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All my porting options are custom designed for your application

Blueprint and match ports
per cyl. $150

Stage one porting;
Modify all ports for timing and area

per cyl. $200

Stage two porting;
Stage one plus extensive modification of all
port passages for maximum flow

per cyl, $300 and up

Crankcase porting and matching

per cyl, from $30

Custom sleeves, adding ports, welding, etc.                                                                     



Labor only, parts priced separately

Most singles                         $85

RD, most twins                    $200

Most triples, full rebuild       $350

Rebalancing available and recommended for high rpm on RD350/TD-TZ250/350, CT1, others.   *Not needed on RD400
A static balancing process is used on each individual crank flywheel when apart for normal rebuild. Call for more info and available options.

TKRJ OEM quality Japanese cast pistons


RD250 RD350 RD350LC RD400 RZ350 Banshee
Std. to 2mm oversize, .25mm size increments


Most heads need remachining of squish area and gasket surface. Prices may be higher for heads without a central straight spark plug hole for lathe machining.

Single heads, machine for proper squish and compression    $60

RD, most twins, recut squish and compression, match both heads    $125/pair

R5/RD350  Special SCR machining for proper squish and compression,
eliminate head gasket and center on bore, per pair with o-rings and spares     $185

RD400F Daytona heads must be cut to two individual heads, full remachining of squish and bowl volume, can be set for o-ring sealing or 1A1 copper head gaskets
Section head, machine for copper gaskets                                         $200
Section head, machine for o-ring sealing  with o-rings and spares   $225

All head machining is done after evaluation of compression ratio for fuel used, squish clearance and angle, rpms, and MSV (maximum squish velocity), then set to appropriate specs.



Many single or twin crankshafts and heads can be shipped at low cost and fast delivery with USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, free from the Post Office. Careful packaging is a must, parts must be well secured and cushioned. Firm styrofoam or other solid packing is recommended to prevent movement and damage.

Please phone for pricing info


56675 Scandia Ln, Yucca Valley, Ca. 92284