Page for April 25 - May 1, 2015.

The purpose of this page is to find others with a shared interest in these kinds of movies. Please drop me a line with comments or questions about
Italian and Spanish action movies,
or Martial Arts fight flicks.
William Connolly


Contents: Trivia Game (below),
Recent Viewings (below),
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Some of my favorite films,
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Check out The Spaghetti Cinema blog.


Click here for the German trailer for VENDO CARA LA PELLE, aka I'LL SELL MY SKIN DEARLY.


Brain Teasers:

By what English title is SON OF SHANE better known?
Charles Gilbert, Rick Garibaldi and George Grimes knows that it is I'LL SELL MY SKIN DEARLY.

In which Italian Western does our hero go into the final shootout with both hands seemingly crippled by gun shots?
No one has answered this question yet.

Which Italian Western has the gag of our hero leaving his clothes beside a camp fire as part of an ambush of villains sneaking up to kill him? He then kills all of the villains except for one fellow from whom he steals clothes to replace his now damaged outfit.
Rick Garibaldi knew that it was ARIZONA COLT, aka THE MAN FROM NOWHERE.

Which Shaw Brothers sword fighting movie uses the gag from ARIZONA COLT of our hero killing all but one fellow inorder to replace his damaged clothing?
No one has answered this question yet.

And now for some new brain teasers:

In which Richard Harrison movie does he fight a man-eating plant?
Which French actress retired from making movies after a year inwhich she appeared on the screen with Richard Harrison, Cameron Mitchell and Sandra Milo?
Which French actress who four "epic" movies in Italy began her film career under contract to Jean-Pierre Melville?
Which Shaw Brothers sword fighting movie reuses the Italian Western gag of having the hero go into the final battle with both hands heavily bandaged as if he can not defend himself?


Name the movies from which these images come.

Llewellyn H., Rick Garibaldi and George Grimes identified last week's frame grab of Hunt Powers in SUGAR COLT.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

Charles Gilbert and George Grimes identified last week's photo of Mark Forest and Marilu Tolo from MACISTE GLADIATORE DI SPARTA, aka THE TERROR OF ROME AGAINST THE SON OF HERCULES.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

Richard Oravitz and George Grimes identified last week's photo of Marlon Brando in QUEIMADA, aka BURN!.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

Issue #78 of SPAGHETTI CINEMA is now available.
In it, Mike Eustace continues his essay on Sword and Sandal flicks, "Nights of Pleasure... Days of Strife", with a look at "The Unchaining of Hercules".
Mike also writes about his adventures in Spain finding all of the shooting locations for A FISTFUL OF DOLLARS.


A fanzine investigating Italian and Spanish popular cinema, S.C. began publication in 1984 and continues to come out as often as possible.
From Hercules to The Man With No Name; from I VAMPIRI to CEMETARY MAN - S.C. offers research and opinion on the kinds of movies which excited us as children and continues to fascinate under more mature scrutiny.

For a list of back issues and ordering information
click here.
Trivia questions welcomed!

Jackie S. and George Grimes identified last week's frame grab from CRIPPLED AVENGERS, aka MORTAL COMBAT, aka THE RETURN OF THE FIVE DEADLY VENOMS.
Above is a new photo. Can you name from what movie it came?

M.A.M.A. #54 is available with Michael Reid's exhaustive listing of movies, TV and anime based on the Shinsengumi; including THE LAST SAMURAI, GOHATTO, Samurai X, THE MAN WHO KILLED RYOMA, TENGU TO, BAND OF ASSASSINS and ASSASSINATION. Mike Eustace also continues to comment on recent Celestial DVD releases of old Shaw Brothers movies.
For ordering information, click on "drop me a line" below.


A 20 page photocopy journal investigating Asian action films, M.A.M.A. began publication in 1985.

For a list of back issues and ordering information
click here.
Trivia questions welcomed.


I am interested in knowing what movies you have watched and what you enjoyed or not. So please drop me a line if you'd like to share. Here's what I watched last week:


Justified Season Six

Mildly enjoyed:

The Big Bang Theory #181 "The Communication Deterioration"
The Big Bang Theory #182 "The Graduation Transmission"

Did not enjoy:



Charles Gilbert recently watched:
HANDS OF A GUNFIGHTER (1965) Sepia toned images are backdrop, like many SW's, for opening and closing credits in this Rafael Romero Marcent film which, after a protracted slo-mo beginning eventually plays more like a Hollywood oater. Craig Hill, unconvincing as a cowboy 'fond of the bottle', is cast with predominantly Spanish actors except for Piero Lulli in a crushed ten-gallon hat, and Gloria Milland, as Hill's frontier wife, whose beauty has blossomed since peplum. Like other Italian productions, somewhat irritating to hear a woman dub a boy's voice. And this like many of these films must have been shot in chilly seasons...witness the misty condensate from actors' breath. Most unusual ending.
QUIET PLACE FOR A MURDER (1969) Not to be confused with PARANOIA, this is the other Umberto Lenzi giallo with Carroll Baker. R. R. Marcent is on staff in this film, too, which opens with annoying negative print credit cinematography but then proceeds normally with extensive continental seaside scenery. Jean Sorel reminds me of Robert Wagner and Patrick Wayne. Jacques Stany appears briefly. Poorly dubbed script.
WHERE LOVE HAS GONE (1964) Eight years his senior, strikingly beautiful redhead Susan Hayward is conjugally coupled with Mike Connors in another one of her tragedian roles. Here she portrays the browbeaten daughter of an imperious affluent San Francisco socialite (Bette Davis). Her anomy plays out sordidly by way of grande marital infidelity which eventually implicates her daughter (Joey Heatherton) in the murder of their shared paramour. Produced by Joseph E. Levine.


David Deal Enjoyed

THE DARK VALLEY (14) - Sam Riley stars in what is probably the best brooding revenge western shot in the Austrian alps last year.