1912-24 Vintage Chevrolet

Little Motor Car Company  NameplateBowtie Trademark, No. 95,398, was first Registered US Patent Office February 17, 1914.


What Dean Wetmore Says about the Chevrolet and Little
1912-13 Little Four Production & History
1912-13 Little Four  Registrations
  1913 Little Four Sales Folder
1913-15 Sixes Registrations
  1913 Little Six Sales Folder

Chevrolet Bowtie History (& Little Nameplate Too?)
  Fast Cars, 'French Type' Little Fours, and Big Sixes
  1912-28 Model & Series Identification
1914-15 Model H Registrations 
  1916-24 Models 490/Superior Engine Serial & Casting No.
1918-22 Model FA, FB, & T Engine Serial & Casting No.
  Chevrolet Reviews Index 
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