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Personal Biography

Born: Jan. 22, 1940, in San Francisco

Residences: Los Altos and Bodega Bay, Calif.

Wife: Linda (Miller) Seifert. She's passionate about the outdoors, just like George. Her mountain-climbing conquests include Mt. Whitney (14,496 feet), Japan's Mt. Fuji (12,329), Yosemite's Half Dome (many times) and the highest peak in Africa, Kilimanjaro (19,340).

The San Fransciso Examiner has this account of the courtship of Linda and George:

Linda was 17, a student at San Francisco's Poly High, when she met George, four years her senior. "The class went on a snow trip," she said. "His brother, Bob, was in the group. George went as one of the chaperones." When George eventually proposed marriage, she agreed on one condition: a special honeymoon. She wanted to go hiking, a week in Yosemite Valley in June. As George recalls, he didn't object. "The price was right," Seifert said. "We carried sleeping bags and camped out under the stars and mosquitoes."

Daughter: Eve (Seifert) Dunkle. Eve was married in October 1995 to Bill Dunkle. They own and operate the Java Cafe in Larkspur, Calif.

Son: Jason Seifert. Jason has completed his service as a Navy officer and was married in June 2001. He is a graduate of Santa Clara University and has a pilot's license.

Parents: Seifert's parents, Audrey and Ernie, divorced when George was in second grade. Ernie was a Teamster and later had his own frozen food delivery business. George spent most of his weekends as a child with his dad, and they usually went fishing or hunting together, spawning George's love for the outdoors.

Brothers: Bob Seifert, Paul Milo.

Boat: A 23-foot Grady-White with twin Yamaha 150s. The "Flip 3" was named for the defensive formation that anchored the 49ers secondary in 1981. The boat was given to Seifert by 49ers owner Eddie DeBartolo after Seifert's first Super Bowl victory as head coach, Super Bowl XXIV after the 1989 season.



Eve, Jason,
George and Linda Seifert
in January 1995
George and Jason Seifert
George on his boat,
the Flip 3, in 1997.


Growin' Up

Seifert grew up in San Francisco's Mission District, but he lived in Kansas with an aunt for a while and also lived with his grandparents north of San Francisco in a cabin heated by a potbelly stove. He spent his sophomore year in Humboldt, a coastal mountain county 100 miles south of the Oregon border, and played football at the Hoopa Indian Reservation high school.

In San Francisco, he attended the now-closed Polytechnic High School, which was across the street from Kezar Stadium, where he worked as an usher during 49er games. He played football and wrote a sports column for the high school paper. (Click here for more about Seifert's high school playing days.)

The Kezar Kid

Seifert not only trained on the Kezar Stadium track and played football there as a Polytechnic student, but he watched his 49er heroes play there, too. (The 49ers played at Kezar 1946-70.)

''I used to collect chin straps from R.C. Owens, Matt Hazeltine and Billy Wilson,'' Seifert said. ''Our coach got us into games as ushers. Or we would sneak in. And, if that failed, we'd watch from the roof of a house on Frederick Street. In fact, a girl in our school lived in one of those houses. During football season she was the most popular girl around because we all came by her house on Sunday afternoons. And the first time I saw my wife (Linda) was as a Poly cheerleader in Kezar. I was a student at Utah and home on the holidays. We actually met a short time later.''

One of Seifert's most painful memories was from Dec. 22, 1957. The 49ers lost to Detroit, 31-27, in a playoff game at Kezar Stadium after leading 27-7 in the third quarter. "I was in high school, my senior year," he said. "I was ushering the game with two of my closest friends. To see that thing unfold and to remember the hush over The City following the game, there was a quiet that was indescribable."



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