Reed Family Tree , Update on the Reed's Cemetery Franklin Co.. Newburg, Alabama.
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Reed Family Cemetery , Newburg, Alabama
"Dedication Day "

Description: Showing honor to the soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War . Special tribute to our Reed Boys .

So great to have these photo's from the dedication at the Reed Cemetery .

They had Honor Guards , Cannoneers, Musket Salute, Flag Presentation , and Music .

The" Reed Boys "would have been so proud . Just as we are proud of them .


R.Baldwin and David A. [ Giving the Dedication ]
Giving the Dedication Speech for the Reed Cemetery , March 2009.

R.Baldwin [ decendent of the Tungett Family ].Living]

Oliver Tungett was the husband of Obliance [Reed] Tungett , who was the first child of Enoch and Mariah [ Johnson] Reed . Obliance and her infant child died about 1855 and it is believed she and her infant child were the first of the Reed Family to be buried in the " Reed Family Cemetery ". Enoch Reed gave the land that was used for the Cemetery when his daughter died .




Remembering Our Reed Boys Who Gave Their All In The Civil War .


Twin sons of Silas [Buck] Seay and Sarah Mariah [Reed] Seay .

John and Johnson  were twin sons [stillborn] born to Silas [Buck] Seay and Sarah Mariah [Reed] Seay . They were grandchildren of Enoch and Mariah [Johnson] Reed . This picture was taken by Reed Researchers , Dorris and Raymond Reed .

Enoch Reed [1809], Mariah [Johnson] Reed [1811]
The First Known Reed [ Of Our Family Tree ]

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 Would love to add any pictures you might have to this page . Re


D.A. Reed [Living] [ Decendent of Enoch Reed 1809 ]

Salute to honor the Reed boys that died in the Civil War .

They were James J. Reed , Born in Tn , 1831 and died 14 Feb . 1862 , in Clarksville , Tn.

Issac M. Reed , Born 1835 and died in 1864 .

Thomas C. Reed . Born 1845 in Newberg , Frankin Country , Al. died 1861 in Elyton , Al.

These photo's were taken by David A. Reed . Thanks so much David .

Please let us know if you have any comments or information about the Reed Cemetery .
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Last Year Was A Very Important Time For The Reed Family Tree . We were able to add the Reed Cemetery in Franklin Co , Newburg, Alabama.