Here are some links that I enjoy:

Tom Betts has a Westerns All'Italiana blog.

Spaghetti Westerns Message Board

Mobius' Home Video Forum

The Peplum Blogspot.

Euro Bis

Cinecitta Web Site

The Many Faces of Hercules


Wild East Productions

Henrik Larsen's Cult Movie Page

Sonja Bennett's Web Page.

The unaired original pilot of Wonderfalls has shown up on Youtube.

Lo Mang, the legendary star of Shaw Brothers films, was in Philadelphia.

For Gordon Scott fans:
Bill & Sue-On Hillman's Tribute to Gordon Scott.
and burial site.

A review I wrote about a new Bruce Lee book is posted at IMAGES.
To read it, click here.

Tinto Brass on the set of YANKEE..


Howard Hughes has a new book out:

ReKindle your Love of Great Cinema…Mario Bava: Destination Terror
Mario Bava is one of the great Italian directors and the father of Italian horror. His beautifully-photographed, artfully-crafted films are the worthy legacy of this talented director, whose work is seen at its very best in this digital age on DVD and Blu-ray, as a triumph of visual design. Destination Terror tells his story.
The son of a special effects pioneer, Mario Bava began his film career as a cinematographer, before moving into directing, almost by chance. Those who worked with him maintained that he regarded himself as first and foremost a cinematographer and only secondly as a director. His horror films include the groundbreaking 'The Mask of Satan' (also known as 'Black Sunday'), the three-part demonthology 'Black Sabbath', the murderous 'Blood and Black Lace' and the archetypal bodycount thriller 'A Bay of Blood' (or 'Twitch of the Death Nerve'). He also made 'Kill, Baby...Kill!', 'The Whip and the Body', 'Baron Blood ' and 'Lisa and the Devil', which ensure him a place in the pantheon of great horror film directors. But Bava worked successfully in a variety of genres, making the comic book crime caper 'Danger: Diabolik', the fantastical sword-and-sandal epic 'Hercules in the Centre of the Earth' (also called 'Hercules in the Haunted World'), Viking adventures like 'Erik the Conqueror', the sci-fi horror 'Planet of the Vampires' and sex comedies, creature features, slapstick farces and spaghetti westerns. All these films and more are featured in this entertaining guide to the King of Italian Gothic Horror. Also discussed is Bava’s output as a cinematographer and special effects artist, his uncompleted projects and made-for-TV films, and his work’s availability on DVD and videotape, including the many different versions of his films.
It can be ordered from most Amazon stores including:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
If you don't have a Kindle device or Kindle-enabled device, the book is also available to read on PC, via this free downloadable Kindle reading app


Lorenzo De Luca, the screenwriter of JONATHAN OF THE BEARS and the author of numerous books on Asian films has written and directed a new documentary on Kung Fu movies.

Here's the trailer.

Lorenzo and Gordon Liu speak at the Roman premiere.


More food for thought from those behind The Wire on HBO.