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SCR is a wonderful weeklong Amateur Radio event held each February and October. Even if you are not a school, here is a great opportunity to encourage young people and leave them with a favorable impression of Amateur Radio. SCR-Log is freeware for School, Club, and Individual class stations participating in the School Club Roundup.

I keep the SCR-Log application folder on my desktop during SCR week for easy access. Delete the folder and contents to "uninstall" the program. ADIF export is provided to feed your regular logging program.

On the other hand, if you make only a few SCR contacts, SCR-Log is a convenient way to log them at the end of the week and create a Cabrillo report. First set the date/time option to manual entry to bypass automatic date/time stamping.

Version 6.5 for Mac and Windows was released on September 4, 2017.

Dave VonDielingen, AD8B

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SCR-Log for Mac
- SCR-Log for Mac requires OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later.
- The first time you run the app let security allow it.
- All support files will be created inside the SCR-Log folder.

To download the Mac file, please use my temporary website, "".

Click HERE to go to

The CHIRP website has helpful tips for managing MacOS security.

Click HERE to go to CHIRP's MacOS Tips page.

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SCR-Log for Windows
- SCR-Log for Windows requires Windows XP (SP3) or later.
- Keep the provided libs folder inside the SCR-Log folder.
- All support files will be created inside the SCR-Log folder.

To download the Windows file, please use my temporary website, "".

Click HERE to go to

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Offline Callsign Lookup (Optional)
If you cannot use SCR-Log's XML feature, you can still have fast offline callsign lookup for calls issued by the FCC and Industry Canada. Download one file from each using the links below.

Click HERE to download the FCC file. (~100 MB)

Click HERE to download the IC file. (~3 MB)

Next extract "EN.dat" from the FCC download and "amateur.txt" from the IC download. Drop these two files into the SCR-Log folder.

Then select "Create Offline Lookup File" from under the "Lookups" menu.

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SCR Online Participation Report
Here's the link to enter your participation report and upload your Cabrillo file to the ARRL/SCR online submission page.

Click HERE to go to the Cabrillo upload site.

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Current SCR Information
Past results, announcements, rules, current information, and soapbox comments are available on the American Radio Relay League website.

Click HERE to go to SCR information at ARRL.ORG.

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SCR-L Yahoo Group
Want to hear the latest? The SCR-L Yahoo Group connects School Club Roundup participants. Join the email list server and get in the loop.

Click HERE to go to the SCR-L Yahoo Group.

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SCR Cabrillo Specification
There was a new Cabrillo specification for the October 2015 School Club Roundup which reflects a change in how modes are reported. "CW" is now used for Morse code contacts only. The new mode designation "RY" is to be used for all other digital contacts.

Click Here to download SCR Cabrillo Spec 0.96.

Boot and cactus images courtesy of ChristiaNet.