Page for August 20 - 26, 2016.

The purpose of this page is to find others with a shared interest in these kinds of movies. Please drop me a line with comments or questions about
Italian and Spanish action movies,
or Martial Arts fight flicks.
William Connolly


Contents: Trivia Game (below),
Recent Viewings (below),
Unanswered Questions and Requests,
Stuff For Sale or Trade,
Stuff I'm Looking For,
Some of my favorite films,
and Links.


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Brain Teasers:

Which British martial arts film fan moved to Hong Kong around 1990 and has found steady work as a stunt man, actor and casting director?
It is Mike Leeder.

In what episode of The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet did Brad Harris appear?
No one has identified this yet.

Which American actor, who appeared in Italian sword and sandal flicks and Italian Westerns, loved his experience of working with the star of The Loretta Young Show?
No one has answered this one yet. John Ericson was suggested, but I've never read or heard of him talking about Loretta Young.

In which Tim Holt Western is the villain named Steve Reeves?
George Grimes, Rick Garibaldi and Richard Oravitz knew that it was GUN SMUGGLERS.

Which German born actor who made Italian Westerns worked for Sergio Sollima, Sergio Corbucci, Luchino Visconti, Phil Karlson, Andrew V. McLaglen and Martin Ritt?
George Grimes knew that it was Gerard Herter.

Which Italian Western was re-dubbed for the English language U.S. version inorder to change the lead character's name - which also resulted in a title change?
George Grimes knew that it was INDIO BLACK, which United Artists in the U.S. wanted to be a new Sabata movie.

Which Kung Fu movie features a little boy urinating on the floor and the teacher taking a crap in the river before the first fight scene?
No one has answered this question yet.

And now for some new brain teasers:

Which Spanish actor, who appeared in Westerns, was born on August 14, 1924?
Which Italian directed Western was shot partly at Lake Misurina, Italy?
Which Italian actress was born on August 1, 1944 and died on November 15, 2015?
Which Shaw Brothers martial arts star died at the age of 40 in 1990 of an heart attack?


Name the movies from which these images come.

George Grimes identified last week's frame grab from UNA PISTOL PER RINGO, aka A PISTOL FOR RINGO.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

George Grimes identified last week's photo from ERCOLE E LA REGINA DI LIDIA, aka HERCULES UNCHAINED.
Above is a new photo. Can you identify from what movie it came?

Above is a new photo.
Can you name from what movie it came?

Issue #78 of SPAGHETTI CINEMA is now available.
In it, Mike Eustace continues his essay on Sword and Sandal flicks, "Nights of Pleasure... Days of Strife", with a look at "The Unchaining of Hercules".
Mike also writes about his adventures in Spain finding all of the shooting locations for A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS.


A fanzine investigating Italian and Spanish popular cinema, S.C. began publication in 1984 and continues to come out as often as possible.
From Hercules to The Man With No Name; from I VAMPIRI to CEMETARY MAN - S.C. offers research and opinion on the kinds of movies which excited us as children and continues to fascinate under more mature scrutiny.

For a list of back issues and ordering information
click here.
Trivia questions welcomed!

George Grimes and Jackie S. indentified last week's frame grab of Lo Lieh in KING BOXER, aka FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

M.A.M.A. #54 is available with Michael Reid's exhaustive listing of movies, TV and anime based on the Shinsengumi; including THE LAST SAMURAI, GOHATTO, Samurai X, THE MAN WHO KILLED RYOMA, TENGU TO, BAND OF ASSASSINS and ASSASSINATION. Mike Eustace also continues to comment on recent Celestial DVD releases of old Shaw Brothers movies.
For ordering information, click on "drop me a line" below.


A 20 page photocopy journal investigating Asian action films, M.A.M.A. began publication in 1985.

For a list of back issues and ordering information
click here.
Trivia questions welcomed.


