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Doctor Who was the longest running science fiction TV show in England, a span of nearly thirty years! Seven different actors have played the Doctor on TV, and two in major films.Tom Baker portrayed the fourth Doctor Who, ( my favorite ), from 1974-1981. Following the episode, Planet of the Spiders, the third Doctor, (played by the late Jon Pertwee), once again regenerated, this time into the form of the fourth Doctor! This Doctor was known for his curly mop of hair, his wonderful floppy hat, his incredibly long eighteen-foot scarf, and his love of jelly babies! His companions included; Sarah Jane Smith, Leela, (my favorite), K-9, Romana 1, Romana 2, Adric, Nyssa, and Tegan Jovanka.
The Master, Davros and the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Sontarans were just a few of the Doctor's greatest villians.

During Baker's tenure as the Doctor, the show was imported to the U.S. and it's popularity soared. Douglas Adams, author of "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books, was actually the script editor during Baker's 6th season, and wrote three of the greatest Doctor Who episodes, Pirate Planet, City of Death, ( filmed in Paris and guest starring Julian Glover, Catherine Schell, Eleanor Bron and John Clese!), and Shada, the rarely aired, incomplete episode that was the basis for his "Dirk Gently, Holisitc Detective" books.

The TARDIS , ( Time And Relative Dimensions In Space ), is the Doctor's time-machine. Known as an "old type-40", the TARDIS is able to materialize and de-materialize anywhere in the universe, and to change shapes in order for the Time Lords to observe other planets without being noticed. The Doctor apparently wasn't content with the Time Lord's policy of non-intervention, and "stole" the TARDIS from his home planet of Gallifrey! Although theft of a TARDIS was a capital crime, the Time Lords recognized the Doctor's good deeds, and allowed him to keep it, occasionally "sending" him to points in time, where his help might be needed. Unfortunately, the TARDIS is an eccentric machine, and during one of the Doctor's visits to earth, it was stuck in the shape of a British police box!

The Tom Baker Doctor Who Episodes

First Season

Robot 12/28/74 1/18/75 4 parts
The Doctor just survives his newest regeneration to find himself caught up in a mystery involving a 12 foot tall robot and a group of scientists who want to start world war three. Baker's first episode!.
The Ark in Space 1/25/75 2/15/75 4 parts
The Doctor with Sarah and Harry arrive aboard a space station where the last humans of Earth are being held in suspended animation. After starting the revival process he finds the station is also in the process of being invaded by a giant insect lifeform.
The Sontaran Experiment 2/22/75 3/1/75 2 parts
Because of a malfunctioning matter-transport device the Doctor, Sarah and Harry journey to the Earth-side of the mechanism to repair the problem. Upon landing they find that a Sontaran Warrior is experimenting on humans in preperation for invasion.
Genesis of the Daleks 3/8/75 4/12/75 6 parts
While transporting back to the space station the Doctor and his companions are hijacked to the planet Skaro where the Doctor is charged with stopping the development of the most dreaded creatures in the universe - the Daleks. The is Baker's first episode with the Daleks, and the first episode with Davros!
Revenge of the Cybermen 4/19/75 4/12/75 4 parts
Returning to an earlier version of the space station the Doctor finds himself involved with a plot by the Cybermen to distroy an asteroid made of gold.

Second Season

Terror of the Zygons 8/30/75 9/20/75 4 parts
The Doctor is called to Earth by UNIT to do battle with the Lock Ness Monster and finds himself doing battle with aliens. Harry's final episode.
Planet of Evil 9/27/75 10/18/75 4 parts
A scientist is driven mad by an invisable entity that kills all his associates.
Pyramids of Mars 10/25/75 11/15/75 4 parts
The Doctor and Sarah return to Earth to find themselves struggling against a superbeing that wants nothing more then to destroy the entire universe. Classic Baker! My favorite episode with Sarah!
The Android Invasion 11/22/75 12/13/75 4 parts
The Doctor and Sarah find themselves on Earth, or so they think until they find out it's a training site for an invasion of the planet.
The Brain of Morbius 1/3/76 1/24/76 4 parts
The Doctor must stop Morbius (a criminal Time Lord) from being reborn by a mad scientist who wants the Doctor's head.
The Seeds of Doom 1/31/76 3/6/76 6 parts
A mad man with a green thumb threatens the entire world with a flesh eating plant.

Third Season

The Masque of Mandragora 9/4/76 9/25/76 4 parts
The Doctor and Sarah arrive in Renaissance Italy, unknowningly bringing a energy creature with them. The creature wants to plunge the human race back into the dark ages for easier conquest.
The Hand of Fear 10/2/76 10/23/76 4 parts
When Sarah is almost killed in a rock quary explosion, she discovers a petrified hand that later regenerates into a very odd woman and then a even odder man. Sarah's final episode.
The Deadly Assassin 10/30/76 11/20/76 4 parts
The Doctor returns to Gallifrey and is immediately embroiled in a plot to kill the President. To survive the Doctor must find the real killer and become Lord-President of Gallifrey himself. The first Doctor Who episode on Gallifrey, no companions, and the return of the Master!
The Face of Evil 1/1/77 1/22/77 4 parts
The Doctor arrives on a planet he's been to before and finds a small error he made before has grown into a manic computer with delusions of grandeur. Leela's first episode!
The Robots of Death 1/29/77 2/19/77 4 parts
The Doctor and Leela find themselves aboard a automated sand-miner where they are accused of murder only to find out that the real killer may be a robot and that not all the robots are what they seem.
The Talons of Weng-Chiang 2/26/77 4/2/77 6 parts
Leela saves the Doctor's life several times as they become involved in a mystery with Chinese assassins and a mad scientist from the far future, in the ninetenth century city of London. One of the best episodes with Leela!

