Page for September 16-22, 2017.

The purpose of this page is to find others with a shared interest in these kinds of movies. Please drop me a line with comments or questions about
Italian and Spanish action movies,
or Martial Arts fight flicks.
William Connolly


Contents: Trivia Game (below),
Recent Viewings (below),
Unanswered Questions and Requests,
Stuff For Sale or Trade,
Stuff I'm Looking For,
Some of my favorite films,
and Links.


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Brain Teasers:

Which actor, born in Denmark, not only appeared in Italian Westerns, but helped to produce DVDs of Italian Westerns for the Japanese market?
No one has answered this one yet.

Which Italian film director made a movie with Gian Maria Volonte about Basque nationalists in Spain?
George Grimes knew that it was Gillo Pontecorvo.

Can you name two Italian Westerns which were based on political stories that were not intended to be Westerns?
No one has answered this question yet.

Which American actor worked with directors Luciano Odorisio, Paolo Poeti, Ugo Fabrizio Giordani, Dario Argento, Stefano Incerti, Sergio Corbucci and Roberto Rocco?
George Grimes knew that it was Tony Musante.

And now for some new brain teasers:

Which Italian actress worked for directors Roberto Rossellini, Samuel Fuller, Carmine Gallone, Christian-Jaque, Carlo Ludovido Bragaglia and Bernardo Bertolucci?
Which Italian actor worked for directors Henry Levin, Roberto Rossellini, Nunnally Johnson, Sergio Corbucci, Alvin Ganzer, Marino Girolami and Carlo Ludovico Bragaglia?
Which Italian actress worked for directors Luigi Bazzoni, Tinto Brass, Mauro Bolognini, Bernardo Bertolucci, Massimo Dallamano, Roberto Rossellini and Eriprando Visconti?


Name the movies from which these images come.

George Grimes identified last week's frame grab of Aldofo Celli in YANKEE.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

George Grimes and Charles Gilbert identified last week's frame grab from SANSONE, aka SAMSON.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

George Grimes identified last week's frame grab from YOUTH.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

Issue #78 of SPAGHETTI CINEMA is now available.
In it, Mike Eustace continues his essay on Sword and Sandal flicks, "Nights of Pleasure... Days of Strife", with a look at "The Unchaining of Hercules".
Mike also writes about his adventures in Spain finding all of the shooting locations for A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS.


A fanzine investigating Italian and Spanish popular cinema, S.C. began publication in 1984 and continues to come out as often as possible.
From Hercules to The Man With No Name; from I VAMPIRI to CEMETARY MAN - S.C. offers research and opinion on the kinds of movies which excited us as children and continues to fascinate under more mature scrutiny.

For a list of back issues and ordering information
click here.
Trivia questions welcomed!

No one has identified the above photo yet.
Can you name from what movie it came?

M.A.M.A. #54 is available with Michael Reid's exhaustive listing of movies, TV and anime based on the Shinsengumi; including THE LAST SAMURAI, GOHATTO, Samurai X, THE MAN WHO KILLED RYOMA, TENGU TO, BAND OF ASSASSINS and ASSASSINATION. Mike Eustace also continues to comment on recent Celestial DVD releases of old Shaw Brothers movies.
For ordering information, click on "drop me a line" below.


A 20 page photocopy journal investigating Asian action films, M.A.M.A. began publication in 1985.

For a list of back issues and ordering information
click here.
Trivia questions welcomed.


I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please drop me a line if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:

Highly enjoyed:

HAMILTON'S AMERICA (2016) - This is a marvelous documentary about the production of Lin-Manuel Miranda's broadway musical.


LA PETITE APOCALYPSE, aka THE LITTLE APOCALYPSE (1993) - Costa-Gavras directed this hilarious satire which deals with the collapse of French leftist idealism as well as the plight of Poles who fled to the West after the collapse of Communism. And you wonder why this film didn't get a wide theatrical release in the U.S.

