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"Only the best book on self-defense ever written."

wrote Joanne Factor of Seattle's Strategic Living in her October, 2008 newsletter.


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I was asked to teach a self-defense class so I set out to learn, collect resources, and find out how to teach this subject that is so important for girls and women to know. Among all the resources available, the one I used the most was this book. It is clear and to the point. It answers questions and gives insightful advice. My copy is dog-eared, marked up, and well read. Debbie has given us the tools to be safe in our home, community, work place, and life.

Jan Parker, Taiji instructor, Bowen Island (near Vancouver), BC

Comments About This Book

"I looked at many books when planning my university self-defense curriculum. Self-Defense: The Womanly Art of Self-care, Intuition and Choice by Debbie Leung has it all. It is comprehensive. It clearly explains how feminist self-defense is unique and why it is so powerful. It contains material pertinent to many aspects of self-defense, including and beyond physical moves. I recommend it whole-heartedly."

Nadia Telsey, nationally and internationally known self-defense trainer and consultant since 1971,
author of "Self-Defense from the Inside Out -- a Workbook for Women."

"This book is still the best coverage of women's self-defense that I have seen. Many self-defense books perpetrate such myths as that most assaults are by strangers and talk about only the poke-em-in-the-eye level of defense. This book gives good context, realistic information, and practical ways to practice. While nothing can replace in-person training for learning the physical skills, this book provides excellent photos that are a good start. I teach self-defense to women, and recommend this book highly to my students. If you buy only one self-defense book, it should be this one."

Keldyn West, Redwood City, CA

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