SCR-Log: School Club Roundup Log (Freeware for Mac & Windows)
v6.2 Notes
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v6.2 Notes
SCR Chat Box
v6.x New Stuff
- Break periods are 10+ minutes. (New rule)
- Mode divisions are CW, RY and PH. (New rule)
- Stations may be reworked on a new band. (New rule)
- Offline lookup is much faster and automatic.

v6.2 Bug Report
     Windows version only:  The score summary panel may overflow if you increase text size to Medium (125%) in the Windows Control Panel.  All is well after returning text size to the default Small (100%).  Note: This is unrelated to the Small, Large or Ginormous menu option of SCR-Log.

     Using the ESC key to erase all fields while in  manual time/date entry mode can deactivate the Log it button. To recover, switch manual entry mode off and back on again.

DX Entity List Update
     The Republic of South Sudan, entity number 521, is the newest entity included in version 6.2. The most recent deletion was Malyj Vystoskij, entity number 151.

Cross-Platform Possibilities
     The Mac and PC databases are identical. You can move a LogbookData.sql file back and forth between Mac and Windows computers.

Mark your calendar...
School Club Roundup is the 2nd full week of February
and the 3rd full week of October.
It's not just for schools.  Be there, Partner!
Boot and cactus images courtesy of ChristiaNet.