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Seifert on CBS

George Seifert joined the CBS broadcast team April 16, 1998, becoming part of "The NFL Today" studio lineup with host Jim Nantz, former 49ers tight end Brent Jones, and former Raiders and Chiefs running back Marcus Allen.

Seifert promised to provide "heartfelt and honest" analysis. ''I'm not going to be like (Fox's) Terry Bradshaw,'' he said. ''I was not a yeller, more of an educator.''

He signed a multiyear deal with CBS. ''There could possibly be some (coaching) opportunities that pique my interest down the line," Seifert said. "But I go into this with the mind-set that I want to become a professional and do well in this business."

In the network's return to NFL broadcasting in 1998, CBS said it was not going to try to "out-Hollywood" Fox. (It didn't stick to that promise.) Seifert pointed out, however, ''You saw my Visa commercial ... there's a certain zaniness to me.''

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Perhaps the CBS crew's zaniest moment with Seifert followed a Nov. 22, 1998, report on the Dallas Cowboys. The players had lightened the mood in the Cowboys lockerroom with a mock People magazine cover, superimposing the image of 300-pound lineman Nate Newton as "The Sexiest Man Alive."

The CBS folks had another idea, though, and displayed a version of the People cover with Seifert's likeness replacing the magazine's real choice -- actor Harrison Ford.

That show, however, marked Seifert's last appearance in the regular Sunday lineup. He was on the abbreviated Thanksgiving Day broadcast and later did a report on the 49ers from San Francisco.

CBS had plans for Seifert to do more reporting during the playoffs, but on Jan. 4, 1999, Seifert found an opportunity that piqued his interest, and he was named head coach of the Carolina Panthers.