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Self-defense is a way of nurturing ourselves by caring about our own safety and the safety of others.

Nearly every woman (and others) have stories to tell. Sometimes it is the attack that scares us all. More often, it is the abuse and assault experienced in families, neighborhoods, workplaces and places where we socialize. It can be an uncomfortable feeling, words that don't feel right, or actions that are hurtful in some way.

Most of the stories have happy endings because we are here to tell them. Successful self-defense can but does not have to involve physical fighting. It can range from a confident look, to a few choice words, to a change of our plans that changes the plans of a potential assailant. It is about listening to our intuition, making choices, and knowing that we always do the best we can. It is about living life fully.

Self-Defense: The Womanly Art of Self-Care, Intuition, and Choice

by Debbie Leung provides background and information on self-defense that is about exploring the full range of options a person can choose in situations that are uncomfortable. To learn more, including how to purchase a copy, click on

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