Annual Gathering of the Tribes on the East Coast in 2010

From the invite to the very first Rainbow Gathering in 1972:

We, who are brothers & sisters, children of God, families of life on earth, friends of nature & of all people, children of humankind calling ourselves Rainbow Family Tribe, humbly invite:
All races, peoples, tribes, communes, men, women, children, individuals -- out of love.
All nations & national leaders -- out of respect
All religions & religious leaders -- out of faith
All politicians -- out of charity
to join with us in gathering together for the purpose of expressing our sincere desire that there shall be peace on earth, harmony among all people. This gathering to take place beginning July 1, 1972, near Aspen, Colorado - or between Aspen & the Hopi & Navaho lands - on 3000 acres of land that we hope to purchase or acquire for this gathering -- & to hold open worship, prayer, chanting or whatever is the want or desire of the people, for three days, but upon the fourth day of July at noon to ask that there be a meditative, contemplative silence wherein we, the invited people of the world may consider & give honour & respect to anyone or anything that has aided in the positive evolution of humankind & nature upon this, our most beloved & beautiful world -- asking blessing upon we people of this world & hope that we people can effectively proceed to evolve, expand, & live in harmony & peace.


Please protect this Beautiful Land

Walk softly. Harm no living thing. Harmonize - Blend in. Use only down, dead wood. Do not cut living trees. Preserve the Meadows . . . camp in the Woods. And remember, We are caretakers of this land.

Everyone sharing makes a strong Human Tribe!

Please Protect the Water Sources by staying out of DELICATE spring areas. Avoid camping, peeing or washing above spring areas. Keep ALL soap out of streams, springs or the creek! Use a bucket to take your bath 300 feet away from the water source. To be certain drinking water is safe: boil it for ten minutes at a rolling boil!

Use the slit trenches or covered latrines - cover your paper & waste with ashes or lime, wash hands afterwards. Break the fly/illness connection: shit-fly-food-you! Dig no shitters near water areas or kitchens.

Protect our Health!

Use your own cup, bowl & spoon! Wash them after eating and rinse in bleach-water. Go to C.A.L.M. if you feel ill - especially if you have a contagious disease - or are injured.

Camp Together – Establish neighborhoods. Community Fires only! Keep a 5 gallon bucket of water and shovel nearby for Fire Protection. If you are the last to leave a fire PUT IT OUT! Please, NO fireworks! Keep you camp secure. “Tempt Not Lest Ye Be Lifted From.”

Pets are discouraged, but if you must bring them, keep them fed, on a leash and out of the kitchens, springs & fights. Clean up their poop. Love them.


Cleanup begins when you arrive. Please bring only what is necessary. There is no janitor here . . . YOU are the cleanup crew. Separate Garbage for recycling. Please DON’T LITTER - Find a collection point. Compost in pits only.

You are the Gathering!

Participate and Volunteer! Participate in Shanti Sena (the peace keepers council), work crews, workshops, councils and all activities. Volunteer wherever and whenever needed: kitchens, welcome home, firewatch, parking lot, shitter digging, supply, front gate, etc. R-E-S-P-E-C-T your Sisters’ & Brothers’ energies.

Keep the Balance: Earth, Sky, Trees, Water & People!

Alcohol is Discouraged, Guns are Inappropriate, Violence is contrary to the Spirit. Please do not take pictures or videos of people without asking their permission first. Discourage Drug Abuse.

Buying and selling endangers our right to be here. The Magic Hat is our Bank, please donate early to fund our needs. The Magic Hat goes around at Dinner Circle and with the Magic Hat Band.

Our power together is many times our power separated.

Enjoy the Rainbow with an open heart and you Will see the Vision.

Join us on July 4th for a Silent Contemplation & Prayer for Peace, respect the silence, which starts at dawn. HOLD THE SILENCE UNTIL ALL PARTICIPANT'S IN THE CHILDREN'S PARADE ARE WITHIN THE CIRCLE.

If you're new to gathering, please visit and read the Mini Manual and other important raps so you are prepared when you arrive.

Directions to the Annual Gathering of the Tribes

Consensus has been reached.

