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Brigadier Alistair Lethbridge Stewart, (played by Nicholas Courtney), was the head of U.N.I.T., ( The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce). The Brigadier is one of the Doctor's greatest friends against the evil aliens and monsters, who would seek to take over, or destroy the earth! Courtney is also the only actor to star with each of the first seven Doctors, a span of nearly thirty years!

Sarah Jane Smith, (played by Elizabeth Sladen), was a journalist and Baker's first companion. She was originally with the third Doctor, played by the late Jon Pertwee. Known as a "screamer" whenever danger arose, Sarah was nevertheless a good companion, and appeared in many of Baker's classic early episodes, including Robot, (Baker's first), Genesis of the Daleks, and the Pyramids of Mars!

Doctor Harry Sullivan, (played by the late Ian Marter), was a brief companion during the early episodes with the Doctor and Sarah. Assigned to U.N.I.T., Harry was a reluctant passenger in the TARDIS, and decided to end his travels after the Terror of the Zygons. Marter is also well known for having directed some of the Doctor Who episodes, and authoring many of the Doctor Who books.

Leela, (my favorite companion),The Doctor and K-9, the Doctor's computerized dog. Leela, (played by Louise Jameson), was a "seveteem" warrior, and armed with a blade and her deadly "Janus" thorns, no villian messed with the Doctor without serious peril! K-9 was the the Doctor's "best friend", a brilliant and virtually sentient computer, K-9 proved to be one of the most popular of the Doctor's companions.

K-9 playing chess with the Doctor..."Mate in seven moves Master!" K-9, ( featuring the voice of John Leeson and for a few episodes David Brierly, when Leeson got laryngitis ), first appeared in the episode,"Invisible Enemy". Like the Robot from Lost In Space, K-9 was a fantasic machine, equipped with lasers, sensory devices, and a computer built by Professor Marius, and later modified by the Doctor. In all there were three K-9's. The first stayed behind with Leela on the Doctor's homeworld of Gallifrey following the "Invasion to Time". The second was given to Romana 2 , ( played by Lalla Ward, Baker's wife at the time! ) as she stayed with the Tharils in E-Space following "Warriors Gate". The third was a gift from the Doctor to Sara Jane Smith, ( played by Elizabeth Sladen ), in K-9's very own spin-off show, " K-9 and Company"!

Romanadvoratrelundar, (played by Mary Tamm), was a Time Lady from the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey. Brilliant in her own right, Romana was sent by the White Guardian, to assist the Doctor in finding and assembling the six segments to the Key To Time! "The Key", was needed to briefly stop time, and restore order to the universe! Considered one of the most popular seasons of Doctor Who, it also featured the episode Pirate Planet, the first Doctor Who story written by Douglas Adams, and considered one of the best!

The second Romana and the Doctor, on location in Paris during the filming of City of Death, written by Douglas Adams! Romana, (played by Lalla Ward) was originally the character Princess Astra, the "human" sixth segment to the Key To Time. In the season premiere, Destiny of the Daleks, she regenerated into the form of Princess Astra, and voila! Apparently romance was on the set, as Lalla later became, (for a brief time anyway), Mrs. Tom Baker!! Talk about your honeymoon in Paris! Lalla was great as Romana, and her rapport with Baker was fabulous. Eventually she was told by the Time Lords to return to Gallifrey, following the Key To Time adventures. Rather than return home, Romana decided to remain in E-Space, with K-9 and the Tharils, at the end of the episode, Warriors Gate.

Adric, (played by Matthew Waterhouse), was a prodigal mathematician, and TARDIS stow-away ! Adric first appeared in the episode, Full Circle (during Baker's final season). Sadly, he is the only companion to be killed while traveling with the Doctor, (in this case the fifth Doctor, played by Peter Davison), in the episode, Earthshock. To honor the death of Adric, no music was played during the final credits!

Nyssa of Traken, (played by Sarah Sutton). Poor girl, her father was killed by the Doctor's greatest enemy, the Master! The Master even "took over" her father's body in an effort to prolong his evil life! She first appeared in Baker's next-to-last episode, The Keeper of Traken.

Tegan Jovanka, (played by Janet Fielding). Tegan was an Austrailian stewardess, who's poor auntie also had the misfortune of running into that maniacal villian, the Master! (yes, he killed her too!) This fiesty companion first appeared in Baker's final episode, Logopolis.

The malevolent Master! The Master, (played by Anthony Ainley), was a renegade Time Lord, and the Doctor's arch enemy! Defeated many times by the Doctor, each of his evil schemes had some measure of revenge. In fact, it was the Master who "killed" the Doctor in Baker's final episode, Logopolis, forcing him to regenerate once more, this time into the fifth Doctor, (played by Peter Davison)!

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