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This page was first established 4th July 1998 in an effort to present a forum for vets to exchange thoughts and share stories and poems of and about military life.
It is also put here to list links to assist veterans find whatever they maybe looking for, help, information or just "chat" via email with others.
It will post from time to time articles that may get you "PO'd" or just thinking, it will also post short stories and poems from the site webmaster "Scottie" and will be open for others to do the same. The Webmaster reserves the right to edit for space and content.
Shortly this site will be four years old in that time about 121,100 emails have been received.

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Village of Taegon before 1950/ Korea
( read poem about Taegon/ Dry Tears page)

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A bit about myself: I am a retired Army Sgt. Maj. with  30 + years of service
    some 12  + years in the Fareast Theaters, Japan, Korea, French Indochina and Vietnam and some others I'd rather forget. I am a born New Yorker but have lived in the Northeast for a good part of my early years. I am also a retired educator ! . I am published author for educational research on
the Adult Learner and in recent years have published several poems on military life,
also short stories and have written articles for many of the Army Associations,
I hold membership in, for their news letters.  I have written a book:
"Line Kansas-Memories of Korea 1950-1958" it is published as of this date.
It is not a " blood and guts" type of book but more of the every day to day things
that took place during some hard times and what I saw, as many others did too.
Some sad, some stupid and some humorous, all true as I recall them.
The book (s) are for sale through this site. Order now, the book is out and in print.
The cost is @ $ 20.00 each plus shipping and handling, book rate at $5.00 per
book. If you would like to reserve a copy send me an email.( some States require Tax )
Thanks,  Scottie..

Any one recall this type of Tank ??

( It was used in  Desert Storm )
( email the answer if your right I'll send you my book for free ! )

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In a recent WEB research of sites I came across some rather new information,
or at least I thought it was new. I had always been under the impression that
there were only seven ( 7 ) men who were awarded the Medal of Honor twice.
Twice that is for two( 2 ) different acts of Valor while in combat.
It came to my attention as of late there are 19 such men, or so it was told me.
I therefore struck out to find out for myself. I wanted to up date my article,
"The Magnificent Seven" April 20th 1995. It took me several days using only the
resources available on the WEB sites related to the Medal of Honor.
I found that my article is in fact correct there are only seven ( 7) men who
have the very special honor of being awarded the MOH twice for two separate
acts of Valor. There are, or at least what I found, sixteen (16 ) who have been
presented the MOH twice. However one was given it under two different names
for the same act. Seven others where given it twice for the same act, some by the
Army and Navy( they were Marines) Therefore unless someone else can find more
up to date information and site their research, I'll stand on the following:
2nd Lt. Thomas W. Custer, 10th May 1863 and again 26th May 1865
Maj.Gen. Frank D. Baldwin, 12th July 1864 and again 8th Nov. 1864
Coxswain, John Cooper, 5th Aug. 1864 and again 26th April 1865
Boatswain's Mate, Patrick Mullen, 17th March 1865 and again 1st May 1865
Sgt. Maj. Daniel J. Daly,14th Aug. 1900 and again 19th July 1901
Lt. Comm., John McCloy, 20th-22nd June 1900 and again 22nd April 1915
Maj. Gen. Smedley D. Butler, 19th July 1901 and again 22nd April 1915 *
Note: Maj.Gen. S.D.Butler, USMC also was awarded the Marine Corps Brevet Medal,
at the time of it being awarded the rules in the Marine Corps would not allow
for a Major and above to be awarded the MOH. If not for those rules back then Maj.Gen. Butler may well have become the only man ever to be presented the
Medal of Honor three times for three different acts of Valor.
Note2:  All ranks above are highest held, not necessary at the time of  the  actions.
( One exception of Capt. T.W.Custer )

