Stuff For Sale Or Trade

For Trade or Sale:


ZATOICHI MEETS YOJIMBO - Video Action release
Yul Brynner double feature: THE BATTLE OF NERETVA and DEATH RAGE - Keepers Home Video, Inc.
THE 27th DAY - unidentified
Sirens of the Silver Screen double feature: THE UNFAITHFULS w/Gina Lollabrigida & GIRL WITH A SUITCARE w/Claudia Cardinale - Entertainment Programs International
CORRUPT LIEUTENANT Starring Harvey Keitel - Magnum Video
THE TERROR Starring Boris Karloff - Hal Roach Studios
LONG HAIR OF DEATH Starring Barbara Steele - Sinister Cinema
APACHES LAST BATTLE Starring Lex Barker - Sinister Cinema
David Bowie hosts The Midnight Special "The 1984 Floorshow" (very glitchy bootleg)

NTSC VHS Ex-Rentals:

ANGEL EYES Featuring Richard Harrison - Atlantic Releasing
WHO DONE IT? Starring Benny Hill and Belinda Lee
TECNICA DI UN OMICIDIO Starring Robert Webber - In Italian only
THE LAST GUN Starring Cameron Mithcell - Magnum Entertainment

NTSC VHS Unopened Factory Sealed:

THE MAN WHO FELL TO EARTH Starring David Bowie, letterboxed - Fox Lorber


THE TWILIGHT AVENGERS Starring Tony Kendall - Beverly Hills Hollywoods (Holland) In English with Dutch subtitles
DANCES WITH WOLVES Starring Kevin Costner - Guild Home Video (UK) Specially Extended Widescreen Version
SMILEY'S PEOPLE Starring Alex Guinness - BBC (UK) two tape set
ALIEN TERMINATOR Starring Franco Nero - Trans-Global International (UK)
Horror Double Feature: SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN (home video version) & TORTURE GARDEN Starring Jack Palance - Columbia Tristar Home Video (UK)
DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE Starring Vincent Price - RCA Columbia Pictures (UK)
CARRY ON SCREAMING Starring Harry H. Corbett - Warner Home Video (UK)


CENT MILLE DOLLARS AU SOLEIL Starring Jean-Paul Belmondo - Gaumont Columbia Tristar (France)


LA Weekly 8/30 - 9/5/91 with cover story "Double Boy, Jackie Chan Wants You To Love Him" by David Chute
Los Angeles Reader 2/16/96 with cover story "The Next Action Hero" by Andy Klein, which introduces Jackie Chan prior to the U.S. release of RUMBLE IN THE BRONX
Entertainment Today - 2/23 - 2/29/96 with cover story "Take That, America"; an interview with Jackie Chan after the opening of RUMBLE IN THE BRONX.

U.S. Lobby Cards

HIGH AND LOW - #4 Toshiro Mifune pictured/Canadian censor stamp in lower right corner
EVEN ANGELS EAT BEANS - #7 Bud Spencer and Giuliano Gemma pictured
THIEF OF BAGHDAD (1961) - #8 Day time action scene.
TEMPEST - #1 Van Heflin pictured
TEMPEST - #5 Helmut Dantine pictured
TEMPEST - #7 Van Heflin pictured
WAKE UP AND DIE - no #, Robert Hoffman pictured
THE GODDESS OF LOVE - #4 Belinda Lee and Jacques Sernas pictured
CONSTANTINE AND THE CROSS - #6 Cornel Wilde and Belinda Lee pictured
THE KILLER ELITE - #4 James Caan pictured
THE LINEUP - #7 Eli Wallach pictured
THE LINEUP - #6 Eli Wallach pictured
NO TIME FOR FLOWERS - no #, Viveca Lindfors pictured
SCROOGE - #5 Albert Finney pictured
SCROOGE - #8 Albert Finney and Gordon Jackson pictured
HOUR OF THE WOLF - #4 Max Von Sydow pictured
BECKET - #3 Peter O'Toole takes a bath.
FAT CITY - #5 Stacy Keach and Jeff Bridges pictured
LOVING YOU - #6 Lizabeth Scott and Wendell Corey pictured
MARCO POLO - #5 Rory Calhoun pictured/"version francaise" pasted on card

Books and Magazines for Sale or Trade

ROCK STARS IN THEIR UNDERPANTS, photographed and complied by Paula Yates
Kenneth Anger's HOLLYWOOD BABYLON - Dell paperback version
DC "Collector's Album" for SUPERMAN THE MOVIE
THE BIG FISHERMAN - A Behind-the-Scenes view of the Rowland V. Lee production from Random House.
DRAGONSLAYER The Storybook Based on the Movie from Random House
RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK The Storybook Based on the Movie - Random House
INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM The Storybook Based on the Movie - Random House
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Storybook - G.P. Putnam's Sons
CREATIVE FILM-MAKING by Kirk Smallman - 1974 printing
The Best of Omni Science Fiction No. 5, 1983
Famous Monsters of Filmland #95, Jan. 1973, missing pages 17 & 18 and 29 & 30.
Castle of Frankenstein No. 22, "The Exorcist" cover
Inside Kung Fu presents The Complete Guide to Ninja, May 1987, with a Special Movie Preview of BLOOD SPORT.
Inside Karate, May 1987, Martin Kove in STEELE JUSTICE cover
COMBAT, December 1990, Simon Lau cover. Bruce Lee: The making of "Fist of Fury" article
The Milky Way, No. 354, 1988, with color photos of POLICE STORY II beginning of production ceremony, LADY REPORTER with Cynthia Rothrock, and B&Ws of PAPER MARRIAGE with Sammo Hung and Maggie Cheung.
BATMAN Official Movie Souvenir Magazine by Topps
1941 The Official Movie Magazine, A Starlog Press Publication
SWEET CHARITY Movie Souvenir Program
EXODUS A Report by Tom Ryan
Video Watchdog No. 11, May/Jun 1992 - Vincent Price cover
The International Movie Guide 1972, edited by Peter Cowie

Comic Books for Sale or Trade

The New Captain Marvel #57
The Invincible Iron Man #146
Star Wars #45
Star Wars #46
Star Wars #47
Star Wars #48
Kull the Conqueror #1
Kull the Conqueror #2
The Official No-Prize Book #1
Elektra Assassin #3
The Alien Legion #8
The Comet Man #1
Six From Sirius #1