Version 6.7 Downloads

Click HERE to download the Help File for SCR-Log.

Click HERE to download v6.7 zipped folder.

     Extract the whole folder to your desktop.

     Permit security to run the app the first time.

     Keep the “libs" folder in the application folder.

     All other support files will be created inside the app folder.



If you do not have a XML subscription, you can still have fast offline callsign lookups for calls issued by the FCC and Industry Canada. First download the FCC and IC data files. 

Click HERE to download the current file from IC (~3 MB).

Click HERE to download the current file from the FCC (~130 MB).

Then extract “EN.dat” from the FCC download and “amateur.txt” from the IC download. Next drop “EN.dat” and “amateur.txt” into the SCR-Log application folder. Finally, run SCR-Log and select “Create Offline Lookup File” from under the “Lookups” menu. Keep the created “OfflineLookUp” file in the SCR-Log folder.  It will be automatically used whenever you are not logged into XML.