There is still an open question about:
Louis Williams, who some records have as being presented the MOH twice and for two different acts. Both acts however were in and around the Indian Wars of 1883-84. He was one of the men who died at the "Little Big Horn" and his last act was at that engagement. There in lies the question, who was alive to see his second act for him to be awarded the MOH ? In my research I list him as NOT having, a second  MOH but in fact was recommended for the same act at two different times.
 The Navy MOH was awarded for many years for Valor of saving life and not all
the time under combat conditions. There are also several "special" MOH that were
issued to persons that either were in the military in their past history or in some way part of the military as employees of one type or another. In my view these were NOT  Medals of Honor for Valor. Some were very outstanding feats but should not be listed as or given the same title as the MHO that is given for Valor under combat conditions. It is impart because of these "Congressional" issued medals, which were "cast" in different modes then the Military MOH, that the term "Congressional Medal of Honor" came from and is wrongly supported to this day my the media and even some in the military. Which is the next article for this web page. Hope you'll come back and give me feedback......Scottie

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"Scottie" All copyrights are reserved any articles or poems
cannot be reprinted without permission of the webmaster.@ 1998

Following is additional background on "Scottie" for your interest.
I am a member of several of the Division's Associations below
if you would like more information about them email me !!!!!
(also each Div. Patch is click able/most are set up).

    I started off my Army career with the:
       30th Inf. Regt. 3rd Inf. Division.

      Infantry School at Ft. Benning GA. Inf/Armor
Tactics Assistant Instructor. Weapons Expert.

        After a tour with The Infantry School as a Assistant
             Instructor. The 24th was in need of personnel.
                       Off I went to Japan and Korea and did several tours.

Tank 16, 1st Recon Squdn. 1st Cav. Div. Brought over from 34th Tk Co 24th Inf. Div. after reflagging late 1950's
(Photo taken by author)
    When I wasn't in the 24th ID I was in the 1st Cav..
                     Did tours in Korea and Vietnam. RECON and several
                       are still classified. All in and about 12 years in Far east.

  Then went back to the world and finished with 10 + more yrs. ,
                 in 42nd Inf. Div. 142nd Tk Ban (which is no longer part of NYNG)


  I never make mistakes !!! But in the event you find "ONE"
Please let me know !!!

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  I never make mistakes !!! But in the event you find "ONE"
Please let me know !!!

Long ago and forgotten in a Godless pace,
man made on paper with a sweep of the hand,
no walls or river nor mountains to see this line,
if you cross even with care life will be taken, devil's hand.
Frozen in earthen shapes and images and minds for eternity,
stretched from sea to sea hundred miles and more, this way an that,
no human path made, devil's hand made from below, must be so,
line of life an death, a thousand times that an more, to infinity.
Honored task to cross it, for gold, silver, riches in dreams,
what then,,, promotion to position up on high, can be,,
to win a golden prize, a medal of distinction too,,
gladly they go to reap this honored goal it seems.
Even so fiercely they run, walk and crawl to reach this goal,
over fallen comrades, and bits of the foe, up they go,
higher to the top of the hills across the unseen line,
none falter in their task, honor at stake after all, the goal.
Once again an again they take the challenge and cross the line,
1,800 their number was to start now less than half again the total,
bugles blare through early morning chilling the air, hills still there,
at last the knoll can be seen, the task done, rewards to be fine.
Dawn, reveals less than four score and ten men made the hills,
there was no gold, silver or worldly riches given, nor medals, worth,
mounds of dirt to fill their pockets, not gold powder or diamond chips,
worth the cost, the goal's question then and now still.
Cross the line on paper for what and who or just a job to do,
the hill tops only dirt after all, no earthly worth, its true,
not so you know your worth all there is on this earth to cross the line,
all you did, will say for as long as time, human worth is so.
So very long ago to recall it all, valleys and frozen, cold,
an still it is as it was, only we have lost parts of our soul,
remember in mid-night dreams for the frozen few,
mission, task, done we crossed Line Kansas, our goal.
David Baillie @ 1995

 All rights reserved on poems and articles for permission of reprint, write webmaster


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