Draft Directions from I-80 Eastbound

These directions are rough. They have been driven, but not all the road numbers marked. The exact streets will be added soon.
Heading east on I-80 traveling east (coming from west). Exit Wesley go north to Franklin then get on 62 north towards Tidioute. Go 100 feet. East of gas station. Sign info tba. Turn right on road going up the hill towards hickory creek area (This road may be route 337 but we're waiting on verification). Drive 2.5 to 2.8 miles. Exact mileage tba. Turn left on fs119 and continue to fs552. Go to parking. This info came from a scout who will verify mileage and name of turn off from tidioute tomorrow. Roads are as good this way as other ways.

From the East, via Sheffield PA: Go to Sheffield PA, One tenth of a mile from the end of Route 666 (where it meets Route 6) there is a Uni-mart gas station.Turn onto this road and cross over the bridge. Continue onto High St (State Road, SR2002)and follow for 11.2 Miles. Make a left onto FS116 (sign says Mayburg). Make an immediate right onto FS119, follow for exactly 5.8 miles to FS552. Follow FS552 to designated parking areas. Welcome Home!

From the West via Warren, PA: I86 East to US62 South, follow to Warren PA. Continue on Market St 0.3 miles, Turn right at Pennsylvania Ave (US6, Business Route, West), travel 0.2 miles Turn left at Hickory St Bridge, proceed 0.1 mile, slight left at Crescent Rd, 0.4 mi, Continue very briefly (150feet) on Mohawk ave, continue onto Pleasant Drive(SR3005). Follow signs toward "Hearts Content Recreation Area" Follow Pleasant Drive for 11.1 miles. Make a left on SR2002. Keep following signs for "Hearts Content". Drive 5.8 miles, passing "Hearts Content". Make a right onto FS 116 (sign says Mayburg), make an immediate right onto FS119, follow for exactly 5.8 miles to FS552. Follow FS552 to designated parking areas. Welcome Home! Welcome home. Check back in a day or two for better directions from major freeways, cities, etc. If you're flying Buffalo, NY or Pittsburgh, PA are the two major airports in the area, there may be smaller ones. More info on buses, etc will be forth coming.

Handicamp and Main Supply are off of the kitchen/supply access on 209 via yellow hammer rd. Take road 666 east or west depending on which of the directions above that you're following. Then go north on Bear Valley Road/Yellow Hammer Road. This turns into FS Road 209. Take that to the back gate. Warning, it's a tight and twisty road all the way so large vehicles are warned not to go this way. It is a 1/2 mile walk to main meadow from Handicamp. There may be a second Handicamp opening up at another location. Stay tuned.

Bus Village is near the front gate.

Karin's East Coast Gathering Blog

Karin created a blog to easily post information on the gathering. It includes her email messages as well as other useful stuff for getting prepared for the gathering include links to other websites. Check it out. Click here to read.

Tips for a safe journey home & a Positive Gathering

If you plan on driving, make sure your car and driver is 100% legal-all lights work, valid insurance and registration, seatbelts, car seats for children. Our government assumes that we are criminals. Please try to arrive during daylight hours as the roads into gathering sites can be tricky and we want you to arrive home safely. If you can make space in your vehicle for a rider or you need a ride, ride share is happening or If you will be sharing a ride, please meet the folks you'll be riding with at a local coffee shop, make sure you feel comfortable traveling a long distance with them, and establish the ground rules. If you are coming via bus, plane or train, try to connect up with a ride from your destination before you get there. If you are planning on hitchhiking, please travel with a buddy, only bum rides during the day and if you get a bad feeling from a ride, PLEASE don't take it. There will always be another one.

*Always* say no to requests for search, no matter what they tell you. It is not illegal for cops to lie to you, and they often will do so to get your consent to search. "You might as well give us permission, because if you do not, we will go get a warrant and you will be here for hours." This is a bluff. Don't fall for it. Their time is much more valuable than yours.

If they insist on searching over your objections, don't prevent them physically in anyway - but continue to repeat "I do not consent." Ask for names and badge numbers, write down time, place, and what happened in detail. Every little thing matters in a court of law, even the things that don't mean much to you or me. If you can, take pictures, videos, and/or tape recordings.

