Hello Elgie! is my first Kaleidoscope Color Scheme, and it is dedicated to my pal, and Mac mentor, Seth Elgart, (by the way the new NYMUG webmaster)! While spending Thanksgiving with him in NYC, we went to the Guggenheim, and the result was my Piet Mondrian inspired Desktop "dock" Picture! With a Kaleidoscope scheme based on Igarashi Susumu's Mac OS #3 icons, and Lloyd Wood's " a greyscale kaleidoscope", the Hello Elgie! "look and feel" was born! Click on the link below, to download the 640 x 480 PICT, Screenshot, Kaleidoscope Color Scheme, and Desktop icons!! (Goodness me! The ol' 68040, Quadra 605! That, was back in the day!)

Download Hello Elgie!

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This page last updated October 15, 1999.