Born Eric Marshall Smith, December 2, 1956, in Naples, Italy. Educated in Washington, D.C.


Artist apprentice at the Smithsonian and the National Portrait Gallery under Alan Keneshiro, 1975. Attended the Corcoran School of Art 1977-1979. Freelance art for the New York Daily News, 1982, "Sidney" comic strip, 1984 , "Tony Squak, Intergalactic Sleuth" comic book, 1983-1985, the Duckberg Times, 1985, Columbia Industrial Hardware Catalog, 1993. Newspaper Ads for The State Theatre.


Performed as a percussionist with the Washington, D.C. Youth Orchestra 1974, and the Montgomery County Youth Orchestra, 1975. Studied drums under Paul Sears, 1976. First musical gig with Tim Chambers, Paul Bollenback, and Ed Howard, 1975. Moved to New York City 1980, continued musical career with the group "The Same", featuring Carter Burwell, Chip Johannsen, Cloda Simmons, Stanley Adler, Stephen Bray and Brian Eno, 1981. The Breakfast Club, with Dan Gilroy, Eddie Gilroy, Gary Burke, and Stephen Bray, 1983., Madonna, with Stephen Bray, 1986-1990. MIDI programming and engineering assistance for Michael Verdick and Stephen Bray for; Madonna, Gladys Knight, and Nick Kamen, 1987. With Seth Elgart for the Source Theatre's production of the "Mound Builders", 1987. Drum tech for the Guitar Center and Simmons Electronic Drums, 1987. Steve Ellison's Bangtime, with Dahlman, Elgart, and Eric Applbaum, 1988. The group Gray Matter, with Don Dinicola and Dahlman, 1990. The group Feat of Clay, with Eric Dahlman, Mike Terry, and Tom Hevey, 1990. The group Feat of Clay 2, with Dahlman, Jeff Solano, and Renato Canzon, 1992. Created the "Drummstick", 1993, and performed with the group Between the Lines, with Kristin Kunhardt, Joseph Brenna and Ted Cruz, recording and touring, 1994-1996., ( performed with Bon Lozago of Gong ), With the group Mabel's Pass, 1996., ( opened for the Violent Femmes ). Assistant engineer with Stephen Bray and Tony Sheperd at Saturn Sound, Los Angeles using the Euphonix and Mackie boards, 1997. The group UFQ, with Tom Hevey, Ryan Berg, and Maurice Caldwell, Seattle, 1997. Currently performing with the Madmen; Neil Mezebish, Mike Hall, and Renato Canzon, 1996-, and Siobhan Canty, 1997. Artbeat with Carlos Augustus 1998-. Currently Front of House Engineer at The State Theatre.


Began studies with Vincent Moore, ( U.S.C.F Master, U.S.C.F. Tournament Director, and member of U.S. Amateur Team Champions "Capital Punishers" 1981 ), 1978. Studied with National Master Bruce Pandolfini, NYC, 1980. Defeated Roosevelt High School Chess Team in a simultaneous exhibition, 16-1-0, 1983. Played fourth board for Brown University's "The Return of Reagan's Cabinet, Sack the King, Not the Pawns!", and won the 1983 U.S. Amateur Team Chess Championship ( Lasker Division). Won the 1983 New England Amateur Team Championship. Became the first black Rhode Island State Amateur Chess Champion, 1983. Placed second in the 1983 New York Open, ( the $1000 second place prize money was largest at that time won by a Rhode Island resident ). Placed second in the 1983 Maryland Open. Placed second in the 1983 D.C. Open. First place, 1983 Rhode Island Chess League. First place, 1983 Boston Open. Played former World Champion Tigran Petrosian, 1983 (1-0), Numerous first place victories in California, Washinton, D.C., Toronto, Rhode Island, Merida, Mexico, New York City, and Boston. Defeated several masters, including David Griego, (2350), and Eugene Curtin, (2300). Chess Instructor, East Silver Spring Elementary School, 1996.

Computers and the Internet

Began using Mark of the Unicorn's Performer and Macintosh computers with Stephen Bray, Steven Ellison, and Seth Elgart, 1988. Learned Digital Performer and Opcode's Studio Vision with Stephen Bray, 1995. Built MIDI interface for the "Drummstick", based on MIDItools controller, 1996. Learned PageSpinner 2.0, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, HTML and ResEdit, from Seth Elgart, ( teacher at NYMUG, New York Mac User Group). Developed websites for: Microlan Inc., Systron Inc., Rutgers University Antropology Department, The Center for Human Evolutionary Studies, The Drummstick, Doc's Fake-8 Plus!, The Tiny Page O' Bookmarks, The Risk Page, The Doctor Who Page, The I Spy Page, The Lost In Space Page, The Madmen, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Page, The Miami Vice Page, Bill Bruford Page, Michael Dulev's Web Spin!, Siobhan Canty, and Y NOT Entertainment, ('98). TeamY2kUSA, The Center for Policy Alternatives, Maryland Executive, Hope Vetter's Valentines Day, The State Theatre, CMAI, DC Archives, DC Vote, and New, Used, and Unabused, ('99).
Created a new Kaleidoscope color scheme "Mac OS #3". Created 2 new X-Files Schemes, (5/99), "Mulder's Mac", and "Mulder's Mac 8.5.1"

Voice Overs

Studied under Steve Schatzberg, Los Angeles, 1996. Ace Towing Commercial, 1997-8, "Snake Mistakes", "Dogs and Cats", "Sharks and Whales", and "Orangutans, Gorillas, and Chimpanzies", for the Discovery Channel's "Animals in the Wild" series, 1998.

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