Also, if they ask you if you have contraband, and tell you that if you have just a little bit and give it to them that they will not search you, tell them no. Never, never, never incriminate yourself. That means don't consent to anything, don't give them anything but your license, registration, and proof of insurance, don't admit to anything. When approaching the Gathering site, remember that you're coming as friends in somebody else's back yard. Treat the local folks with the courtesy, respect and concern that they deserve as members of the Family of Humankind. Be Loving and Kind. Don't be rude, steal, trash the town, disturb the Peace, or try to "shock" people. Be mindful of others' sensitivities. Remember the original Golden Rule when dealing with BOTH Babylon AND Rainbow: Treat Others the Way you want to be treated! Please, make your journey a safe one. Don't be under the influence while driving.

Let's all get home safely.

Ignore all rumors of cancellation or organization!
Live Lightly with the Land and People!

Google Rainbow Gathering or Rainbow Guide and read, read, read.

Hug someone you never met!

Misc. Info on Past Councils and Planning Efforts

Thanksgiving Council

Thanksgiving Council is the first planning council for next year's gathering. It always takes place over the four day weekend by the same name. Often, Thursday is spent socializing, Friday and Saturday are spent counciling and Sunday is spent on cleanups and goodbyes. but it can go whatever way the people in attendance want it to go. Thanksgiving Council is over and done with and minutes are available here

A PO Box has been created for communication with the gathering.
Rainbow Gathering 2010
c/o NY Rainbow
P.O. Box 1554
New York, NY 10009
Checks or Money Orders should be written out to New York Rainbow with a memo saying 'gathering 2010' on the check. Email Gathering 2010

Scout Rendezvous will be April 1, 2010

Scout councils are get togethers for people involved in scouting. The first Scout Council is happening on April 1 and is a great time for all people interested in scouting to get together. As with all things Rainbow, no experience is necessary. If you decide to participate in scouting, please be self sufficient, be able to feed yourself and either pay for your own gas/car repairs, or chip in green energy to the owner of the vehicle you're traveling in. You can do map scouting ahead of time and come prepared with sites to look at.

Individuals interested in exploring the forest can leave contact info on the following lightline: 908-I-Gather (442-8437).

Second Scout Council

Thanksgiving Council minutes make no mention of a second scout council, but often times there is one and it usually happens shortly before Spring Council. The second Scout Council is an opportunity for people who have been out scouting to compare notes, check out the best of the best and brain storm on the sites people have been to. This may or may not happen this year.

Spring Council June 4 - 6, 2010

Spring Council is when people get together and share the info on the possible sites available for the gathering, discuss the prons and cons of each location and then reach a decision of sorts. It can be a consensus or a migration by people to the site. It generally takes one to seven days for the process to play out. If you come to Spring Council, please be self sufficient and and prepared to feed and water yourself. Spring Council is happening at the site of the 1999 Annual Gathering of the Tribes.

Spring Council has reached a first consensus. The gathering will be in the Allegheny national forest in Pennslyvania. Pittsburg is probably the closest major airport, although there are no doubt other smaller airports. The exact directions should be out in a day or two so check back.

Directions to Spring Council: Ridgway is about 115 miles North East of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. These directions are based on the directions used in 1999. Things may have changed since 1999. Check back in a couple of days as there may be updated directions.

From the North , Northeast & Northwest Hwys. 90, 17, & 6 lead to US 219 south to Ridgway.

From the South, East & West take Interstate 80 to exit 18 and follow US 153 north. At Penfield take US 255 to St. Marys and take PA 120 west to Ridgway. Heavy, large vehicles PLEASE use this route. Cars and small Vans only may use Interstate 80 to exit 16 and follow US 219 to Ridgway.

Warning: US 219 North is steep, twisty and dangerous for large rigs - DO NOT USE THIS ROUTE. If you are checking a map for another route coming from the south also avoid 949 north as it leads to Arroyo Road which has a narrow bridge with a 3 Ton limit.

In Ridgway at the intersection of Main St. and Broad you will see a Sheets Convenience Store on left go straight through 4 lights. Site is approx. 9 miles. Go up a steep hill and over a narrow bridge. Speed limit is 30 mph. You'll see a sign for Little Drummer, keep driving. There is a sign for ATV Timberline Trailhead. Then at the intersection of Arroyo Rd and Spring Creek Rd. make a right onto FS 136 (not marked, dirt road). Go north 4.5 miles towards Owls Nest. Welcome Home!!! Follow speed limits - 20 mph on dirt roads.

If this didn't answer your questions you can call the San Diego Family Lightline @ 619-677-0882 No collect calls please. Messages outside the local area will be returned collect. Or

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