Welcome to The Madmen page! The Madmen are the D.C. area's Maddest electronic improvisational band!

The Madmen are a group of diverse musicians, specializing in electronic improvisation. Their musical influences range from groups like Weather Report, Allan Holdsworth, Bill Bruford, and Bela Fleck, just to name a few! Some of their work can be heard on local TV commercials and independent films, like "Kente", by George Williams. They are recording their latest effort and will be performing it live in the Washington, D.C. area! The Madmen are: Neil Mezebish: MIDI sax, Mike Hall: electric guitar, "Neng" Canzon: electric bass, E. Doctor Smith: Drummstick and electronic drums, and occassionally The "Mad Swede", Eric Dahlman: trumpet, and Seth Elgart: keyboards!

The Madmen are led by Neil Mezebish on his Yamaha MIDI sax controller! "Mez" has an incredible assortment of sounds and samples at his disposal, giving the Madmen a truly global sound! Chords, voices and percussion are but a few of Mez's musical contributions! Located near Westminister, Maryland, "The Barn" is the Madmen's studio. Backing up Mez with his new MIDI controller is Seth "Elgie" Elgart!

Guitarist for the Madmen is the truly mad Mike Hall! An accomplished guitarist and master of signal processing, Mike's textures combined with his fluid style helps to create the Madmen sound! Mike has finally broken-in his new Allan Holdsworth signature guitar!

Bassist for the Madmen is Renato Canzon! Known as "Neng" to his friends, his smooth style and five-string fretless bass adds a unique jazz/funk sound to the Madmen! Neng's finally got some new effects for his bass now, some Sierra Nevada Pale Ale!

E. Doctor Smith is the other half of the Madmen's rhythm section! The Doctor often plays his 12 piece electronic Simmons kit,
the "Beast", (one of Bill Bruford's old kits!) ...or the percussion instrument he invented, The Drummstick!

The Madmen are often joined by Boston's Eric Dahlman! Dahlman and Doc have played together for years, and his use of the jamman with his array of trumpets makes him one of the Madmen's special guests!

If you would like to hear a brief sound bite of the Madmen from the film "Kente", Click Here!

Occassionally the Madmen let the "maddest" man of all, Jack Wright, come out of his "box"!

For those of you more demented than mad, check out Jack Wright's Zone of Inter-Dimensional Dementia

You can contact the Madmen at: nmezebish@cornerstonellc.com

This page was last updated January 5, 1999

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