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I hope you like the new format.


Our Photos

The link above will take you to our main flickr page, or you can take one of these shortcuts:

Colin's Photos, Rebecca's Photos, Walt Disney World January 2009 or Most Interesting

Our Favorite Links

These are some of our most frequently visited websites:

  • Disneyland - the official website of our home-away-from-home
  • Walt Disney World - the official website of our other home-away-from-home
  • Disney Parks Blog - awesome website with up-to-date info about the parks
  • Disney Vacation Club - our usual accomodations while visiting the above
  • f - Stan's user page
  • Karen Condo Dewan | Create Your Badge
  • RunningAHEAD - where Stan keeps his running log
  • amazon.com - links to the family's various wish lists
  • wdw magic - recent news and rumors about WDW
  • intercot - discussion board and news about WDW
  • Karen's Disneyland Page - Our first web page, but way out of date