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The D'ni Lab

Hi there, D'ni culture lovers. I enjoy researching all things D'ni, and have contributed several articles to the D'niPedia Archive. My primary interests are D'ni timekeeping and Bahroglyph studies. I post as BrettM on the various forums of the Myst/Uru community, including Myst/Uru Obsession, the D'niPedia, and the D'ni Linguistic Fellowship.

My date conversion files are found on the Timekeeping page. My bahroglyph analysis is primarily focused on the glyphs found in the lower of the conjoined Bahro caves discovered while following Yeesha's Path of the Shell. My genealogy pages are still under construction, but will be devoted to the genealogies of the kings of D'ni, though I may eventually add genealogies for other important persons/families in the history of the race.

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