I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please drop me a line if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:


Brian Wilson: I Just Wasn't Made For These Times
Brian Wilson: A Beach Boy's Tale
Beautiful Dreamer: Brian Wilson and the Story of Smile
HATING OBAMA - This is a documentary I found on Starz Black which is surprisingly even handed in dealing with critics of our current president, particularly the Black critics.
A NIGHT FOR DYING TIGERS - I'll watch just about anything with Sarah Lind in it - as long as Steve Seagal isn't also in it. I found this on Amazon Prime and very much enjoyed it.

Mildly enjoyed:

Julian Fellowes presents Dr. Thorne
Inspector Lewis "One For Sorrow"
Inspector Lewis "Magnum Opus"

Did not enjoy:

LA APOCALYPSE - Never has Los Angeles look so underpopulated.
OUTLAW PROPHET WARRENS JEFFS - I'll watch just about anything with Molly Parker, but she is so underused in this.
ARIZONA WHIRLWIND - This is the only Western I've seen involving diamond smuggling - in a can of axel grease on a stagecoach. In the opening credits, we see the Monogram Pictures cowboy stars riding along a country road with obvious telephone lines behind them, but the story seems to be set in the Old West. And whose idea was it to have Bob Steele romancing a woman?
HOME ON THE PRAIRIE - This time Gene Autry is a State Inspector trying to prevent a herd of cattle infected with hoof and mouth disease from crossing into his state and on to market. The bad guys try to implicate another rancher's herd as the infected herd and succeed in getting our heroes locked up when they try to get the authorities to see what's right. Luckily, a hair-tonic salesman in also in the pokey, and the elephant that is part of his show is coaxed into ripping the barred window from the wall. Gene and Smiley ride to the rescue. In the midst of all this, Gene sings "Moonlight On the Ranch House" to a lovely girl when he finds that he has trouble talking to her. And Smiley performs a puppet show to distract the bad guys at a moment of crisis.
YOU CAN'T CHEAT AN HONEST MAN - W.C. Fields and my humor do not intersect.
WALK THE PROUD LAND - Audie Murphy plays John Clum in a highly fictionalized account of his time as the Indian Agent at the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. If you ever wanted to see Anne Bancroft play an Apache widow, here is your chance.
COLORADO SUNSET - Gene Autry and the boys inadvertently buy a Dairy Ranch and soon run afoul of Dr. Blair, an evil Veterinarian who is trying to scare all of the milk producers into his Protective Association. Larry "Buster" Crabbe starts out as one of the villain's henchmen, but becomes a turncoat to protect his girl. Fellow Tarzan actor Elmo Lincoln is also in this.


David Deal enjoyed:
DEVIL'S ROCK (11) - On the eve of D-Day, small Allied units are sent to various islands in the area to antagonize Nazi outposts and distract Hitler from the impending invasion. One such two-man unit discovers a mad scientist who has conjured a demon as a potential weapon. It ends badly for him. Solid performances keep this low-budget, gruesome supernatural thriller afloat. I liked it.
ONLY THE COOL (69) - Late-night Euro-ambience with Stephanie Audran and Klaus Kinski. See The Eurospy Guide for a complete review.

Mildly Enjoyed

SHIP OF MONSTERS (60) - Two sexy female aliens are collecting male specimens in the galaxy when they decide to try to capture a funny cowboy on Earth. Strange Mexican mix of comedy, monsters, and babes. It was muy loco. ************************************************************************************************

Charles Gilbert watched:

AMAZONS OF ROME (1961) Insouciant Etruscan Louis Jourdan (munching apples in battle) wears trousers when everyone else is in peplum. Enemy Roman Ettore Manni, wearing an eye patch, is given very little to do.
LILIES OF THE FIELD (1963) B&W. Free-spirited Sidney Poitier builds a chapel for German nuns in the southwest and teaches them English of the South while moonlighting as the operator of a Euclid TC12 dozer.
GHIDRAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER (1964) Watched with my seven-year-old granddaughter.