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This is what students have said about my classes:

Thank you for coming to Girls Without Limits! Summer Camp and for sharing your knowledge, your kindness, and your wisdom with the girls, and with me. Your lesson was so much more than self-defense -- it was self-awareness, which I believe was a very new concept to many of these girls. Showing them that they have instincts within them that they can listen to and trust without being afraid -- it's just so important! I was in awe of your strength and at the peace that radiated from you.

Tracy McFarland, Director, Girls Without Limits!

Thank you very much for taking the time to help us better our lives. Before you came I viewed self-defense as sluggin somebody if there was no way out of a situation. I now have learned self-defense is also presenting yourself in such a manner that you wouldn't end up in that situation. I learned that to defend yourself, you have to love and respect yourself enough to believe that you are worth defending... I no longer believe self-defense is just violence but thanks to you opening our eyes, I know that self-defense is having inner peace.

Komachin Middle School student

I think that the most important thing you taught me was to be proud of who/what you are. All of the things you said struck new ideas in my mind. My favorite lesson was when we practiced self-defense using our words. Without you I would've never known that that was even possible. I really enjoyed all of the practice situation games we played.

another Komachin Middle School student

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