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They Call Me Mad!

Welcome to my lair. I am your host, Brett Middleton. Please feel free to browse through the laboratory and examine the experiments in progress. But, be careful what you touch, and remember the First Law of Laboratory Work: Hot glass looks like cold glass. Oh, and try not to trip over any of my Evil Minions who may be lurking about. They bruise easily.

My likes include bad science fiction movies, good science fiction literature, animated cartoons, Dr. Demento, the Myst series of games, ferrets, beer, and freedom. Not necessarily in that order. My sense of humor is vile, and I am a confirmed paronomasiac. (I.e., I am an incorrigible punster, so try not to incorrige me.)

Brett Middleton is the Director of The Fuzzy Institute for the Study of Non-Newtonian Physics and Other Anomalous Phenomena, located in Athens, GA. Send email to

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