SCR-Log: School Club Roundup Log (Freeware for Mac & Windows)
v5.1 Notes
Downloads & Links
v5.1 Notes
SCR Chat Box
New Stuff
- SQLite database (v5.0)
- User settings saved (v5.0)
- Quick mode change button (v5.0)
- XML data, biography & picture (v5.0)
- Bug fix: Potential thread collision blocked. (v.5.1)

v5.1 Bug Reports
     No known bugs.

DX Entity List Update
     The Republic of South Sudan, entity number 521, is the newest entity included in version 5.1. I'm not aware of any more recent additions.

Cross-Platform Possibilities
     The Mac and PC databases are identical. You can move an SCRData file back and forth between Mac and Windows computers.

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Mark your calendar...
School Club Roundup is the 2nd full week of February
and the 3rd full week of October.
It's not just for schools.  Be there!
Boot and cactus images courtesy of ChristiaNet.