ADIF export is provided to feed your regular logging program. All files and reports are created in the application folder except the backups you direct elsewhere. Delete the application folder and contents to “uninstall” the program. I keep the SCR-Log application folder on my desktop during SCR week for easy access.

     On the other hand, if you log only a few SCR contacts on paper, SCR-Log is a convenient way to create a Cabrillo report at the end of the week. First set the date/time option to manual entry to bypass automatic date/time stamping.

     SCR-Log does not have a certificate of authenticity. That means you must approve the program the first time you run it.


     - FT8 mode added.

     - RST fields allow weak signal format (+/-##).

     - Contact Editor fix.

     - Miscellaneous tweaks.


     - SCR-Log requires Windows XP (SP3) or later.

     - Keep the provided “libs" folder inside the SCR-Log folder.

     - All support files will be created inside the SCR-Log folder.


     The Republic of Kosovo, entity number 522, is the newest entity included in version 6.7. If there is a newer or reactivated entity you can use the “Add New DXCC Entity” option from under the “Files” menu. The most recent deletion was Malyj Vystoskij, entity number 151.


     The down scroll button in the Contact Editor is not active. Use the scroll tab or mouse scroll wheel instead.

     The score summary panel may overflow if you increase text size to Medium (125%) in the Windows Control Panel. All is well after returning text size to the default Small (100%). This is not related to the Small, Large and Ginormous Logger Size options. It really isn't a bug. But it's not a feature either.