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Al Pacino plays a football coach in the movie "Any Given Sunday."

But on any given Sunday, George Seifert calls the plays in real football games.


"Any Given Sunday"

During the summer of 1998, George Seifert and other past and present football greats went Hollywood, advising the cast and crew of "Any Given Sunday."

The movie, which was released in December 1999, depicts the fictional Miami Sharks, with Al Pacino in the role of head coach. Seifert was a consultant to the film's director, Oliver Stone.

Seifert was offered a job as the movie's technical adviser, but he declined because of a commitment in another medium -- a studio gig on CBS-TV.

Nevertheless, Seifert met with Stone several times and shared behind-the-scenes football stories. "He's a big 49ers fan, and I was happy to help him out," Seifert told the Charlotte Observer in December 1999.

Seifert spent time in L.A. coaching Pacino and other cast members. According to CNN/SI's Michael Silver, one of Seifert's tips had to do with Sean "Puffy" Combs, who originally was cast in the key role of quarterback Willie Beamen.

Silver wrote: "They brought in a ton of people to work with [Combs] -- Warren Moon, Guy Benjamin, Allie Sherman, George Seifert -- but it wasn't happening. Finally, George flat out told me, 'Over time he might develop a throwing motion, but he can't throw.' "

Ready for another Carolina/California connection? The May 12, 1998, San Jose Mercury News reported that Bill Musgrave -- a former 49ers backup quarterback and now the offensive coordinator for the Panthers -- served as an off-camera coach to the movie's on-screen quarterbacks.