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I'll Bet the Lattice Doesn't Have Anything Like This!

What is the Cavernian Calendar Converter?

CCConverter is a program for the conversion of date and time values between the Gregorian calendar, used nearly everywhere on the surface of the Earth, and the Cavernian calendar, used by the D'ni people, a race that formerly lived in a cavern deep beneath the state of New Mexico in the United States.

Using CCConverter you can:

  • Convert date/time values among the Gregorian calendar, Cavernian calendar, and the D'ni journal dating system. CCConverter can handle a date range of about 10,000,000 years, so it can easily deal with any date in the known history of the D'ni people on Earth, as well as dates going back into the pre-history of the D'ni on their previous homeworld of Garternay.
  • Find the Gregorian date/time corresponding to the beginning of a D'ni holiday or anniversary celebration in a given Gregorian year.
  • Copy selected date/time values to the clipboard or to a built-in memopad in formats of your choosing. The memopad can be edited to add your own annotations before copying it to another program via the clipboard.
  • Choose the era and time zone to be applied to the Gregorian date and time.

CCConverter is based on proven, published algorithms for performing Gregorian-Cavernian date/time conversions, documented in an article in the D'niPedia Archive. A copy of that article is also available for download in Adobe PDF format.

Screen Shots

Here are a few screen shots of CCConverter in operation to whet your appetite:

CCConverter screen 1
Click to enlarge picture
CCConverter screen 2
Click to enlarge picture
CCConverter screen 3
Click to enlarge picture

Date/time values to be converted are entered on the first tab of the main screen. You can enter a Gregorian date/time, a Cavernian date/time, or a journal date (such as those found in the journals of Gehn, Atrus, and Sirrus). When the Convert button is used, the date you enter will be converted to both of the other calendars. Any or all of the dates can then be copied to the clipboard or to the memopad (as shown) in any of a variety of formats.

Holiday lookup is performed on the second tab of the main screen. The D'ni holiday is selected from a drop-down list and the Gregorian year of the holiday is entered in the next box. When the Find button is used, the full Gregorian date/time corresponding to the start of the holiday is displayed. The result can then be copied to the clipboard or the memopad.

The time zone dialog is used to select any of the time zones recorded in the Windows registry by Microsoft. It is used only if you want to use a time zone other than the one used by your computer's clock or the U.S. Mountain (New Mexico) time zone, both of which can be selected using the Options menu on the main screen.

When you're setting up your laptop for your next trip to the Cavern, don't forget to take along a copy of CCConverter.

License and Copyrights

CCConverter is licensed as Freeware. It may be downloaded without charge and used for any non-commercial purpose. It may be freely shared with others as long as all files included in the installation package are distributed intact, and no payment of any kind is required to obtain it. Please see the program help file for the complete license terms.

Copyright © 2006 by Brett Middleton. All rights reserved.

Except where otherwise noted, all of the software, documentation, and graphics included in the Cavernian Calendar Converter setup package are copyrighted by Brett Middleton. See the program help file for complete third-party copyright information.

Cyan Worlds, Inc. did not sponsor, approve, support, or in any way assist with the development of this software. However, Cyan Worlds, Inc. has permitted its publication subject to the terms and conditions for the dissemination of Fan Created Art (FCA), and the software is being distributed under those guidelines. It is intended for non-commercial and personal use only.

Download and Installation

The Cavernian Calendar Converter was written in Visual Basic 6 and has been tested on Windows 2000 SP4 and Windows XP SP2. Simply download the Windows Installer package from the link below to your desktop or a temporary folder, then double-click to start the setup wizard. The wizard will install CCConverter, the help file, and the readme file to a directory of your choosing, and will add a folder to your Programs menu. A copy of Cyan's Dnifont will be installed to your Fonts folder, if you do not already have it.

CCConverter Installation Package (3.83 MB)

Note: The installer will check the versions of certain files that belong to the Windows operating system but are used by CCConverter, such as hhctrl.ocx. If an older version of the file is installed on your system, you will see a warning message telling you that Windows Installer cannot update files that are protected by Windows. Simply click "OK" and allow the installation to proceed. CCConverter should still run without problems, but it would be a good idea to run Windows Update to ensure that the latest Windows files are installed on your system.

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