Fourth Season

Horror of Fang Rock 9/3/77 9/24/77 4 parts
People are dying in an isolated lighthouse. At first the Doctor and Leela are suspected but later the Doctor finds evidence of an advanced scout for an alien invasion.
The Invisible Enemy 10/1/77 10/22/77 4 parts
An alien infection has designs on the Doctor. K-9's first episode!
Image of the Fendahl 10/29/77 11/19/77 4 parts
An ancient alien race seeks to use human time-travel experiments to return themselves to life and then devour all life on Earth.
The Sun Makers 11/26/77 12/17/77 4 parts
The Doctor and Leela arrive on Pluto - a planet with six suns and a slave population of humans who are ripe for rebelllion. My favorite episode with Leela!
Underworld 1/7/78 1/28/78 4 parts
The last survivors of a war raveged world are looking for the gene- pool reminants of their race at the edge of the universe.
The Invasion of Time 2/4/78 3/11/78 6 parts
The Doctor drags Leela to Gallifrey to stop an invasion by one race only to fall into a clever trap set by the Sontarans. Leela and K-9 mk 1's final episode.

Fifth Season

The Ribos Operation 9/2/78 9/23/78 4 parts
Sent to seek out the Key To Time by the White Guardian, the Doctor and his fellow Time Lord Romana, find themselves sucked into a botched mineral scam on the planet Ribos. Romana 1's first episode!
The Pirate Planet 9/30/78 10/21/78 4 parts
Romana and the Doctor discover a world that eats others and a woman who wants to live forever - even if the galaxy has to die for it to happen. Written by Douglas Adams! Classic Baker!
The Stones of Blood 10/28/78 11/18/78 4 parts
An ancient curse is more then myth as the Doctor and Romana discover a stone circle that is actually a connection point into hyperspace. My favorite episode with Romana 1!
The Androids of Tara 11/25/78 12/16/78 4 parts
Palace intrique and murder ensue as the Doctor is forced to repair junkyard robots and Romana is mistaken for royalty. My least favorite Baker episode.
The Power of Kroll 12/23/78 1/13/79 4 parts
The fifth segment to The Key To Time is located on a world that is all swamp and where humans are having a little dispute with the natives over who owns the planet.
The Armageddon Factor 1/20/79 2/24/79 6 parts
The final confrontation for the last segment to The Key as the Doctor meets his evil counterpart and finds himself in the middle of two worlds trying to destroy themselves. Romana 1's final episode. Romana 2 actually plays Princess Astra in this episode!

Sixth Season

Destiny of the Daleks 9/1/79 9/22/79 4 parts
The Doctor and Romana (newly regenerated) must stop both the Daleks and Movellans from acquiring a valuable prize - Davros. Romana 2's "second" episode!
City of Death 9/29/79 10/20/79 4 parts
The Doctor finds himself playing historical tag with a 400 million year old alien who wants to reverse human evolution in order to save the survivors of an ancient war. Filmed in Paris, and written by Douglas Adams! My favorite episode with Romana 2!
The Creature from the Pit 10/27/79 11/17/79 4 parts
The Doctor has meet some strange looking ambassidors in his lives, but this one is a little different as he finds himself thrown into a deep pit on a planet with little metal resources.
Nightmare of Eden 11/24/79 12/15/79 4 parts
The Doctor must deal with drug dealers and monsters in the midst of separating to crashed spacecraft.
The Horns of Nimon 12/22/79 1/12/80 4 parts
A race of minataurs are about to destroy a world which has lost its technology as the Doctor and Romana step knee deep into the plot.
Shada (incomplete) never aired in England
Available on tape as clips and scenes with extensive naration by Tom Baker. Show in the US as "Doctor Who" specials on PBS. Written by Douglas Adams, and the basis for his "Dirk Gently, Holistic Detective" books.

Seventh Season

The Leisure Hive 8/30/80 9/20/80 4 parts
On a world of pure pleasure, built by a dying race, the Doctor and Romana must stop a plot to clone an army. The Doctor finally finds out what real old age is like.
Meglos 9/27/80 10/18/80 4 parts
An intelligent plant has designs on a unique power source and will do anything to get it - especially at the Doctor's expense. Classic Baker!
Full Circle 10/25/80 11/15/80 4 parts
A malfunction of the TARDIS sends the Doctor and Romana into another universe (E-Space) and a world where humans are desperately trying to stay alive. Adric's first episode!
State of Decay 11/22/80 12/13/80 4 parts
One of Gallifrey's most ancient enemies is alive and getting well in E-Space and only the Doctor can stop them from ravging normal space again.
Warriors' Gate 1/3/81 1/24/81 4 parts
An enslaved alien race capture the TARDIS and involves the Doctor and Romana in a struggle for their freedom. Romana and K-9 mk 2's final episode.
The Keeper of Traken 1/31/81 2/21/81 4 parts
A decades old statue and the dying Keeper of the Traken Union pull the Doctor and Adric into political intrique and murder. Nyssa's first episode and the return of the Master!
Logopolis 2/28/81 3/21/81 4 parts
The Doctor needs a little work done on the TARDIS and stumbles onto a plot by the Master to rule the universe through mathematics. Tegan's first episode and the final Tom Baker episode!

K9 and Company (Christmas special) 12/28/81 1 part
Starring Elisabeth Sladen & John Leeson as the voice of K9 - On modern day Earth, Sarah Jane receives a gift from the Doctor - K9 mark 3. Along with a cousin Sarah and K9 investigate some strange goings on.

This time the Doctor's TARDIS lands him in the "Simpson's" hometown of Springfield! He stops in Apu's Quik-E-Mart for some Jelly-Babies!
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