollinger Shodan
    • Steven Bollinger Shodan
    • Abby Baukus Shodan
    • Jason Barrs Shodan
    • Thad Allen (Pending)

    Junior Rank Test

    For stripe do left half for full belt do both sides.
  • Jr Yellow Stripe and Jr Yellow Belt
  • Jr Orange Stripe and Jr Orange Belt
  • Jr Green Stripe and Jr Green Belt
  • Jr Blue Stripe and Jr Blue Belt
  • Jr Purple Stripe and Jr Purple Belt

    Senior KYU Rank Test

    Large files may take a minute to load.
  • Rokkyu Senior Yellow Belt
  • Gokyu Senior Orange Belt
  • Yonkyu Senior Green Belt
  • Sankyu Senior Brown 3rd Belt
  • Nikyu Senior Brown 2nd
  • Ikkyu Senior Brown 1st


    CONGRATULATIONS to Tatianna Irizarri taking gold at the USA Open Judo Championships in Fort Lauderdale Florida on July 28th. She won all her matches by ippon. This moves Tatianna into 5th place on the National point roster for her division. <38KG Intermediate females. The tournament had over 800 competitors from 20 countries.
    The In-club shiai to benefit Zack Judy Raised $500 to help fund his International training. He made a last minute appearance following some minor car trouble and wanted to thank everyone for their support.
    Congratulations Sensei Hunt is now a Certified National Coach


  • Judo Class Schedule

    Our normal September to May schedule is below.
    To double check send an email to the address below.

    2018 Judo Classes Schedule

    MONTVILLE Mondays 4:30- 5:30 Ages 5-9 Beginners Instructor and team coach, Sharon Hunt Yodan MONTVILLE Mondays 6:30-8:00PM Beginners and Intermediate 9 to adult Instructor Junita Bean Shodan Assistant Leila Phillips Shodan Montville Thursdays 1:30 to 2:30 Home School Class Instructor Sharon Hunt Yodan Students must be Home Schooled FISHERS ISLAND (NY) Thursdays 4:30 to 6:30 all ranks and ages Instructor Ron Egnor Rokudan Montville Friday 6:00 to 7:00 Intermediate ages 6-12 Instructor Sharon Hunt Yodan MONTVILLE Fridays **6:30 to 8:00 Advanced Teen and Adult ` 8:00 to 8:30 The extra half hour will be Arm bars, chokes and advanced techniques Instructors Ron Egnor Rokudan, Sharon Hunt Yodan ** After the holidays times will be 7:00 to 8:00 and 7:00 to 8:30