Inside the Actors Studio "Anjelica Houston" (1996)

Inside the Actors Studio "Susan Saranton" (1998)

The Directors: Robert Wise (1997)

The Directors "Garry Marshall" (2001)


Mildly enjoyed:

After Sunset: The Life and Times of the Drive-In Theater (1995)

Dalekmania - A fun look at the making of DR. WHO AND THE DALEKS and DALEKS: INVASION EARTH 2015 A.D. (1995)


Manhunt: Unabomber (2017) - While dramatizing the investigation that led to the conviction of Ted Kaczynski, these filmmakers seem to be using the books of Thomas Harris as a template. In order to have the audience root for F.B.I. investigator Jim Fitzgerald, it wasn't necessary for the filmmakers to portray his superiors as being so wrong-headed and mean-spirited that one half-expected Fitzgerald to send them mail bombs.

Did not enjoy:

THE PSYCHOPATH (1966) - Who is killing the Allied Commission members who denounced Von Sturm as a World War II war criminal 20 years ago? Robert Bloch wrote this ho-hum mystery thriller and Freddie Francis directed this without much energy. I've wanted to see more of Judy Huxtable after her brief role in SCREAM AND SCREAM AGAIN and her performance here, which was completely dubbed by another actress, suggests why her career wasn't bigger.

Top Of the Lake: China Girl (2017) - There is some good work here, but dragging this out for six hours isn't justified.

CARA DOLCE NIPOTE, aka NAUGHTY TEEN (1977) - Andrea Bianchi directed this unfunny comedy about a widowed man who is visited by his niece that looks just like his dead wife. She seems to be coming on to him, but he resists the temptation to respond. Finally she leaves accusing him of not being natural. In the end, his neighbor reveals that he's been having it off with the man's housekeeper, so after peeping through the keyhole at the housekeeper, the man strides into her bedroom.


Charles Gilbert watched:

WARRIOR EMPRESS (1960). Tina Louise and Kerwin Mathews make a handsome couple in an ancient romance from Pietro Francisci much better than I expected. Plenty of pneumatic figures besides hers include..Susy Anderson, Annie Gorassini, and purportedly Elke Sommer, but I didn't spot her.

Television B&W episode of Boris Karloff's Thriller: 'Terror in Teakwood'. Another sighting for Hazel Court, this time with Charles Aidman, Vladimir Sokoloff, and Guy (MR. SARDONICUS) Rolfe. A renowned pianist desecrates the grave of his dead rival to procure the corpse hands for an impending concert. The performance proves to be masterful but in the end the hands get revenge.


David Deal Enjoyed:

SECRET OF THE BLUE ROOM (33) - Lionel Atwill and Gloria Stuart star in this old creaker mystery about a deadly room with a tragic past. Gloria's suitors dare the gods and one by one vow to spend the night in the death trap. Who will survive?


A MAN ALONE (55) - Ray Milland stumbles upon the aftermath of a brutal stage robbery, and when he wanders into town, he is immediately accused of the crime. He hides out at the sheriff’s house helping the lawman recover from yellow fever and wooing the man’s daughter before he can expose the real killers. Milland directed this moody effort rich in irony.

SPECIAL MISSION LADY CHAPLIN (65) - See The Eurospy Guide!

ERIK THE CONQUEROR (61) - The blu-ray looks great!



MARK OF THE TORTOISE (64) - Cool German imitation-Edgar Wallace flick with Klaus Kinski skulking around in the shadows.


Mildly Enjoyed



SAHARA CROSS (77) - A group of engineers in Tunisia embark on a mysterious get rich scheme. Tonino Valerii’s awkward tale is perhaps more interesting for the details of making the film than the film itself; rewriting a hazy script, using a Steadicam for the first time, and shooting a heavy equipment battle in reverse.


THE SHOOT (64) - Lex Barker (as Kara Ben Nemsi) pursues Rik Battaglia (as bandit The Schut) after he kidnaps some influential Westerners. Light-hearted Karl May adventure directed by Robert Siodmak was shot in Yugoslavia, and the cast reflects the German, French, and Italian production money.

ESPIONAGE IN TANGIERS (65) - See The Eurospy Guide!