2007 T-Council Notes Set 1

Council took place in Montanta planning for the 2008 Annual Gathering of the Tribes took take place in Wyoming

Hi all, The following points are what Thanksgiving Council agreed about; This Council was really great to be a part of, thanks so much Chuck and the Montana Family for helping bring together this blessed gathering of Family & for everyone who came and shared heartsongs and loving visions!!



Montana Thanksgiving Council 2007 notes:

Thanksgiving Council encourages/endorses/affirms/recognizes the vision of these Consensii:

1) Process for scouting: It is encouraged to have a centered (which could be mobile) Scout Fire where people who want to scout can check in physically; These folks hopefully will all make the 1st Scout Rendezvous date of Thursday May 1st, site TBA, to let folks know where they'll be scouting and where folks can check in periodically [in person or by phone].

Then these scouts who've checked in will rendezvous again with what they've found out the 1st week of June at the Scout centered Fire.

2) Mobile Scout Fire will open 1st of May '08 outside Pinedale in the Upper Green River Valley in Wyoming. NOTE: Scouts will radiate out to all the National Forests in Wyoming from this Initial Scout Fire. This is not a council, just a starting point to rendezvous and begin scouting.

3) Sunday June 2nd is the date of the 2nd Scout Rendezvous; The 2nd scout Rendezvous will figure out & announce the location for Spring Council depending on weather conditions, & hopefully near the best possible sites.

4) Tuesday June 10th will be the Spring Council date, site to be consensed by scouts at 2nd Scout Rendezvous that will start on June 2nd.

5) Site Criteria List:

-Respect for the earth;

We at Thanksgiving Council of the Rainbow Family Tribe, reaffirm that the Rainbow Family Tribe is and has always been committed to the welfare of the land, that we value the integrity of all life on the earth and recognize that caring for the land is as important as caring for our tribe. We encourage scouts to avoid sensitive areas and protect critical habitat, to look for areas that need our help, and to find land that isn't critical habitat for threatened or endangered species, in wilderness areas or in wetlands.

-Show respect & connect w/ the local tribes, and be sensitive to cultural concerns of tribal people

-Low(er) Elevation, 6000 ft or below ideally

-Good Springs access (legally) to water

-50-100 acre meadows w/ a dry area space in the meadow

-No Roads thru the meadow; Back access road

-Road in not single lane, not dangerous for school buses, not overlooking Gathering, open for our use.

-Accessibility to springs by kitchens

-1 square mi

6) Magic Hat:

At this Thanksgiving Circle, we are encouraging that there be a Magic Hat till May 1st.

All the donations sent to Magic Hat of this Annual Gathering for Rainbow Family Tribe will be brought to Scout Fire May 1st, & used only for scouting; Whatever's left over will be brought to Spring Council. No funds will be allocated to scouts until May 1st Scout Rendezvous.

Hat Holders until first Scout Fire will be contactable, accountable, and responsible for bringing donations to 1st Scout Fire.

1) Jimbo will set up PO Box & pay for it out of Magic Hat donations.
2) Gary (Crystal Kitchen) will be backup & help if decisions are needed.
3) Eric/Hey Bob (Montana Mud) will be third Hat Holder, starting at 1st Scout Fire.

Magic Hat POB & Bank Account are as follows:

Scout Fire PO Box: Scout Fire c/o Jimbo Anderson POB 2355 Livingston. Mt. 59047

Scout Fire Bank Account: XXXXX routing # XXXXX acct # (you need both numbers to deposit)

7) Peace Conference: Thanksgiving Council encourages / endorses/ affirms/ recognizes the vision of the Peace Conference w/ the Federal Government and all interested parties sometime after the 2nd Scout Rendezvous and before Spring Council. The exchanges and results will be public information.

8) We affirm that Front Gate at the Gathering is everybody's responsibility, and this Council requests kitchens and communities and everyone else in the Gathering to please allocate volunteers to plug in at Front Gate and attend Shanti Sena workshops at 10am and 10 pm.

9) Cleanup: We reaffirm the importance of coordinating cleanup through a Cleanup Council that begins on the morning of July 8th. We reaffirm that cleanup starts every day, with everyone packing it in helping to pack it out.



**Prayin for Robbie Gordon: Thursday Nov 29th @ 9 am at the Federal Courthouse in Albequerque, is Robbie's motion to Dismiss Hearing/Testimony about his right to free religious expression.

**Allways Free: Stephen Principle has taken responsibility to put out Allways Free in 2008.